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Finding the best rain boots is a matter of time and patience. It’s not easy or fast to browse maybe hundreds of rain boot models in the search for the best pair. That’s why we’ve done it for you. We’ve made a list of best rain boots 2019 Edition in hopes that you will find a pair worth paying for. As we created this list, we took 3 important criteria into consideration:

  • Overall customer impressions and reviews.
  • Price tag of under $300.
  • Quality of materials used in the manufacturing process.

Kamik Men’s Icebreaker Boot

There is a whole lot to be said about Kamik’s Icebreaker. The first thing that you should know is that this boot is perfect for the extremely cold weather, which is a rather unusual feature for a rain boot. Well, compared to its competition, the Icebreaker comes with warm plush liner, which can be removed when it’s still rather warm outside so that your feet won’t sweat like crazy. The tread of the boot comes with deep canals. In translation, you can wear these boots on wet and muddy trails, as well as snowy sidewalk, without ever feeling like you will lose balance and fall flat on your back. Please take note that the Icebreaker does lack some traction if you’re stepping on smooth surfaces, so you can’t exactly skate on ice.

The Icebreaker is, hands down, one of the best rain boot in terms of performance. As far as its waterproof capabilities are concerned, you can rest assured that it does its job. The shaft measure 14.25 inches from the sole, while the last 2 inches are made of a nylon collar, totally waterproof. The lace is a very nice feature, as it allows you to secure the boot around your calf. In other words, no rain or snow or wind or debris will ever get inside the boot. As you know, most rain boots have a large opening at the calf and this is especially annoying when all you really want from a rain boot is to keep the elements out. The nylon used in the manufacturing process is totally waterproof. You can waddle your way through streams and the Icebreaker will not disappoint you.

Aside from being extremely practical from one end of the boot to another, the Icebreaker is also surprisingly comfortable for its price tag (about $60). The removable liner will basically snuggle your foot. Imagine a plush teddy bear hugging your leg, that’s how comfortable it is. The thick outsole will provide enough support to make sure your feet don’t get sore after a long walk. The Icebreaker also provides considerable traction, even on loose terrain. That’s because it has rounded synthetic rubber nubs in the center of the tread.

As we mentioned earlier, this boot performs extremely well even in low temperatures. Kamik has added 8 mm of Zylex liner which, to the environmentalist’s joy, is made of recycled materials. The manufacturer claims that the Icebreaker will keep your feet warm down to -40°F (-40°C). Again, I feel obliged to mention that you should remove the plush lining during warm weather, if you don’t want to feel like you’re feet are boiling. However, the good news is that even if your feet start to sweat, the liner can wick away some of the moisture, so you can still have dry feet for a short amount of time.

The Icebreaker does run a full size large, so you might want to take that into consideration before ordering a pair. As you might have guessed by now, the Icebreaker’s best application is for handling cold climates.

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The Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot

There are lots of things to like about the Arctic Sport boots. It has one of the tallest shafts you can find in a pair of rain boots, with a measurement of 17.5 inches in height. That means that you can easily cross any puddle and even some streams. Wet grassy fields are no longer a problem either. The boots also provide a great level of comfort, due to the thick sole that guarantees ample cushioning in all sorts of situations. There is a soft fleece lining located on the inside of the sole, making this a great boot for cold temperatures. However, depending on your height, the top side of the shaft can rub against the shins when you walk and this may be a downside for people who like to take really long walks.

Thanks to its aggressive tread, this boot can really provide traction! Snowy winters and muddy ground should no longer be a problem for you. However, smooth surfaces are and that’s because the lugs don’t provide an even amount of surface contact, cause you to lose your balance and slip. While not as warm as the Icebreaker, this is still one of the warmest pairs of boots out there. The fleece lining provides a great deal of insulation. Combined with one of the tallest shaft out there, it is safe to say that your legs will be nice and warm during the winter.

Since it has a total weight a bit over 4 pounds, it is one of the heaviest rain boots that you can pick. While they are easy to put on, taking them off can be quite the struggle. There are high chances that your feet will bump into one another as you’re walking down the street. They are true to their size, but the heel can feel a bit wide and there’s nothing you can actually do about that. For people who have narrow feet, this boot will feel a bit loose and sloppy.

Overall, this is a great a boot for people who will be walking a lot in the rain and deep snow. The name must have tipped it off though, it is an ARCTIC Sport model.

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Bogs Women’s North Hampton Waterproof Rain Boots

There’s something that catches the eye about these boot from the first time you see them. They have somewhat of a futuristic look, while still managing to be stylish. I’m not entirely sure what those side handles are for. They are about 1.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches away from the top of the shaft. While the boots are perfectly waterproof, these holes can get in the way because you can’t go into water or snow that’s too deep. You’d think that these holes somehow diminish the waterproof capabilities of the boots, but they don’t. The top of the shaft is stretchy and mobile neoprene, meaning that will hug your calf, forming an impenetrable barrier for the water that wants to slide in the boot. You should also be aware of the fact that the shaft is shorter on the front side, which can also affect the weather protection of the boot.

In terms of comfort, this boot is all you can ask for. It comes with supportive footbed, which means longer walks will not result in sore feet. It also comes with a roomy toe box, which is also an element of comfort that provides great relief to your toes. The heel slippage is kept to a minimum, providing to stability to every woman who wants to wear these boots on slippery terrain. One particular element that add comfort to these North Hampton boots is the neoprene upper. Thanks to this element, these boots will feel really good as you wear them because there is no stride since the rubber is not so stiff.

A chapter that a lot of women will care for is style. This particular pair of North Hamptons is quite casual, especially due to the handles located on the sides. It’s true that they will help you put the boots on with a minimum effort, but in terms of looks, the boots are average at best. That’s too bad, we know how women love a good pair of glossy rain boots.

In terms of traction, these boots do an average job. They will keep you safe as you climb wet rocks and they even do a good job on muddy terrain. However, should you decide to tests these boots on polished cement or pavement, you won’t feel that high level of stability that you’d expect in a good pair of rain boots. Even with the holes left by the side handles, these North Hampton boots are surprisingly warm. They aren’t the best choice for a winter boot, but they’ll do a fine job in the rainy season.

One more important thing to mention is that these North Hampton boots run a little small. You may want to order half a number or even a full number above the one you normally wear. While I wouldn’t recommend these boots to women passionate about hikes or trails, they are a great companion for your average walks around town. They’ll get you from home to work/school and back even when the weather doesn’t seem to be on your side.

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Tretorn Kelly Rain Boots For Women

If you’re looking for a pair of women’s rain boots that excels in keeping your feet dry, but provides a simple look, the Tretorn Kelly boot is the choice for you. Since it’s made of PVC-free natural rubber, you can rest assured that your feet will stay dry even when you step in a large puddle. The shaft measure 14 inches, which means that this is a middle ground rain boot.

Compared to some other popular rain boots for women, this model isn’t as comfortable as you’d expect. I’d called it a mainstream waterproof boot instead of a premium one. However, it is still comfortable enough for a long walk. It comes with a rather thin insole, which is not good for people with sensitive arches. However, there is always the option of replacing it with a thicker insole. It’s also not a boot for women with wide feet, as the toe box can be considered a bit narrow. What could really stress you out in terms of comfort is the fact that the shaft doesn’t move along with the body. The rubber creases when you walk and this is mostly because of the height and cut of the boot’s shaft.

Traction is very important in a rain boot and we do have to praise the Kelly for that. It can withstand slippery surfaces quite well. However, the treads aren’t really that deep, so walking around in thick mud can cause difficulties. The outsole is quite flexible and you can feel obstacles better as you walk, improving the overall traction that these boots have to offer.

Due to the simplistic design of these boots and the rather thin inner lining, these boots are not meant for cold temperatures. They will keep your feet dry and warm during spring and autumn, but if you want a boot that can withstand the harsh winter, you should look elsewhere. These boots do have a micro-fleece lining, but the rubber walls are quite thin to begin with. These boots tend to run about half a size small, you can order up, especially if you a half size to begin with.

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Kamik Jennifer Rain Boots

As you know by now, Kamik is a very famous brand in terms of protective rain boots, so it’s no surprise that we’ve decided to review a pair of their women’s rain boots. With 16.5 inches in height from the bottom of the sole and way up to the shaft, this is one of the tallest rain boot options that you can come across. Thanks to its cushy insole, you will feel that the Jennifer offers more than enough support for your feet. Even if we’d give it about an 8 out of 10 in terms of comfort, there’s one particular feature that you will probably find very annoying: since it has a sticky rubber interior, putting the boot on and taking it off is kind of a hustle. Another downside to this particular model is the fact that the height of the boot doesn’t leave room for much mobility.

In terms of style, this boot is actually kind of nice. It’s available in a variety of colors and even comes with a decorative buckle. I, for one, was hoping that this buckle would have some practicality, like help tighten the boot on the calf.

Traction is quite the unfortunate chapter for the Jennifer. The rubber outsole doesn’t provide the traction you would expect to get from a pair of rain boots. However, it’s a great choice if you want to walk your dog in the park and look good while doing it. Surprisingly enough, the Jennifer does manage to keep your feet quite warm. I’d give credit to its length for that. Overall, this is not the kind of boots that you can trust on complicated trails or various tough situations. They are very comfortable for long walks, especially if you live in a rainy area.

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Bogs Classic High Waterproof Rain Boots

This is probably our most favorite rain boot for men, right after the Icebreaker. It comes with a 14 inches height so that your feet will stay protected from nasty outdoor elements in a variety of weather conditions. You can easily wear the Classic in rain, mud, puddles and even if you work outdoors. The comfort level provided by the Classic isn’t something to sneeze at. The insole comes with antimicrobial and odor protection, features which don’t really need extra explanations. Since the insole is very thick, it’s also very comfortable even after long hours of walking. The lining inside these boots will divide people into 2 categories: the ones that feel comfortable thanks to it and the ones that will feel this makes the boot a bit too tight.

Let’s talk traction. The tread of these boots comes with alternating round lugs and long bands that run laterally across from the bottom of the sole. This combination of lugs makes it easy to cross loose terrain while providing the stability you need in such a situation. Thanks to the deep groves, your feet will sink into the earth just enough for you to maintain the proper balance. To my surprise, these boots also perform well on wet pavement (as you know, this is something that rain boots general fail at because the sole can’t handle very smooth and slippery surfaces).

Even with this great level of traction, are these boots enough to keep your feet warm in the cold season? The Classic comes with 7 mm 4-way stretch Neo-Tech insulation, meaning that the boot can provide enough warmth for temperatures that reach -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Even so, there is no better choice than the Icebreaker, not if you want your feet to survive the cold winter. As you’d expect, these do not summer rain boots. In higher temperatures, your feet will sweat and the level of discomfort will be way too high, even if it’s raining outside.

If you want a good looking boot, the Classic is definitely not for you. Even of that neoprene upper does a great job at keeping your feet warm, these boots are far from being stylish. They definitely look like something men would wear when shoveling through the mud. Since they have a weight of 4 pounds and 15 ounces, you’ll definitely start to feel discomfort after walking around in these boots for too long. Please take note that the Classic runs small, so you will have to order a size up.

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As usual, making our final call is tough, especially since every pair of boots comes with its pros and cons. As far as the best rain boots, 2019 men’s edition is concerned, the choice is pretty obvious. With a $65 price tag, the Kamik Icebreaker provides great value at a very good price. While it’s not the most stylish boot around, we loved the fact that it can get your through the harsh winter, while keeping your feet warm and dry. The deep lugs that provide traction will encourage you to use the Icebreaker in a variety of situations.

Best rain boots, 2019 women’s choice? This one is a bit complicated. It’s hard to choose between the Bogs North Hampton and the Kamik Jennifer. The North Hampton is a very comfortable boot. While some women might not go for the “futuristic” look provided by the side handles, you have to admit that it does draw attention. The shaft mobility of the North Hampton boot is also great and it does provide a good level of warmth. However, the Jennifer does a better job at keeping your feet dry, because the shaft is taller and it doesn’t have those side handles that may allow some rain to slip through into the boot.

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