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gunamuna-gunapod-sleep-sack-reviewGunamuna is another newcomer in the world of baby sleep sacks. In case you’re wondering, Guna and Muna are the nicknames of twins the company’s founder’s friend has. The company refers to their Gunapod product as “the smarter wearable blanket” which offers a variety of ways to zip and unzip. It’s a lightweight wearable blanket that’s quite soft and snuggly and great if your little one tends to get too hot during sleep.

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Material and Warmth

The “fleece” Gunapod uses a combination of 80% viscose (a semi-synthetic rayon type fabric) and 20% cotton. While it may look really warm, it actually has sort of a soft, thin, sweatshirt like material which is great for warmer months but may not be warm enough for winter use in many regions (unless they are dressed in full pajamas underneath).


Gunamuna makes sleep sacks in 3 sizes (S, M, & L) but the one being reviewed is the small size for babies in the 3-9 month range (or 6-18 pounds). Looser fitting than others so your baby can even stand up in it in her crib and wear it while in a carseat.

Design and Features

A unique all-around zipper, which Gunamuna calls the “Wonderzip” system is what sets the Gunapod apart from all others. A set of zippers allow you to open the sleeping sack from underarm to underarm, just the legs, the front of the sack, completely open to lay flat, or somewhere in between.

It really is the most versatile design we’ve seen to date. Like some of the other good sleep sacks, this one includes button snaps on the shoulders.

The Gunapod comes in a variety of colors and prints but the most popular by far is the large polka dot design, which is really cute but the “chocolate” colored version is more of a black for those that are picky. If you have a girl, the “petunia pink” color is adorable. Overall, a good quality sleep sack.

gunapod-polka-dotsWhat We Like

  • Incredibly versatile zipper system
  • Easy to regulate temperature
  • Super cozy material which gets softer with every wash

What We Don’t Like

  • Not as fitting as others so baby can escape
  • Wish it came in a slightly thicker/warmer version
  • Colors fade a bit more than normal after washing


Overall we like the Gunapod sleep sack. We’d recommend it to those living in warmer climates or whose babies tend to overheat a little bit. We love the zipper system which is great for babies who like don’t like to be so restricted inside some of the tighter fitting sacks. If you have a baby that needs to be able to kick their legs, the Gunapod is also a good option.

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