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tips for colicky babyAs many of you have found out, colic is a condition where your baby experiences pain in their gastrointestinal tract. It most commonly occurs when your newborn is between 4-6 weeks old and rarely lasts longer than your little one’s third month.

It may not sound long but if you’re dealing with it, it may seem like an eternity. There’s no consensus as to what the actual cause of colic is but many believe it to be diet-related (either what the nursing mother is eating or some type of sensitivity to formula).

Everyone seems to have their own advice on how to comfort your colicky baby. Here’s what I found tend to work the best:


The first way is to swaddle your baby if you already aren’t doing so. Something like the Miracle Blanket is perfect for this. For a baby, it’s going to feel like heaven.

Babies think of it like being back in the womb. Make sure it’s tight, but not to tight. You don’t want to suffocate your baby. Give it a try. You might be surprised with the results.

Different position

Many times parents hold their kids face up. Try holding them face down. Do this with your one hand on the stomach. You end up putting a tiny pressure on the stomach.

This will release some of the pent-up gas and pressure. This is a good thing. You might even get a few burps out of your baby. This is a good way to reduce the colic.

White noise

What does this mean? Run a small fan near the crib. Turn on the washing machine, set it on low. You don’t want it to be too loud. The idea is to recreate the feeling of being in the womb. Keep the sounds low and feeling good.

Another idea is to turn on the radio. Static is sometimes the best noise a baby can hear even though we may not think of it as very soothing. Obviously, white noise machines also work very well.


Pacifiers are another good remedy. For some babies, it’s the best thing in the world. A pacifier can do so much good. Keep in mind that your baby may love one type of pacifier and not care for a different kind so try a couple types.

Car Ride

Take your baby for a ride. Babies like the motion of being in the womb. Take your baby back to that time. Strap your baby into the car seat and ride. All you need is a half hour or so, sometimes not even that long.

Personally, this almost always worked for us. We were fortunate enough to live out in the country so it was relaxing for mom and dad as well. Unfortunately, gas prices were near an all-time high but it was well worth it.

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