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DIY Bed Liners: Herculiner vs Raptor Liner vs Rustoleum vs Duplicolor

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Going the DIY way with your ride’s bed liner is pretty common in the Jeep community. It is, of course, a staple for anybody with a pickup truck.

People taking things in their own hands? Man, this never fails to make uncle Mad Mike happier than usual.

So, yeah, bed liner brands: let’s take a look at them. I know you want to practice your DIY skills and also save a few bucks if possible.

However, there are two additional important factors you should consider.

First: Do you want a spray-on bed liner, or do you prefer the roll-on type? You can roll with the Herculiner, or go the spray route with Raptor liner.

It’s all the same to me, but some people prefer roll-on liners as they’re generally cheaper and easier to set up.

Herculiner vs Raptor Liner: We're Talking about completely different takes on DIY bed liners.

Second: The texture of the final product. Herculiner is highly rubberized, so it’ll be gritty. On the other hand, a Rustoleum job will yield you smoother surface.

Again, it’s up to personal preferences. For many Jeep owners, a gritty, texturized look suits the off-road aesthetics better.

Alright, let’s get back on track. I’ll look at 4 different bed liner paints for a stellar DIY job: Herculiner, Raptor Liner, Rustoleum and Duplicolor.

Here’s a comparison table, after which I’ll continue with concise reviews on each brand: 

  • Herculiner
  • Type:
  • Final texture:
    Gritty, texturized due to higher rubber content.
  • Durability & Protection:

  • Ease of Application:
  • Price:
Xtra Strong
  • Raptor Liner
  • Type:
    Spray-On (Extra power)
  • Final texture:
    Smooth, easy to clean. Consistent color.
  • Durability & Protection:

  • Ease of Application:
  • Price:
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Type:
  • Final texture:
    Smooth, but thinner than Raptor Liner. Might need multiple passes.
  • Durability & Protection:

  • Ease of Application:
  • Price:
  • Dupli-Color Bed Armor
  • Type:
  • Final texture:
    Water-based formula helps it stay smoother than other roll-ons.
  • Durability & Protection:

  • Ease of Application:
  • Price:

4 Brands Compared:
Different Takes on DIY Bed Liners

1. Most Popular Roll-On Bed Liner:

No doubt: this is one of the most popular DIY bed liners right now, if not the darling of many car owners.

As I mentioned before, Herculiner follows the brush-on style of painting. This allows it to be a bit cheaper than most spray-based products.

The most important thing you have to remember here is that it’s very, very texturized. Don’t expect smooth results.

There’s a reason for that: Herculiner has a higher rubber content than other bed liners. It’s also thicker than them.

While this might not suit some people’s fancy, it still means there’ll be less slipping/skids. The thickness and polyurethane also guarantee spectacular protection.

Here’s a short video to see what I’m talking about:

With the kit you should get 2 rollers and a decent application brush – more than enough to get the roll going!

2. Strongest Spray-On Solution:
Raptor Liner

Raptor Liner vs Herculiner vs Rustoleum: I'm comparing several popular DIY ways to do your pick truck's bed liners.

When it comes to things you can do by yourself, U-POL’s Raptor spray is the most potent bed liner out there.

Yes, it’s expensive, but it also allows for long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results.

Above all, though, inside this cans you’ll find something with:

  • Rust/Corrosion protection

  • Slight UV protection

  • Waterproof qualities

  • Reduction of vibrations/noise

Compared to the Herculiner, it’s easier to clean. It’s also not as rubberized – thanks to it being a spray.

In other words, if you prefer smoother surfaces with consistent color and texture, it should be your primary DIY pick.

Here’s how easy it is to spray it – though it’ll take some time depending on the size of your vehicle:

Some other sprays will seem way, way cheaper. However, there’s a small catch and I’ll discuss it in our next contestant, the Rustoleum.

3. Generally Decent Spray-On:

Rustoleum vs Herculiner: Rustoleum is definitely smoother, but comes with a thinner consistency too. Here's my comparison

So, Rust-Oleum is the seemingly budget pick. It’s definitely more affordable than the Raptor and promises similar results.

It’s a pretty decent take on setting up your own little bed liner adventure.

But there’s a catch:

While it still has anti-rust and anti-abrasion properties, it’s thinner in consistency. Which means that in the end, you might need to use more spray cans.

I’ve heard from some people that they’ve applied multiple coatings to make sure the protection stays intact. In other words, you might shell out an amount of cash that’s similar to the Raptor Liner anyway.

On the upside, Rust-Oleum might deliver the smoothest surface out of all bed liners. Then again, it’s slightly easier to scratch/peel than tougher DIY bed liners.

A decent pick that doesn’t stand out with something – compared to the gritty Herculiner, or the strong Raptor solution.

4. Alternative Roll-On Consideration:
Dupli-Color Bed Armor

Comparing bed liners: Duplicolor vs Rustoleum

Dupli-Color is the other major roll-on bed liner that might catch your eye.

A good thing here is the presence of Dupont kevlar in the content. However, the formula is water-based so the end product isn’t as thick as Herculiner…or so I’ve heard from Jeep owners.

The strong point of Dupli-Color is how easy it is to apply. As I mentioned before, roll-ons are usually pretty simple to set up. This particular brand makes what’s already easy even more of a piece of cake.

There are also some exciting color variations for those into more exotic palettes. Most people I know prefer to stick to the classic black look.

A common issue with Dupli-Color seems to be color retention, though. Water-based formula and thinner consistency than the Herculiner means a faster fading process too.

If you’re a perfectionist, either stock up on some reserve buckets…or consider more long-lasting solutions.

Other brands to consider

If it’s about DIY jobs, I can’t think of many other options you have.

The only brand that pops up in my head is Monstaliner, but I haven’t seen it around me. Some Jeep forums have people satisfied with that particular company, though.

It seems they offer decent durability, but their main appeal is the diverse choice of colors. As I’m a more conservative person, that won’t have much impact on me.

For people with more exotic tastes, however, I can easily see this being a deciding factor.

Spray-On vs Roll-On Bed Liner Paint:
Differences in a Nutshell

I wrote a sentence or two previously, but let me expand on how those two types of DIY bed lining differ from each other.

The main benefit of using a spray is the looks. If you do a careful job spraying the bed liner, it’ll look more consistent, richer, and overall a better eye-candy.

Sprays are also smoother.

The downside? Well, you need to be more careful. As I said, roll-ons are generally easier to apply as they don’t need a specific technique.

With spray bed liners, you have to control how much you paint where, and be more attentive to spreading the paint evenly. Also, spray-ons are thinner so they might not protect as well as roll-ons if it comes to more serious damage.

The good side of roll-ons, as I mentioned, is the general simplicity and cheaper cost. Thicker and often two-layered, they’ll offer a somewhat sturdier way of doing your vehicle’s bed liner.

What you probably won’t like is that roll-ons take their sweet time to dry out properly. Not optimal for some periods of the year.

Another common issue involves painting spots you actually didn’t want to cover. Sprays are narrower in their application due to the controlled stream. Roll-ons have a wider surfaces, so getting some gritty liner on your side mirror is quite common.

That just about sums things up!

If you want other DIY pointers, be sure to check my guide on ball joint removal tools with some important pointers regarding them.

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