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Protip: best shelf liners & how to use them

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If only we could sprinkle some color and cozy feeling with just a magical snap of our fingers…

Well, we actually can!

Shelf liners are my little secret! They take only a few minutes to set up and drastically change any room’s mood for good.

You can use them for cabinets or in cupboards, to spice up your pantry or bring some bonus kitchen cheerfulness.

I frequently use a beaded surface like this non-adhesive liner, useful for cabinet interiors. Other times, I switch to more cute ways to lining pantry shelves:

Very simple, yet cheerful, right?

As another consideration, some people actually dread cleaning standard kitchen liners.

For them, a fully washable liner like this cutie will be a way better fit. You can just throw it in the washer and reuse it as many times as you wish.

(Or you can grab standard shelf paper and throw it away after it’s gotten too grimey.)

Here are a few good shelf liner ideas and uses for different spaces: from refrigerator shelves, to pantries, cabinets…

Adhesive Vs non-adhesive shelf liners:
which makes more sense?

Personally, I hate adhesive liners, be it for the pantry, kitchen or bigger shelves. They can be a pain to put properly. Seriously, the chance of them getting all wrinkled is ridiculous.

I wanted to make my surroundings cozier, not make a botch of a job, right?

There are plenty of great non-adhesive shelf liners and I really prefer them. Especially if you get a set with a better grip and anti-slip features – or basically, most of the better liners.

Also, gentle as they are, some adhesive models might still leave some marks. Yes, chances are low for this to happen, but I’m still not taking the risk!

What is the best if I want a good cabinet liner?

Definitely the beaded kind of liners I mentioned above works best here. Also for the interior of your cupboards, actually.

The thing is, when you put things inside, you want them to stay like this. You want both the stability of the liner itself, and things above it staying put.

Con-Tact is a well-known brand and their non-slip/non-adhesive liner for drawers and cabinets is great. It’s extra thick and the protection it offers will keep any cupboard/cabinet interior like new.

Some people like to use wallpaper materials for their drawers:

I’m not a huge fan, but it’s certainly an alternative to consider if you have some spare materials left.

Best pantry & kitchen shelf liners:
what to look for

Things get a bit more heated in pantries or around kitchen counters. Glasses, cookware, dishes, utensils – you pick up these a few times a day, every day.

The extra grip surface will force you to “drag” these across, instead of the smooth, effortless sliding experience.

Not fun!

Above all, though, smoother surfaces are waaay easier to wipe and clean.

In these cases, you can go for the ribbed type of shelf liner (good example found here.) A few wipes and you’re pretty much done cleaning this!

But…ribbed designs are a bit more conservative.

In fact, they might look a bit boring for some of the more fashionable DIY interior ladies. We were talking about vibrant, exciting colors and patterns, after all!

This is where Con-Tact comes again, because they have a very cute collection consisting of these outstanding shelf liners.

With subtle granite influences, these best shelf liners keep things neat, tidy and beautiful!

I know I roasted the adhesive type before, but these are very easy to install properly. Cutting is also very intuitive due to the measure-and-cut grid you can’t really go wrong with!

Both the ribbed or smoother liner types work well for pantry shelves, countertops and other “busier” surfaces you access every day.

For all of you tired of wiping the liners…

You can certainly use disposable shelf paper too! Bigger living spaces can be a bit too much if you had to regularly clean all the cupboards, cabinets…Too many surfaces to take care of!

Disposable shelf paper is all around, but I have a better idea:

Grab a washable shelf paper like this set. You won’t need to wipe your kitchen/cabinet liners at all!

Just throw them in the washer, reuse after, rinse and repeat.

Quite a few color/design variations here too, so you can fit the liners to an ambiance/mood of your taste.

These are the best shelf liners for refrigerators too, in my opinion. Especially for those more stubborn spills.

My top 3 reasons to use shelf liners

  • Spice up your interior with some additional patterns or colors. Even the dullest kitchen (or any living space) can be transformed into something cozier with a few cute shelf liners.

  • Protect both drawer/cabinet surface and your belongings. Especially for more delicate materials like wood or surfaces that get scratched easily!

  • Keep things neat, tidy and hygienic. Especially for cupboards or when you use kitchen shelf liners to keep your utensils sparkly clean. Bonus points if you pair them up with a stylish bread box for maximum interior coziness!

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