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Dimples out! 4 yoga pants to hide cellulite & feel better

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I like working out, or even better – combining physical exercise with a pinch of spirituality. That’s exactly what yoga does! For me, yoga is a 100% sure way to get you into the feel-good zone.

  • Delfin Spa
  • Best for:
    Sauna type no cellulite capris with good compression. Extra sweaty action for better exercise results.
  • Compression:
  • Comfort:
    Quality materials, flatlock seams & smartphone pocket.
  • High waist?
  • CompressionZ
  • Best for:
    Extra breathable, moisture-wicking leggings with increased compression. Tighter fit, more slimming than others.
  • Compression:
  • Comfort:
    Increased breathability, cozy materials and extra anti-chafing action.
  • High waist?
  • 90 Degree by Reflex
  • Best for:
    Increased stretchiness. More spandex, more freedom of movement, vibrant colors - but least slimming effect.
  • Compression:
  • Comfort:
    Cooler on the skin, balanced compression and wider design.
  • High waist?
  • Brazilian Belle
  • Best for:
    Sauna yoga pants comparable to Delfin. A bit more "daring" design and extra durability due to more neoprene.
  • Compression:
  • Comfort:
    Not overly sweaty, a bit thicker and more solid construction. Flexible.
  • High waist?
    Not that much.

Unfortunately, my cellulite almost ruined that for me. It wasn’t about what other people thought. Rather, it was me who felt disturbed by the dimples!

Before I reinvented my yoga sessions with a pair of Delfin leggings, I was using these standard pants. I got them during my trip to Thailand, along with this cute little gift pouch:

Despite Greg assuring me that I look great – he’s always such a sweetie, I quickly realized something:

Standard yoga tights didn’t cut it.

I needed special leggings that hide cellulite. I needed to feel better during my workouts at home or in the studio.

I’m not saying a pair of anti-cellulite yoga pants are obligatory. But in my case, they gave me the peace of mind I longed for.

If you feel the same, here are a few of the best workout & yoga tights to hide cellulite! 

1. Best sweaty workout pants to hide cellulite:
Delfin Spa

Click on the image above for pricing info

I love them because they make you sweat a lot…It’s no secret that sweating helps with keeping your body well-toned.

Delfin half-jokingly says that women who use their anti-cellulite capris refer to them as “Sauna Suit.” But it’s completely true – expect to be soaked after a session with them!

The secret lies in the delicate bio-ceramic material that’s nestled within the quality neoprene layer. This small detail reflects your body heat when you exercise. Which in turn, as you guessed, makes you sweat!

A bit of nylon and polyester complement the tights. They’re juuust a little bit stretchy but definitely lean more towards compressing things around your body.

With cozy flatlock seams, a pocket to keep your smartphone, and velcros on the leg opening for a better fit, the way these are designed is marvelous.

If you’re a fan of high waist yoga pants, the very same design will also tickle your fancy. Good to hide a little bit of tummy if you’re feeling too self-conscious about that.

It needn’t be only yoga! The Delfin capris to hide cellulite are perfect for anything from pilates sessions, to zumba or the ever-popular Cross Fit. They are, after all, workout pants that hide cellulite. As long as you work out, you can wear them.

In case you don’t like sweating profusely, though, I suggest you stay away from them. I’m not joking: your legs will feel as if they were in a furnace. Seriously!

2. Best breatheable anti-cellulite yoga pants:

Click on the image above for pricing info

So, you might be not keen on sweaty action, like, at all. Well, these are your best buddies from now on!

The whole point of these body slimming capris is to be lightweight and extra breathable. They specialize in wicking the moisture away to provide you with a dry, comfortable time during your yoga endeavors.

Another distinctive point here is the compression. It’s way more pronounced than the Delfins. So if you’re looking for extra tight pants that hide cellulite, you’ve found your match.

These come with extra support for your hamstrings and quads. As you can guess, that makes them especially great for dedicated workout sessions too.

The best thing? With their compression and extra thin design, you’ll look like a slim queen!

And better yet: with all the moisture-wicking going on, the looks won’t cost you an uncomfortable, sweaty experience.

Do other workout tights cause you our mortal enemy – chafing? The material plus snug compression fit will also prevent skin irritation. There’s no place for pain and bruises on the yoga mat!

3. Best stretchy body slimming capris:
90 Degree by Reflex

Click on the image above for pricing info

Alright, but what if you wanted things to be a little bit more…stretchy? Not to underestimate compression, but you might want a little bit more freedom.

Well, that’s the exact moment these colorful leggings that hide cellulite enter the scene!

The first thing I want to mention is that the materials vary across colors. Keep that in mind!

For example, the standard body slimming yoga pants in black are made of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. The blackberry (a fabulous color!), however, would be 88% polyester and 12% spandex.

As you can guess, this changes a bit their flexibility and the amount of stretching. Take your pick according to your preferences – both in terms of vibrant color and freedom of movement.

What unites all of the designs is a once again cooler fabric. Your skin will breathe and you’ll feel refreshed even during more intense workouts.

Let’s talk about the waist. It’s on the higher side of things again, with included tummy control. It’s also slightly wider than other similar capris.

The combination of stretchy fabric, wider design and just the right amount of compression minimizes chafing once again. Don’t be afraid of rubbing or skin irritation, as both won’t happen with this pair of anti-cellulite pants for pilates, yoga and workouts.

A slight drawback: these are a bit thinner than other pants. Be careful with the good old see-through effect if you pick a lighter color!!

 Also, when it comes to slimming effects, these are definitely not as cellulite-hiding as the other three workout pants!

4. Alternative no dimple sauna pants:
Brazilian Belle

Click on the image above for pricing info

It wouldn’t be fair to leave you with only one choice of thermal yoga pants, right? Also, some people say that Brazillian Belle’s tights are a bit more extravagant than the Delfin Spa.

Not that I agree with them, though…They’re not that extravagant or anything.

Similarly to the Delfins, you’ll get some hot, sweaty action that will do its best to speed up the slimming process. The “hot” effect is especially strong around the abdomen, but they spread to your thighs and buttocks too, don’t worry.

The delicate yellow that peeks beneath the standard black color is very cute too!

What you have here is neoprene and more neoprene – definitely the highest concentration of it as a material out of all 4 workout capris so far. And the most neoprene means only one thing:

These are ultra, ultra durable and tough! Seriously!

Neoprene is also water resistant, so even when you sweat too much (which you’ll do), the material won’t be affected in a negative way.

This pair is quite similar to the Delfin. If for some reason you prefer a little bit of yellow color, more neoprene, and something different – grab the Brazilian Belle!

Basics when wearing leggings that hide cellulite

Obviously, you get a pair of these, put them on, and plunge into joyful, dimple-free workout or yoga sessions, right?

Hold on a bit! Let’s consider a few things first.

Colors & panties

One of the most overlooked things is the color. I’m not sure what kind of panties you use, but be careful with thinner materials and lighter colors.

You might find yourself in a my-underwear-is-completely-visible situation quite easily! Some people don’t mind that (more power to them!), but it’d be pretty embarrassing for me.

Black is a standard choice because it masks both cellulite and underwear the best…except if you’re wearing sparkly white panties, of course.

It also makes your legs slimmer and more well-toned, which is, well, quite flattering. No wonder most yoga pants you’ll see worn are black!

Amount of compression

Some people like amounts of compression that will make my body’s lower part feel constricted and definitely uncomfortable.

Capris vary in terms of compression. Be sure to consider what’s comfortable for you and don’t feel pressured to get something tighter just because.

The wrong compression fit can very easily turn your sessions into a dreaded experience.

What about the waist?

Some ladies skip on the high waist design. Maybe they have celullite on their hips, and their tummy is beautiful, well-toned and a pleasure to look at.

For others (hint: me), baring the tummy is as embarrassing as the dimples themselves.

Look, it’s not about what others would think of me. As I mentioned, it’s me myself who doesn’t like this…Well, not until I’ve worked enough on my abdomen area!

As of now, I’m quite far away from this girl’s achievements:

If you’re like me, definitely go for a high-waisted pair of yoga pants that hide cellulite. Peace of mind is important, especially when you’re exercising.

Speaking of waist lines…If you have more “added bonus” there than you’re comfortable with, check out my guide to shapewear pieces for muffin top. A good way to enhance your figure if you like extra tight dresses!


Nothing you should worry about here. All reputable brands for workout capris use high quality fabrics aimed at making your workout, yoga or pilates session cozier.

The usual suspects are nylon, neoprene, polyester and a slight hint of spandex to complement them.

I prefer having a bit more spandex whenever possible, as it provides me with more elasticity.

Some people would love more neoprene, like the Brazilian Belle leggings. Why? Because it’ll be extra durable if they’re too intense during their workouts.

As I said, don’t worry. As long as you stick to the proper brands, no fabric will have you chafing or feeling uncomfortable.

Oh and by the way!

If you also feel like ditching the barefoot way and grabbing some socks, check my guide on the proper yoga socks to wear!

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