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Be Alluring: Shapewear For Bodycon Dresses & Tight Clothing

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So, you found the perfect bodycon dress. It’s a tight fitting beauty enveloping all your curves. Oh honey, how sexy you’ll look in this!

But it also makes you a bit conscious. It’s so figure-hugging! You start wondering what to wear underneath so you can really look flawless.

Don’t worry: it’s natural. Did you know this piece of clothing originates from 80s Japanese fashion subculture that abbreviated ‘Body conscious’ into ‘Bodycon’?

Looking fabulous in your new tight dress has a simple answer: shapewear. Shapewear helps to get that smooth, seamless, seductive look you had in your mind.

My main question to you would be…What coverage do you need?

Shapewear can be very different. If you want to mainly focus on your tummy, power panties or boyshorts like these will seal the deal. ?

In some cases, though, you want the full menu. You need to take care of your thighs, waist, tummy and hips altogether. Bodysuits like this open bust Spanx will smoothen everything and turn you into a bodycon dress queen.

These are the two fundamental shapewear designs you’ll see. Within them, there will be some additional differences.

For example, some body suits have an open bust, while others come with a built-in bra. I wouldn’t advise the latter for bustier ladies as it can feel constricting.

The amount of compression also matters. Spanx usually stay tighter and provide more compression. Yummie – another good brand, have bodysuits like this one that are less constricting.

Yes, you won’t get as much shaping as a Spanx, but it gives you a bit of freedom underneath that tight dress of yours.

I’ll review 4 specific pieces of shapewear I consider the best for your new bodycon dress. The brands are Maidenform, Spanx and Yummie.

Proven names, because I don’t think gambling with a cheap garment makes sense here. You need a lot of stretching and compression and low quality shapewear will tear in no time! 

  • Maidenform Smoothers
  • Best for:
    Hi-Waist design that's semi-stretchy. 2-ply front panel for extra padding! Targets your tummy & waist.
  • Materials:
    68% nylon, 32% spandex.
  • Design:
    Classic hi-waist, specially designed to minimize riding-up.
  • Compression:
Full body
  • Spanx Open Bust
  • Best for:
    Full coverage: tummy, waist, hips, thighs. Strong compression without discomfort. Gentle, adjustable straps that hold it firmly.
  • Materials:
    57% nylon, 43% lycra. Lining is 83% spandex.
  • Design:
    Bodysuit with an open bust. Perfect for more endowed ladies, but I think wearing your own bra is always a plus!
  • Compression:
  • Spanx Power Panties
  • Best for:
    Significantly more stretch than Maidenform due to twice the spandex. Lightweight, breathable, active impact on both tummy and waistline.
  • Materials:
    51% nylon, 49% spandex.
  • Design:
    Seamless yarns for zero panty line, typical hi-waist with extra flexibility added.
  • Compression:
Loose fit
  • Yummie Bodysuit
  • Best for:
    More freedom, less compression. Loose fit bodysuit that has your chest area covered with gentle supima cotton.
  • Materials:
    69% supima cotton, 19% polyester, 12% spandex.
  • Design:
    Loose fit that will give you more space. Seamless around the hips for minimized panty lines. Will not smoothen as much as Spanx.
  • Compression:

1. Best boyshorts for bodycon dress:
Maivenform Hi-Waist

If you're looking for boyshorts to wear with your bodycon dress, Maidenform is a good choice.

Maivenform have two separate lines of boyshorts: Flexees and Sleek Smoothers. I feel the latter work better with tighter clothing. I’ve included the Flexees in my muffin top shapewear recommendations though.

This pair of boyshorts feature everything you’d want to see: flexible, non-constricting, and above all – seamless! Smoothening with their compression, they also have a free leg design so you don’t feel too tight.

The mix of 68% nylon and 32% spandex makes them quite stretchy. Well, not as much as Spandex Power Panties, but still elastic enough.

A common concern for ladies would be shapewear riding up. It’s uncomfortable indeed – sometimes it can dig into your chest area. Especially the hi-waist designs!

While the Maidenform rides up a little, it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable for you as long as you get the right size. The amount of compression and overall design help avoid that.

Last but not least, there’s a 2-ply front panel. This is common with a lot of shapewear: just some additional padding for your own convenience 🙂

2. Best full shapewear for tight dresses:
Spanx Open Bust Bodysuit

What to wear with bodycon dresses? I'd recommend bodysuit shapewear as the best way to smooth your delicate areas :)

OK, so as I mentioned, sometimes you want shapewear that just targets everything at once. And, especially if you have a bigger bust, you want an open bra design.

In fact, even if you’re not that endowed I’d advise you to go for a no-bra bodysuit. It’s freedom, plain and simple.

Trust Your Thinstincts is a very balanced bodysuit line from Spanx. The blend here is 57% nylon to 43% lycra, and the lining is 83% spandex for extra flexibility.

This one has good compression – it has a strong smoothing effect and stays close-fitting on your body. It will bring anything from your tummy, to your waist, hips and thighs into a seductive silhouette.

Something you’ll really like here? The straps. I’ve seen so much undergarments that feel tight and their straps just dig into your skin. Ouch! It’s just uncomfortable.

Spanx straps are gentle and won’t be harsh on your shoulders. They’re also adjustable to your body dimensions so you can customize them depending on your bust size too.

3. Best Spanx underwear for bodycon:
Spanx Power Panties

Spanx Power Panties are extra stretchy, and possible the best cut-out design underwear for tight dresses!

As I said, you might prefer a bit more stretch than Maidenform.

Spanx’s power panties come with 49% spandex, so half the more elastic than the hi-waist boyshorts from Maidenform. The other 51% is nylon for some breathability among all of that elastic compression.

These are very lightweight, as Spanx recently updated their design and fabric formula. Don’t think they’re thick, even if they look like this.

If there would be a good comparison…I’d say they are quite similar to how pantyhose feels. With the slimmed down fabric it’s just as thick, but twice the stretchier.

A good and much needed touch here are the seamless yarns. Sure, you’ll be targeting the tummy and maybe some part of the hips…But you don’t want any visible panty lines now, do you?

So yes: if you’re in the mood of something stretchier and not hi-waist, Spanx would be the best!

4. Looser fit undergarment for your tight dress:
Yummie Bodysuit

Yummie is a brand that somehow stays away from the spotlight. In my opinion, they can be comparable to famous shapewear like Spanx and Maidenform!

This bodysuit is for those ladies who want something a bit looser on the compression side of things. They want a bit more freedom.

An important disclaimer is that you shouldn’t expect as much smoothening as a Spanx here. The looser fit takes a more balanced, more relaxed approach of shaping your body parts.

The fabric blend here is 69% cotton, 19% polyester, and 12% spandex. I’d like to point out that Yummie use supima cotton, which is a type of cotton that’s far superior to your standard one.

Design-wise, there’s a lot of neat things to enjoy. You don’t get panty lines due to the fact that the bodysuit is seamless around the hips.

There’s no extra padding in the chest area too, which I personally like. The back design is gorgeous with its seductive V-shape. Very stylish and chic, especially if you get the black color!

What’s not so good is that you don’t have a closure down there. No opening for easy restroom access…but hey, you can’t have it all, can you?

Some additional style tips on rocking that bodycon dress

There can be no debate: bodycon dresses are quite sultry. They showcase the true beauty of a woman’s figure, of the curves nature blessed us with.

That said, you might want to know about a few things that will make that bodycon even more irresistible on you! Especially if you ask yourself what to wear under a tight dress.

First things first: casual or official?

The rules are completely different here. How do you plan to wear your bodycon dress? The crazy thing about this tight piece of clothing is that it works well with both styles!

It’s equally chic worn casually with a pair of sneakers or wrapped in a luxurious coat on a dinner at a high-scale restaurant.

If you go casual…

Rule #1 of rocking a casual bodycon is simplicity.

Never go for the heels, always go for the sneakers. Obviously it depends on your bodycon’s color, but white sneakers have always been a classic. They look great with both black or light-colored tight dresses.

You also might want to skip on lavish accessories. Bracelets, necklaces, silver or gold: you want your body and its curves to be the center of attention. An exception would be an elegant, small design wrist watch. It works wonders!

Jackets can supplement your casual looks in no time. I’d suggest either the classic denim jacket (better with non-monochrome bodycons in my opinion), or a fitted leather jacket that’s short in terms of design (so above the hips.)

If you go official…

I’ll be honest that I prefer bodycon dresses for casual situations more. However, their seductive nature is also perfect for more official events.

You have three important helpers in making that tight dress twice more stylish: a nice bag, an elegant robe, or a well-picked coat. Camel coats work extremely well.

The same can be said about loose, stylish robes – preferably from light materials like silk. If you pair both of these with an elegant bag you’ll have a killer combination that would turn the head of anyone around you.

I prefer small leather bags – the color depends on the color of your bodycon dress, of course. This piece of clothing goes especially well with curvy figures. I mean, it’s obvious: it was made to hug every curve of your silhouette, duh!

I’d write out my thoughts on styling bodycons for curvier bodies, but this video tells AND shows you all the important details:

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