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Jeep Mirrors Without Doors: 3 Ways to Solve The Side Mirror Problem

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I think we can all agree on one thing: driving a Jeep is fun. Owning one is also an invitation to be creative with its appearance. It’s a statement.

That’s why we have such a big community of DIY enthusiasts.

Some Jeep owners decide to remove their side doors. It’s a very off-roadish look that can definitely look amazing. Look at this babe:

When you remove your Wrangler’s doors off, though, you face a pressing problem.

What about the mirrors?

Well, solving the ‘Jeep mirrors – no doors’ riddle nets you three possible options:

Option #1: Use a pair of relocation brackets. In other words, remove your existing mirrors and put them on the side of your windshield. You only need to get the brackets, and usually they’re very easy to use.

Option #2: Buy a new set of specific mirrors and mount them. An example is [d]

Option #3: Go the minimilastic way and install small mirrors on your AC vents.

It depends on your personal preferences, but #1 might be the most sensible approach. The problem with #3 is that those mirrors are pretty small. They don’t provide you with much vision, opening up a lot of opportunities for dangerous blind spots.

Now, two popular relocation brackets manufacturers are Rugged Ridge and Lange. You can go with either of those, but a lot of people prefer the simplicity of RR.

A few considerations re:
Jeep side mirrors when your doors are off

There are a few important points I’d like to mention here.

The installation itself:
Is it hard?

The first one is that relocation brackets are really easy to use. They plug directly to the factory bolt holes you have on your windshield hinge. It’s really idiot-proof.

Bonus point for not needing to do any drilling. In fact, with RR you’ll also receive a paintable filler plate. You can use it to cover the small hole you’ll leave when removing your mirrors from the factory position.

The trickier part is not putting your factory mirrors on. It’s taking them off their factory position. That can prove to be a bit frustrating.In any case, it shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes at most.

If you’re worried about chipping your Jeep’s paint…Most quality manufacturers have some rubber under the bracket as padding/protective layer.


Let me get this straight: there’s no option that will give you the same visibility. AC vent small mirrors are notoriously bad, but even with #1 or #2 you’ll suffer some limitations.

RR’s bracket arms are good, but there’s still room for improvement. Unfortunately it’s hard to extend the bracket arms so much that you’ll have zero blindspots and perfect vision on the road.

Construction quality & appearance

Obviously, the biggest issue with Jeep side mirrors when you have your doors off is shakiness.

Needless to say, if you go on extreme off-road adventures, even the sturdiest of constructions will wobble a bit. But generally, with established brands you’ll get steady brackets or mirrors.

The design side is also pretty alright. Most brands, RR included feature the typical black powder coated appearance Jeep mirrors are associated with. And not only Jeep mirrors actually – you can see quite a few DIY bed liner manufacturers going for that classic look too.

Legal stuff

I don’t know which state are you in, but it’s always good to read up on your state’s laws. Some states require to at least have a driver side mirror at least.

To my knowledge, in most states you have to have 2 rear facing mirrors installed. One of them has to be the driver’s side mirror.

Remember that driving a doorless Jeep with no side view mirrors isn’t only illegal. It’s also potentially life-threatening.

Imagine having to poke your head and check what’s behind you. It’s distracting, dangerous, and honestly not in line with the adventurous, but still ethical spirit of the Jeep community.

Using a motorcycle mirror

If you have some spare round mirrors from your motorcycle, or your local shop has cheap ones on stock, you can do that too.

It’s a quick, budget-friendly fix. However, I can’t vouch whether this approach won’t get you more wobbliness. It really depends on how sturdy the mirror’s plastic is. I’ve heard a lot of Jeep owners go with Harley mirrors.

Special Jeep mirrors with the iconic round design are also available. They’re a bit more expensive, though.

Here’s a quick guide on using a random motorcycle mirror for your doors off Jeep:

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