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Women have a strong reputation of owning way too many pairs of shoes. Can’t really blame them: we live in a society where you can actually attract negative comments if you wear mismatch your shoes and your purse. But beyond that, having a pair of shoes for every scenario is not exactly a bad thing, not if you can afford to do so. Today, we’re going to cover a very specific type of shoe and discover which are the best rain boots for women.

Having a good pair of rain boots is essential for both your comfort and your health. Being out in the rain and getting your feet wet can cause a series of health problems. At the very best, you can end up with a serious cold because once your feet get wet, you’ll feel like it’s freezing and you don’t want to hold on to that sensation for too long. Even more, once your socks get wet and the humidity reaches your feet, you are even more likely to get sores or blisters and feel a high level of discomfort.

If you’re a man and you’re reading this article, the word “boots” will pop a very specific image in your head: that of shoes with laces that cinch up to the shaft. However, a lot of women boots are made of rubber and are slip-on. The best rain boots for women are not only those made of rubber, but they are also made of neoprene. While rubber boots will surely keep your feet dry, they are not the best choice for cold weather because they are not insulated. Even if your feet are dry, they will be cold and that’s a feeling you want to avoid.

There are different ways to split women’s rain boots into categories.

Height – The first thing you should know is that shorter rain boots provide less weather protection, but can often offer more comfort and mobility. It’s also challenging to tuck your pants into taller boots, so if you want that option, it’s best to opt for a short or mid-height product.

Warmth – It’s important that your feet stay comfortable at all times, and having warm feet in the cold is part of the process. You can opt for boots with heavy duty insulating liners, but also for boots with this rubber walls. Before you make your pick, consider the climate of the area you live in. Rain/winter boot hybrids are the best choice for women that live in rainy parts of the world.

Fit – There is a huge difference between picking a pair of rain boots with laces and a slip-on pair. Slip-on boots aren’t going to have the snug, move-with-you fit that lace-up winter boots or even regular tennis shoes will have.

Kamik Women’s Jennifer Rain Boot

In our quest of finding the best rain boots for women, we came across the Kamik Women’s Jennifer Rain Boot. Fashionistas will be happy to know that this model is available in 13 different color options, so if your wallet can afford it, you can have a pair to match every (rainy) occasion. Buying 13 pairs of the same rain boot seems a little over the edge, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find at least 1 color that suits your taste.

This rubber boot is equipped with a rubber sole, which ensures that the surface of the shoe is indeed waterproof. You can make sure your feet stay dry as you walk in the park without fearing the rain. The insole is removable, which is great news if you a. Have another set of insoles that you’d like to use with this pair and b. If the sole wears out and you’d like to replace it without worrying that you’ll have to buy another pair of rain boots. These rain boots come with an adjustable buckle at the calf, which means that you can secure the boots tightly around your leg so that rain won’t slip in your shoes. The shaft measures approximately 15″ from the arch, while the heel measures approximately 0.5″.

Some other characteristics you should know before ordering a pair of these:

-They are not winter-insulated. This means that in extremely low temperatures, you will feel your feet freezing, even if the boots keep them dry.
– These are strictly walking boots, which means they are not suitable if you want to go hiking.
– While they fit just fine with socks and leggings, thicker pants, such as jeans, probably won’t fit if you buy a pair which is your exact foot size.
– They are slip resistant, which means that you won’t slip and fall flat on your face in the mud.
– Since they are made of rubber, chances are your feet will sweat when you wear them. My recommendation is to use wool socks because they are odorless and the wool allows your foot to breathe.
– The insides feel as if they’re lined with some kind of embedded fabric (or perhaps it’s just gentle tread in the rubber), which makes these far more comfortable than less well-made boots with slick rubber on the inside.

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Hunter Womens Original Tall Welly Boot

Hunter is a very popular manufacturer when it comes to rain boots. It’s considered to be a premium brand, with a lot of experience in this field. That’s why most women would opt for this pair of rain boots because they knew that the brand’s name is the equivalent of quality. However, I do recommend reading about them before buying.

The Hunter Womens Original Tall Welly Boot comes with waterproof, vulcanized rubber uppers are flexible and built on orthopedic lasts. Thanks to the latter, your feet will feel comfortable even if you take hours long walks. Thanks to the calf buckles, you can tighten the top part of the boot, to make sure water stays away from your feet. The nylon linings wick moisture vapor, which means that even if your feet sweat, this won’t affect your comfort level while you’re wearing the boots. The multi-layer sponged insoles are here for your comfort as well, making sure you feel like you’re walking on a cloud every time you take a step.

What else is there to know about these rain boots?

– These are not the best rain boots for women if you want to wear them during the winter. To do so, you should add a pair of thicker socks.
– You can easily clean them with a wet cloth or you can even hose them off.
– Side buckles can get caught in everything if you walk by too close to other objects.
– They only come in half sizes, so you will either have to order half a size up or down.

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West Blvd Women’s Mid Calf Waterproof Rainboots

I really have to wonder if these are just the best rain boots for women that you can buy. With 24 different colors and color schemes available, these boots are just too darn cute. Not only are they available in plain colors, but they also have floral patterns and other different stencils that will appeal to almost every female taste.

These synthetic boots are designed to provide the waterproof experience that everyone should benefit from when it’s raining. The shaft measures approximately 11.5 inches from the arch, while the platform measure 0.5 inches. With such a low heel, you should feel comfortable walking for longer periods of time.

Here are some more characteristics you may be interested in knowing:

– They may run small, so make sure you buy half a size larger. If you plan on wearing them with thick socks, buying a larger size is a must.
– Color could wear off pretty fast.
– The insole in unattached and could turn out to be reliable. Consider buying spare insoles.

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For true fashionistas, I do believe the West Blvd are the best rain boots for women. Their complex stencils and the color palette is suitable for every taste, no matter how particular. However, if you’re looking for something practical, but stylish at the same time, we do declare the Kamik boots as being the best rain boots for women. They cost less than $100 and are recommended by women worldwide.

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