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Best Watches For EMT Workers (Paramedics | Firefighters | Nurses)

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You’re a part of the EMT/EMS world now, and your first shift is just around the corner. It’s not going to be an easy one: you know it. Still, you’re excited and a little bit proud.

Deservedly so, as EMTs are the unspoken heroes of our society. I’m not flattering you, that’s the truth 🙂

Heroes need sidekicks though. And in your case, that’s a trustworthy, sturdy watch.

I’ll be honest with you – a staple in the best watch for EMT workers category is this Casio G Shock. You’re going to see a lot of people wearing one.

However, you might want to save a few bucks. In that case, a Timex Expedition should be more than alright too.

I have 2 other suggestions for a good watch that suits anyone from nurses, to firefighters or paramedics. However, let’s first talk about something important.

What exactly makes a watch suitable for the chaotic, demanding daily life of an EMT/EMS worker?

4 Things You Want to See In Your Watch

Keeping it sweet and short, it all boils down to these desired features:

  • Resin/rubber bands: Something that’s easy to clean and doesn’t accumulate much dirt

  • Lightweight: Shifts are long, you don’t want your wrists feeling tired

  • Second hand present: Analog watches are an EMT worker’s friend as they’re easier to read

  • Sturdy: Your poor watch will get beaten around. A lot. You need your watch to be shock resistant and durable

Let’s face it. Your job will have you dealing with anything from blood to puke or other not-that-pleasant things. A classy leather band sounds good until you see it soaked in several substances.

And while stainless steel sounds good, it still isn’t as lightweight and comfortable as you’d want it to be. Especially for 12 hour shifts.

Oh, and dirt loves snuggling between the links of a metal band.

The analog part is NOT a must. That’s why I’m also recommending this solar powered G Shock that’s only digital. However, you’ll soon find that having both an analog and a digital dial is more convenient.

We also want to see our contestants coming with a mineral window. Why? Because watch windows made of mineral are tougher and more resistant than cheaper acrylic coverings.

Alright, let’s move on to the chosen ones! 

Top pick
  • G Shock 100-1A1
  • Best for:
    Digital + Analog dial, shock resistant and easy to clean. Well-rounded choice that ticks all EMT boxes on a nice price.
  • Dial:
    Analog + Digital
  • Band Material:
  • Overall Comfort:
  • Timex Expedition
  • Best for:
    Most affordable option without feeling cheap. Analog display, shock resistance and cleaner design.
  • Dial:
  • Band Material:
  • Overall Comfort:
  • G Shock Tough Solar
  • Best for:
    Digital display, solar-powered watch. G Shock quality that's even sturdier. Slim design allows for additional lightness.
  • Dial:
  • Band Material:
  • Overall Comfort:
  • Luminox EVO
  • Best for:
    Higher-end luminous watch, perfect for night shift and dim environment. Higher quality polyurethane band. Easy to clean and very classy.
  • Dial:
  • Band Material:
    High quality polyurethane.
  • Overall Comfort:

1. My recommendation for best EMT watch:
Casio G Shock 100-1A1

Casio's G Shock watch series are a must for any EMT worker. Why? Read on and find out.

Click on the image above for pricing info

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The perfect meeting point of convenience, sturdiness, and price.

Labeled as ‘Military Series’, this representative of the G Shock series will persevere through even the toughest shifts. And it’ll do so again and again.

It ticks all the boxes I mentioned before. In other words:

  • It’s made of resin so it’s flexible, easy to clean, and lighter

  • You have a digital + analog dial for better accuracy

  • The window is pretty darn tough

  • Shock resistant and ready to withstand hits

Even the design leans on the cooler side, though some people might blame it for being a bit too bulky. Hint: it’s not (at least compared to other watches that would work great for EMS/EMT professionals.)

If you care about extra features, you have an auto LED light with cozy afterglow, and a Casio-quality anti-magnetic structure. The stopwatch comes with a speed indicator, and there’s a chronograph thrown in too.

Sticking to Casio awesomeness, it’s also powered by quartz movement and has a mineral window.

Seriously, great deal.

2. Best affordable watch for paramedics:
Timex Expedition

Timex: affordable and trustworthy, always a good watch for paramedics, firefighters or nurses.

Click on the image above for pricing info

Timex are another well known brand – mainly for their very lucrative prices. At the same time, even though they’re cheap they are several cuts above random Walmart watches.

Yes, I know there’s a frugal soul inside of you that manifests itself even when it comes to the paramedic watches. But don’t overdo it, though, and instead of a cheap $15 plastic watch, take a look at the Timex Expedition.

Once again we’re sticking to resin. It’s durable, very lightweight, and perfect for nerve-racking shifts that extend for hours upon hours.

Unlike the G Shock, you’re only getting an analog display here. Is that a problem? Not at all.

In fact, this makes the dial look a bit less cluttered and cleaner. I also like the small red touches on some of the hours. Good design that doesn’t look cheap…but is quite affordable at the same time.

All in all, a reasonable choice for any EMT worker. I especially recommend it as a watch for paramedics or nurses. And look beyond the price, as well: this may be the best watch for paramedic workers, period.

Curious about the general differences between Timex watches and Casio model? You can also check my comparison between the two brands.

3. Best digital EMS watch:
Casio G Shock Tough Solar

Click on the image above for pricing info

Maybe you feel you don’t really need a second hand on your watch. Maybe you’re all about digital interfaces.

Casio’s Tough Solar is simple, very durable and solar-powered. Even though it might look too mundane for some, you’re not on a fashion show.

You’re out on the streets to save people’s lives.

This one is a darn tough specimen. 10 months battery if it’s fully charged (assuming you never let it see the sunlight.) Even better shock resistance than most other G Shocks. Power-saving function for those darker days.

Also, it’s slimmer in terms of design. So if you prefer something that won’t occupy your wrist too much, you know what to choose.

In fact, this one just might be the lightest EMT watch out of our four contestants here. Highly recommended, especially keeping in mind the easy to clean resin construction and durable mineral window.

4. Best high-end watch for firefighters:
Luminox EVO Navy Seal

For EMT workers on night shifts, Luminox offers a stellar take on a great, awesome watch.

Click on the image above for pricing info

You might be one of those people who don’t shy away from investing more money in what they consider rather important.

If going for a higher end watch isn’t a problem to you, Luminox is a stellar brand. Their EVO Navy Seal is mid-range for the company, but it once again ticks all EMT/EMS boxes.

An important note: this is a luminous watch. It’s especially suitable for night shifts or situations where lower light levels will be involved. Which means it is the best watch for firefighters, in particular. OK, any EMT, but I’m talking about firefighters now.

And, honestly, if there’s a king of companies that produce luminous watches…Luminox would bear the crown. There’s a reason they chose this name.

Onto the features that matter, though!

Once again we’re looking at an analog display powered by high quality Swiss quartz movement.

The case is made of high quality polurethane. Better than usual resin and should be more than easy for wiping off any incidental blood/dirt/puke that you might encounter during your shift.

Slick design. I know the numbers on the dial might be a little too big for some, but just wait for them to glow. Amazing stuff, really.

The design as a whole is a bit more daring, evokes more associations with ultra active lifestyle. If you’re into this – compared to, for example, the more mundane digital G Shock I listed before…Well, you’ve found your new best friend.

Extra points for the firm rotating bezel. Few watches can achieve this.

In case you’re willing to splurge a bit – go ahead and grab it. Your EMT shifts will be legendary.

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