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So far, we’ve written all sorts of tips on how to choose the best rain boots for men and women in general. While there is a number of similarities between boots designed for each sex, it’s important to know that each type of boots is designed to meet one or more of your needs. That’s why we have hunting boots, work boots, hiking boots, walking boots and so on. Let’s talk a bit about the characteristics of men’s rain boots. After all, we are here to help you find the best rain boots for men.

Types of boots

Drawstring boots – In general, this type of boot features a waterproof interior lining that can be cinched at the top of the shaft, around your leg. The benefit of having drawstring boots is that they secure shut a gap that would otherwise be left open at the top of the shaft. This gap allows water, snow or debris to reach your leg. Drawstring boots are ideal for people who go hunting or fishing, but they are recommended for each person who has to face some serious puddles and splashes on a regular basis.

Lined boots – Buying a pair of rain boots with an interior liner is a good choice for people who want to feel more comfortable and warm. Rubber boots won’t absorb moisture and cheaper models don’t even have their own padding. Liners can wick moisture and sweat, leaving your feet more comfortable. It is very common for rain boots to have a lining, especially those pairs that are designated for hiking, hunting, fishing and so on.

Ankle high boots – Just as the name suggests it, these boots only reach up to the ankle. Even if they don’t cover a great deal of your leg, they are still waterproof and able to keep your feet dry when you’re performing in-town activities. They are quite common amongst gardeners or people who have to walk in light rain.

Knee high boots – These are higher rain boots that protect your legs in more severe moisture conditions. They can withstand heavier rain storms and, with the proper insulation, they can even replace a pair of waterproof winter boots.

Slip-over boots – Characterized as being thinner and larger, slip-over boots are designed to be worn over another pair of shoes, without having to take the latter off. They can only be worn for short periods of time because they retain heat and can leave your feet feeling rather uncomfortable. They are generally intended for gardening purposes or for short walks.

Reinforced boots – There are certain situations where a good pair of boots can literally protect your feet from getting hurt. A pair of reinforced boots adds extra protection to the toe area by using either some form of hard plastic or metal. However, this reinforcement will add weight to the boots, so this is why they are only recommended in very specific scenarios or for specific groups of people; let’s say, for construction workers.

Solid rubber boots – These boots are seamless and generally, lack interior lining. Their versatility is pretty low, especially since the lack of lining can cause your feet to sweat in high temperatures or freeze due to the lack of insulation in low temperatures.

When you decide to shop for a pair of rain boots for men, you will come across some specific terms that you need to learn so that you’ll be able to tell the difference between a good pair of boots and a mediocre one. Most of the terms you have to learn are related to the 6 types of fabric that are generally used in the manufacturing of rain boots.


Gore-Tex – You will hear a lot about Gore-Tex if you’re shopping for solid outdoor clothing and footwear. It’s a synthetic waterproof fabric permeable to air and water vapor, used in outdoor and sports clothing. The fact that it is waterproof and breathable, makes it a top choice amongst waterproof apparel manufacturers worldwide. You will come across rain boots that feature Gore-Tex outer lining, but these items will typically be more expensive.

EVA – Short for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, EVA is an extremely elastic material that can be sintered to form a porous material similar to rubber, yet with excellent toughness. As far as rain boots are concerned, some manufacturers use EVA to make soles. Since EVA is flexible and absorbs impacts, rain boots with EVA soles are great for strenuous outdoor activities, like working in construction.

Nylon – Since it’s very lightweight, nylon is one of the most preferred waterproof materials used in the. manufacturing of rain boots. Sporting rain boots are often covered in nylon because it allows free movement without adding extra weight to the boot.

Rubber – It is no secret that rubber rain boots are preferred by people all around the world. Even if rubber is thick and stiff, there is no denying its waterproof capabilities. If you want to buy a pair of rubber rain boots, it’s important to look for ones that come with a padding and a liner, because rubber is extremely uncomfortable by itself.

Fleece – First of all, I have to mention that fleece is not waterproof. However, it is commonly used to create an interior lining for waterproof boots. It provides a decent amount of insulation, making it a good choice for winter boots, rain boots designed for lower temperatures or pretty much for any shoe which is meant to keep your feet warm. Steer clear from shoes with fleece lining in the summertime, your feet will sweat a lot.

Leather – Even if it is used in the manufacturing of rain boots, leather is expensive and incapable of withstanding strenuous outdoor activities. It’s not recommended for people who want to hike or perform outdoor sports, but if you want to look elegant and classy, a pair of leather rain boots is definitely the way to go.

Hunter Men’s Original Short Wellies

We’ve decided to begin this series of reviews with a very stylish pair of men’s rain boots, the Hunter Original Short. While I’m not super thrilled about the Hunter logo which stands out with that white background placed in plain sight on a pair of dark boots, I do have to admit that these boots can be matched with a series of different outfits.

With a shaft that measure 12 inches from the sole, these aren’t the highest boots that money can buy. That means that deep streams or generous mud pits aren’t easily overcome with a pair of Original Short boots. However, you can easily cross a puddle on the sidewalk and they do a decent job with keeping your feet dry as you’re walking around town. The top of the shaft is rather spacious and if you ever come across a more severe storm, chances are the wind with blow some water right through that gap.

Even if it comes with a thick sole, there are some comfort aspects that Hunter could have improved. If you’re looking for a pair of rain boots to wear throughout the entire day, we have some even better suggestions later in this article. These boots are great for plain surfaces, but they won’t perform well on rougher terrain. You can feel rocks and twigs if you step on them, which is quite surprising considering the thickness of the sole. If it’s a good pair of rain work boots you’re after, the Original Shorts are not for you.

Since these boots don’t have individual lungs, traction isn’t really their strong point. Again, they will perform well when you’re looking to get to school or work when you want to take a walk in the park or have to do some groceries. However, on loose terrain, you won’t feel that much stability. In such cases, it’s always recommended to choose something with deep lugs. The natural vulcanized rubber will make water slide right off the surface of the boot, so unless water gets in through the gap at the top of the shaft, you won’t ever get your feet wet with this pair.

Due to its thin liners, these boots are best used in summer rains, but can also be worn in spring of fall, unless the temperatures you’re about to face are too low. They were not built for winter use and walking around in snow will cause your feet to feel cold almost instantly. For mild temperatures, however, this boot is a wise choice.

In terms of style, there is little to complain about. The narrow profile is combined with a decorative buckle, which makes these boots suitable for a matching outfit of shirt and jeans. They provide a classic rain boot look, without any pretentious details that will narrow down the versatility of the boot. They will remind you of cowboy boots, but the all-rubber construction will give them the “townsman” rain boot look. While it’s easy to slide your feet into the boot, removing it is not so easy. That’s because the boots have a narrow profile which will cause the shaft to squeeze your foot as you try to remove them.

Even if these boots run true to their size, there is a small gap located above the toe box, which may take some time to get used to if you generally wear perfect-fit shoes. You can’t tighten the shaft since the buckle it features is decorative and doesn’t really serve any other purpose.

Overall, these boots are a smart buy if you’re looking for something casual for your daily activities in the city. They are not the best rain boots for men that need rugged work or hiking boots.

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The Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot

If you consider that the best rain boots for men are the ones with the tallest shaft, then you should look no further. The Original Muck Boot Company Arctic Sport will satisfy this need. In fact, if you ever walk into a store and start looking amongst the shelves filled with men’s rain boots, the Original Muck Boot Company Arctic Sport will stand out of the crowd, tall and proud. But in order to determine if these are the best rain boots for men, we have to pay attention to more than just the height of the shaft.

The 17.5 inches shaft tells us 2 things: first of all, these boots are great for people who want to cross streams and deep puddles, without the fear of getting their feet wet. The second is that these boots may not be that comfortable for around-the-town use, mostly because you don’t need a shaft that high unless you’re facing deep waters. The thickness of the sole makes it so that your feet are always comfortable no matter if you’re stepping on smooth pavements or rocks and twigs. We do love the fleece lining of the boots, which indicated they can be used even in lower temperatures. This lining provides an extra coziness that we all love to feel when the weather outside really seems to get us down. However, the length of the shaft makes it a bit awkward to walk around in these boots for very long, since the lip of the shaft will always rub against the shins.

As far as traction is concerned, these are some of the best rain boots for men you’ll ever get the chance to buy. The aggressive lugs make it easy to face muddy and loose terrain and, thanks to the lining we mentioned earlier, they can even be a good choice for snowy weather. However, the sole will slip on wet rocks, so avoid these shiny surfaces when you’re wearing the Original Muck Boot Company Arctic Sport boots. Nobody can contest the warmth provided by these boots. Even if you find yourself having to cross a cold stream, you’ll be very happy with their performance. Even more, the height of the shaft will insulate a great portion of your leg, which is more than we can say for shorter boot models.

Even if they have quite a nice appearance, these aren’t the boots you want to wear when you’re interested in looking stylish. The tall shaft makes them look very bulky and they cannot be matched with just any outfit. The Hunters do a way better job at this chapter. For relaxing strolls around the park, you want to look away from them. Not only do they weigh more than 4 pounds, they will also make you feel very clumsy. Even if it’s easy to slide the foot in the boots, taking them off isn’t such a breeze.

As a conclusion, it’s safe to say that this is a solid pair of winter rain boots. You can’t wear them in the summer, because the fleece lining will prevent any heat from being released, leaving your feet sweaty and uncomfortable. They do make a great choice for hunters and fishermen, especially because they can handle deep water soaking.

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Bogs Men’s Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot

We’re really inclined to consider the Bogs Classic High the best rain boots for men because they seem to perfectly combine elements of comfort, traction, and warmth. But before we just into any conclusion, let’s break it down and see how well they perform in each of these categories. After all, the $120 price tag needs to be somehow justified.

The Bogs Classic High has a shaft measurement of 14 inches from the bottom of the sole and way up to the top, which makes these boots a great companion for most rainy day activities you can think of. It doesn’t matter if you’re crossing a field of wet grass or have to skip some deep puddles in the park, the Bogs will keep your feet dry in any of these situations. One thing I have to point out here is that the circumference of 17.5 inches creates a gap that may allow rain to drip down your pants and into the boot. This is a problem because the boots feature a Neo-Tech insulation that takes about a full day to dry out.

There is no doubt that the Bogs Classic High are extremely comfortable. They feature an Aegis antimicrobial odor protection insole, which performs a double role: it provides decent cushioning for your feet and is meant to reduce odor caused by certain microbes. The insole is thick enough for you to walk around on several types of terrain without feeling like every little rock is perforating through all the way up to your feet. The lining is almost like a warm embrace, thus adding to the overall comfort of the boot. The height of the shaft may cause just a tiny bit of discomfort as it rubs against your shins, but these boots are still more comfortable compared to The Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot.

As with all rain boots, traction is important. If you pick a pair of boots that perform badly at this chapter, you may find yourself unable to walk on different types of terrain, slip, and fall. The tread of the Bogs Classic is definitely good at this chapter since it features alternating round lugs and long bands that run across the sole. The lug pattern will help you face muddy and loose terrain without the fear of falling. The sole really sinks into the earth and you can easily walk around without having to fear that the ground slips from underneath you. Wet pavement is also no match for these lugs since the sole is designed to adapt to the ground you’re stepping on.

An extremely generous feature of the Bogs Classic is the Neo-Tech insulation, which is 7mm thick. This means that the Classic may just be your new winter boot since it can keep your feet warm in temperatures that fall as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t know about you, but I feel that this feature alone is enough to justify the rather spicy price tag. There’s another obvious conclusion here: these are not summer rain boots. The insulation will make your feet sweat, thus causing high discomfort. Even so, I did mention before that these boots also feature an Aegis antimicrobial odor protection insole which, combined with the liner, will wick away some of the moisture caused by sweat. However, these boots are still not recommended for use in high temperatures.

From the first minute I laid eyes on the Classic, I said to myself “This is definitely a pair of work boots.” That’s because they are everything but good-looking. They are bulky and rugged and extremely hard to match with something a bit more elegant. The 4 pounds of total weight can confirm what I’ve just said. These boots are extremely heavy and this doesn’t really recommend them for day-to-day use. Even with the rubber thread located on the back which should be helpful when removing the boots, the Classics still aren’t easy to take off.

It’s also important to mention that these boots do run a bit small, so you may want to order a size up. But once you’ve found the right size, you’ll notice that they are a perfect fit, without slippery ankle movement inside and with no hot spots that could become uncomfortable.

Thanks to the lug pattern and the insulation, these boots are versatile for pretty much any cold-weather activity. Whether you find yourself shoveling snow in December or mud in March, the Bogs Classic are best used when you have to perform chores and need to rely on a solid pair of waterproof boots.

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The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Mid Rain Boot

If you’re looking for a mid-range and a rather mainstream pair of rain boots for men, the Original Muck Boot Company Chore Mid may just be the right pair for you. With a strong combination of neoprene and rubber, the Original Muck Boot Company Chore Mid boots are really good at rejecting mud and water. The shaft has a total height of 12.5 inches measuring from the bottom of the sole all the way up to the top. The gap at the top of the shaft will eventually allow water to pour down inside your boots, which makes these boots more suitable for urban usage rather than hiking or walking in tall vegetation.

One very interesting feature of these boots is that they come with a steel shank located conveniently in the sole. This steel shank will offer additional support on uneven terrain. In combination with the thick sole, this boots is one of the most supportive ones we came across. As I mentioned several times on other occasions, having a very thick sole comes with a disadvantage: it dulls the sensitivity of your feet, so you won’t be able to feel very stable in situations where you have to step on loose terrain.

Even if these boots come with a Neoprene insole, it isn’t as comfortable as some of the competitors, like the LaCrosse Hamptons. In terms of traction, these boots performed quite well considering they aren’t really THE BEST at any chapter. The deep grooves are good for stepping with confidence on dry loose ground, but since the sole doesn’t really feature any solid lugs, the Original Muck Boot Company Chore Mid boots won’t perform that well on muddy terrain. However, you can rest assured the sole provides great response on hard concrete and pavement.

It may not be one of the warmest rain boots for men, but the Original Muck Boot Company Chore Mid is still pretty decent at this chapter. The 5mm Neoprene insulation will keep your feet warm unless you plan on walking for hours in deep snow or crossing any freezing waters. This indicates that these boots perform better in warmer seasons and are not recommended for winter use. You can combine them with a pair of wool socks if you ever need to use them in colder climates, but a pair with better insulation is still a better choice. But just to be safe, you should consider wearing these boots in spring and fall.

The first time I glanced at these boots, I thought they looked like a pair of work shoes. They aren’t at all fashionable and you wouldn’t want to be caught wearing these on a rainy night out. For chores around the house (especially gardening), these boots will fit into the scenery. With a total weight that exceeds 4 pounds per boots, this is certainly one of the heaviest rain boots of 2017. If you need a pair to wear daily, from dusk till dawn, you will end up having sore feet by the time you get to bed.

The Original Muck Boot Company Chore Mid boots also feature a pull tab located just at the top of the shaft, inside the shoes itself. I have to give the manufacturer a thumbs up for the effort, although I do feel that this pull tab is rather short to be of any actual use. If you have larger hands, you won’t really benefit from this feature. The bottom of the heel features a rubber stub, which indicates that these boots are more easily taken off with the help of your feet rather than using your hands.

Even if these boots run true to their size, they are some of the loosest boots you’ll ever see. Ordering a size down is not really an option, but rather wearing a thick pair of socks., although this solution is not really recommended during the warm season. The boot is loose around the foot and between the leg and shaft.

While these boots aren’t really popular for their versatility, they do perform very well when you have to perform chores around the house, especially in the garden.

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Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boot

There is a whole lot to be said about the Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boot. You’re probably wondering why we reviewed 2 models by Bogs and the answer is simple: except a few similarities, the Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boots are different compared to the Classic model. From the first moment you lay eyes on them, you will notice their design is different. They also feel different because of the shaft height and are easier to take on and off. Could they be the best rain boots for men? Let’s find out.

At a glance, you will see the large handles located on the sides of the boots. Even if they provide a different and stand-out-of-the-crowd look, we do have to question their practicality. They mainly serve for easy installment and removal of the boots, but what happens when rain violently drops down and you have 4 gaps that could allow water to get into the boots? That doesn’t seem very waterproof-ish to me. But let’s analyze that a bit more. The Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boots come with a 9.5 length measurement from the bottom of the sole and up to the lowest point of the shaft. That sounds fine and dandy, except that the handles and holes will cause water to pour in at 8.5 inches. If you add the 18-inch circumference at the top of the shaft, you basically have 6 gaps where the water can easily infiltrate and wet your feet. So you basically have a pair of waterproof rain boots with a bad design that allows water to come in unnecessarily.

The Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boots are comfortable, there’s no argument there. Just as the Classics, this pair also features the Aegis antimicrobial odor protection, which is always a nice feature to have, considering that long hours in the same pair of boots can cause odor problems and no one likes smelly feet. Even if the shaft does rub against your legs, it’s not enough to cause any discomfort, which is something we expected since the boots aren’t really that tall.

The bottom of the sole of the Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boots made their applicability very clear: these boots are made for in-town activities. They feature a smooth tread on the bottom and if there’s anything smooth treads have ever taught us is that they aren’t good for loose, uneven and muddy terrain. They do perform well on smooth surfaces, which means that you can comfortably wear them around town. However, since they lack aggressive lugs, these boots won’t sink into the ground to provide the stability you need on rough terrain.

Another similarity between the Bogs Classic and the Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boots is the presence of the 7mm Neo-Tech insulation. I will stress out once again the fact that this type of insulation is good for cold weather, being able to keep your feet warm at temperatures even as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. While I would absolutely love to consider this the best pair of rain boots for men that can help them withstand the harsh winter, the handle gaps are really giving me second thoughts. It’s like you have a very good feature that you are not able to benefit from entirely. The gaps left by the handles will allow you to feel cold air passing through, which really makes me wonder why you’d add insulation to this specific boot model. What’s even more confusing is that even with all this air passing through, breathability isn’t a strong point with the Ultra Mid boots, since the insulation will leave you with hot feet during warmer seasons.

I’m also a bit confused about how I feel about the looks of the Ultra Mid. It’s true that the rather techy design makes this boot look very different from what you normally see people wearing. I was never a fan of rain boots with handles myself, but each to their own when it comes to taste. After having seen the design of the Hunter, I feel there is little chance to find a boot as fashionable as that. The neoprene upper side of the boot isn’t a good match for the rubber bottom part.

If there is one thing you can’t contest about the Ultra Mid, is the ease of use. There isn’t any other rain boot out there that is as easy to put on and take off as this one. It’s a great item for people who are always on the run. Curious enough, the 4 pounds in weight is certainly not justified by the height of these boots. Wearing the Ultra Mid through a full day of walking and standing may just leave you will foot aches at the end of the day. Aside from the ease of use, these boots are also a great fit. They run true to their size and seem to snug your legs to perfection. If you add a thick pair of socks, you won’t be bothered by extra room in the toe box. Even so, the circumference at the top of the shaft causes quite the discrepancy, so I do feel this particular model could have been designed better to avoid some of these flaws.

While these boots are really designed for the adventurous outdoor man, they will do a fine job in rainy days where you have to quickly put on your boots and run into town or perform chores around the house.

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LaCrosse Hampton Men’s Rubber Boot

As I was reviewing my way through the best rain boots for men, I noticed that there was one particular category I wasn’t covering: those with a really short shaft. Although I have my reservation as far as the versatility of this type of boots is concerned, there are men out there who are interested in such a model and we aim to find a little something for every taste. You may think that this rather non-existent shaft will cause these boots to be obsolete, but you’d be wrong to do so. There are many benefits to the LaCrosse Hampton, so we’re going to talk about both the good and the bad of these boots.

As an overall performance, you’d be surprised to know that there are many chapters in which the LaCrosse Hampton boots perform better than tall boots, such as the Ultra Mid by Bogs. The LaCrosse Hampton is labeled as an ankle-cut boot, with a height measurement of 5.5 inches. Since it can barely cover your ankles, it’s pretty clear that this boot was not made from crossing streams or jumping into puddles. One very huge surprise is the fact that even with such a short shaft, the LaCrosse Hampton still provides one of the most secure and comfortable collars out there. The top of the shaft is a snug fit and will not allow too much debris to get into the boots, while still allowing free movement, with no discomfort to your ankles.

Thanks to neoprene lining and the soft EVA footbed, we can strongly admit that this is one of the most comfortable rain boot you’ll ever buy. The fact that they have virtually no shaft at all allows for free ankle movement, with no rubbing against your legs to cause any discomfort. The insole is stiff but manages to provide the support you need at all times. There are times when you’ll remove the boots and the insole will slide out as well, but this can happen with just about any pair of rain boots and it doesn’t really affect the quality of the insole.

If there’s one chapter where the LaCrosse Hampton could have used some major improvement, that would be the design of the sole. Because of its shallow and narrow grooves which aren’t that generous in number, traction is not the strongest point with this pair. If you ever have to face muddy or loose terrain, you’ll often find that difficult. Also, even if the EVA foam does make your feet feel extremely comfortable, you will pay a price for that: the foam dulls the sensitivity of your feet and will make you feel rather unstable when you step on tricky ground, such as slippery wet rocks. We’re not sure why the LaCrosse Hamptons lack a proper sole, it would not have compromised the overall appearance of the model in any way. A good pair of rain boots should always have deep lugs and a more versatile tread overall.

You’d think that such a short rain boot can’t possibly provide warmth. The 3mm Neoprene insulation is here to prove otherwise. Thanks to the combination of this insulation and the closure provided by the top of the shaft, your feet will stay warm at temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. While they are not the best winter rain boots, they will perform well in moderate climates and even do a good job if a cold fall night happens to catch you outdoors. We do recommend them for warmer temperatures, but not in the summer. They lack breathability and hot temperatures will cause your feet to sweat.

The low height of the shaft seems to add a lot of style to the LaCrosse Hamptons. The thing with longer shafts is that it often looks silly when you have to stuff your pants into the boot or pull them over the shaft. The LaCrosse Hampton boot eliminated this problem. With only 2 pounds of weight, walking around for long hours in the LaCrosse Hamptons is a breeze. They are extremely lightweight and due to their design, they are also extremely easy to put on and take off. There are waterproof nylon stretch panels located on the side of the boot and they allow your foot to slide in with ease.

The LaCrosse Hamptons run true to their size and they won’t leave any room for wiggling toes or ankles slipping out of the boot. Even with the tight neoprene upper, there won’t be any circulation cutting, resulting in a pair of comfortable rain boots. If you’re ever in need of a pair of rain boots but you don’t need the protection offered by a long shaft, this is definitely the right choice.

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Kamik Men’s Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot

For this particular article, I wanted to save the best for last. And the Kamik Icebreaker is one of the best rain boots for men that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. But you don’t have to take my word for it, let’s break down the features of these boots and see if they are worth being at the top of your list.

There are lots of features that could make the Kamik Icebreaker an all-time favorite. The boots feature a 14-inch shaft that comes with a waterproof nylon collar, with a lace running through its circumference. You’ve guessed it, the shaft can be cinched and this will prevent pretty much everything from getting inside your boots: from wind to snow, from water to debris, this feature is pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted in a pair of good waterproof rain boots. It is a common problem with quite a lot of boots to have that gap at the top of the shaft where rain can easily infiltrate all the way down to your legs. If you doubted even for a second that the nylon upper is waterproof, you’ll be in for a surprise: the Kamik Icebreaker won’t disappoint you.

The great combination of the removable liner and the footbed is what makes the Kamik Icebreaker one of the most comfortable boots out there. It provides more than enough cushioning for when you have so much work to do outside, you forget for how long you’ve been standing. The versatility caused by the comfort of these boots is undeniable. They can be used both for in-town walk, as well as for hikes in the woods, where you have to cross a stream or two. Don’t let the rugged exterior fool you, these boots are about as comfortable as a pair of long rain boots can get.

Even with all these comforts, the sole is as aggressive as you need it to be. The Icebreaker comes with rounded synthetic rubber nubs which are conveniently placed in the center of the tread. These nubs will stick into the ground even as you step on tricky terrains, such as mud or sand. However, the thickness of the sole could cause some tricky movement, since you won’t be able to feel the ground you’re stepping on at times. The lugs aren’t really the best choice for people who are looking for something for urban use.

As you probably figured out by now, this is one of the warmest pairs of rain boots out there. That’s because it comes with an 8mm Zylex liner which, to the joy of nature lovers, is made of recycled material. In combination with the lace that can cinch the top of the boots, this liner will keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. That means that the Icebreaker is more than just a rain boot: it’s a safe and wise choice for cold season footwear. As expected, these boots are terrible for warm climates. Your feet will start to sweat to the point where you’ll end up with blister and probably terrible feet odor.

There aren’t the most stylish boots than money can buy, but they aren’t the ugliest pair we’ve seen either. It’s a straightforward winter-looking boot and even if the upper part does have a glossy finish, there are still more fashionable boots out there.

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While all the models we’ve mentioned in this review have their ups and down, weighting in the list of pros and cons has given me a very specific winner: the Kamik Icebreaker. It provides an excellent combination of price and features and has scored at least average in every aspect that might interest you in a pair of waterproof boots. The level of comfort provided by the Icebreaker is combines with enough insulation to be able to replace your pair of winter boots as well. They are so versatile that you can even take them fishing and hunting.

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