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Cozy Nursing Shoes: Dansko vs Klogs vs Alegria

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Between seemingly endless shifts and everyday stress, the last thing you want is to have your body aching too.

And girl, can it hurt! Ugh.

Nursing is infamous for killing your feet in no time if you grab a generic pair of shoes. You want something that will you through those 10 hours of non-stop standing on your feet.

Which is why today we’ll be talking about some proper shoes.

You’ve most certainly heard about what Dansko shoes. In fact, maybe a good chunk of your colleagues are wearing a pair.

No doubt about it: they’re popular with a reason. However, I’d like to give two other brands a shout – namely, Klogs and Alegria.


Because in my opinion, they’re a worthy runner-up to Danskos. Their shoes are quite cozy, sturdy and a good fit for any nurse working long shifts.

Let’s see how these differ from each other. If you want some recommendations first, here are the models I consider the best for long shifts:

Dansko vs Klogs vs Alegria:
Which ones might be the best for you?

Dansko shoes

Dansko are yet another good example of the cliche about Scandinavian quality: it’s simply awesome.

Some 10 years ago or so they actually relocated to the US and decided to start focusing on comfortable shoes for healthcare workers.

Obviously, their professional mules or nursing clogs are the best examples of that.

The good things about Dansko

Small, elevated heel, stiff soles and durable construction. These are built like tanks but do not feel like one. Easily the most long-lasting professional shoes you will find.

Some cushy features you’ll see here are wicking properties (temperature control) and special stretch knits for on-the-job comfort.

The best thing about these is how fashionable and cute can these look. Hands down, Dansko has the most diverse and exciting designs from all nursing shoes brands.

I mean, do you see any other company introducing a Multi Metallic Cheetah pattern? Yeah, I thought so too:

Dansko vs Klogs: A more in-depth look at which might be a better choice for you

Click on the image above for pricing info

If you want to look extravagant, they’re the way to go. Durable, classy and comfortable, a brand that deserves its high reputation.

The bad things about Dansko

Compared to Alegria and Klogs, they need some time to be worn in. It might take you a week or so until your feet finally fit right in the shoes.

Nothing new under the sun, but you might need to grab a few bandages until you get used to Danskos.

Another thing to bear in mind is their weight. They are not awfully heavy, but their ultra tough construction does make them heavier than Klogs or Alegria.

They’re also a bit more expensive, but that’s because they’re the most durable nursing shoes out there.

Klogs shoes

Klogs are a worthy runner up that does some things pretty well. You’ll probably see a fair amount of nurses wearing their Naples mules.

Click on the image above for pricing info

Quite fair: the Naples is the best nursing fit from Klogs’ product lines. If you want something more open, you can get their Open Back Clog.

The good things about Klogs

Lightweight and definitely cheaper, without sacrificing on the quality and comfort.

No, no, don’t worry! Klogs aren’t as durable as Dansko, but this doesn’t mean they’ll tear apart on your 4th month of wearing them.

Naples are definitely lighter, so if you’re of a tinier frame you might prefer them to Dansko’s heavier mules.

There’s also a comfortable 2″ heel and the way Naples are designed makes them especially great for flat feet. If you have plantar fasciitis, you’ll also love slipping a pair of them on your exhausted feet!

The toe box is the roomiest of all three brands, adding another comfort factor. As they’re softer, they don’t need that much time to get worn in too.

And let’s be honest: as price also matters, it’s good to see that Klogs have very affordable shoes. Especially the Open Back Clogs can run pretty cheap!

Click on the image above for pricing info

The bad things about Klogs

Not as durable and not as fashionable.

Sure, they have some cute floral designs, but as a whole they can be stiffer in terms of appearance. A good example are their open clogs: in my opinion, they look professional, but boring.

Their sturdiness is on par with Alegria, but as I said, neither can reach the long-lasting tough construction of Dansko.

Alegria shoes

Alegria can be rather unknown in some nursing communities, which prompts a raised eyebrow from me. They’re underrated, no doubt about that.

What I’d recommend the most here is their Debra slip on.

The good things about Alegria

Extremely soft. Like, really, you probably won’t need any time to get adjusted to how they wrap around your foot. Easiest shoes to slip into too.

Amazing cushioning and a comfortable synthetic sole to keep your coziness and balance intact. Speaking of which…

Look at the heel and footbed design in the Debra:

Dansko vs Alegria: While Dansko are sturdier, they also feel stiffer. Here's what I think about how these two nursing shoes brands compare

Click on the image above for pricing info

It’s completely different than what you’d see in Klogs or Dansko, right?

This unique footbed design provides the best arch support from the three, in my opinion. What helps even more is the fact that they’re fitted. They’ll be easier on your heels due to this exact same fitting.

The bad things about Alegria

The heel is somewhat lower here, at 1.5″. This purely depends on your height and preferences, but they might feel a bit too short for some of you.The difference between this 1.5″ heel and Klogs 2″ is tangible.

Additionally, the toe box is not as spacious as Danskos or Klogs. It’s not uncomfortable, but you have to be more careful with picking the size. Also, if you have bigger toes and need more room in the front, the other two brands might make more sense for you.

Concluding thoughts

As you can see, all three of these brands are quite good. Rest assured, they’ll be a breather for your feet during those long shifts.

However, they do differ a bit from each other. I can’t know what you’re looking for exactly, all I can help with is this short list of pros/cons on them.

Now I’m curious…

Which one do you prefer? What are your experiences with any of the brands? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Also, speaking of shoes and comfort…Greg has written a few guides on the slippers we use. I guess his post on hardwood floors and slippers is quite comparable. After all, nursing shoes also involve walking on hard surfaces and need extra cushioning and coziness!

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