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Storing delicious freshness: 4 bread boxes that work!

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Bread boxes were one of the things me and Kate missed the most when we were out digital nomading around the world.

Most of the spaces we rented didn’t come with one. And let’s be honest, when you’re constantly on the go, carrying a bread bin with you isn’t very… practical.

I don’t want to even tell you about the loss of taste after we had to keep our bread in the fridge

You can imagine our delight upon returning back home. There’s hundreds upon hundreds of possible bread boxes to pick from, but we especially enjoy Brabantia’s Roll Top.

Sure, it does keep our bread – even homemade one, fresh and tasty. But it’s also stunningly stylish and fingerprint proof (personal pet peeve for Kate: dirty things around the kitchen area!)

The thing is, there’s no single best bread container out there, right? Some people love steel bread bins, others dig wooden ones. Personal preferences play a huge role here and you surely have yours.

Here are 4 possible choices for you, fellow bread addict!

Storing delicious freshness: 4 bread boxes that work!

The 4 best bread boxes for keeping it fresh

1. Best vintage bread box:
All Green Products’ bin

This vintage box for bread is one of the best fashionable choices to keep your bread fresh

Let’s start with the vintage feel. A friend of ours has one of these bread bins and it’s gorgeous. Amazing how a rather small piece of houseware can create such a wonderful mood with its presence!

Anyway. This stainless steel bread box is somewhat big. At 16.5″ (length), 9″ (depth) and 6.5″ (height) it can easily accommodate 2 loaves of bread. The 0.5mm thick cold-rolled steel ensures sturdiness and the turquoise finish turns this sturdiness into elegant beauty.

Now, normally you’d be worried about the design. What if the paint chips? Nobody wants a bread storage container that’s riddled with ugly spots.

Well, the smoothly powdered finish is chip-resistant and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about that. (Though the Brabantia is one notch sturdier, I feel.)

Another legitimate concern is airflow. If you want a bread box that keeps bread properly fresh, you’d want some air circulation. Tick this off: this cute bread bin has small vent holes to prevent your bread/pastry from getting stale!

Last but not least, you’re getting a free butter dish and a culinary eBook with your purchase. I know you’d think that both would be cheap, but you’d be wrong.

My friend’s butter dish is very sleek and complements the turquoise beauty she has on her counter top.

The bad news? None whatsoever. Just keep in mind the size of the bread keeper, as it can be a tad too big for some countertops. Also, treat it gently – it may be chip-resistant, but there’s always the danger of dents if you’re too rough.

2. Best wooden bread keeper:
Cookbook People classic Filigree

If you're into wooden boxes for fresh bread, this is a no brainer.

Ah, wood. As Kate mentioned in her mortar and pestle post, some people (like her father) find wood to be an irresistible material. If you live in a traditional house with wooden touches, this bread bin will be the cherry on top.

It’s a little bit smaller than the previous model: at 15.75″ (length) x 10.63″ (depth) x 6.5″ (height), it might not accommodate two full loaves of bread. Still, I bet you can make it work, or at the very least cozily sneak 1 1/2 loaf inside.

Don’t think that just because it’s made of wood it’s more fragile than the steel bread containers. Cookbook People boast that they’ve done rigorous tests and it can hold up to 30 lbs of weight without this having any effect on its integrity.

Now that’s some heavy-duty wooden construction, I’d say!

Oh, by the way, this is a 100% bamboo-made bread box. Breathable, lightweight, sturdy. On top of that, the roll top has a very neat design feature. It slides to the back wall, instead of aaall the way to the base.

Summed up in short, the interior is 100% usable, unlike some other designs where you don’t get the full space. Very convenient indeed.

The only concern you might have here is how smoothly the door slides. As with most wooden products, it might feel a bit “sticky” to roll up or down. There are numerous ways to fix that, though, and it takes only a few minutes. Not a huge dealbreaker.

3. Best modern bread bin to keep bread fresh:
Brabantia Roll Top

Brabantia stainless steel bread boxes are a slick, compact way to store your pastries and bread.

Brabantia is a huge brand with A+ products and their bread storage bins are simply outstanding. Their roll top models are the best bread boxes for homemade bread, as they excel in retaining freshness for a long time.

No joking, some people even use their bread keepers to store fruits or vegetables! I might be speaking from my personal experience with a previous container of theirs. The air ventilation here is the best out of all 4 storage spaces.

Now, you can choose among a few top class designs. What I’ll review here is their matte steel bread bin. It’s honestly quite big (17.5″ x 10.6″ x 6.9″), so once again you can sneak two loaves of bread in. Maybe even a little more!

Unlike the wooden box, the compact roll lid opens and closes seamlessly here. It just glides, smooth like the butter you’ll spread on your tasty bread after you take it out. In addition, the flat top design saves you even more countertop space.

This is a modern look, stylish container. It won’t get as easily dented as the vintage model, but there’s one thing you surely fear here.

Yes, fingerprints. Nobody likes them, neither me, nor you. Good news, then: Brabantia’s finish is fingerprint proof and will leave your stainless steel bread box for homemade (or fresh) bread squeaky clean!

Honestly, I can’t come up with any criticism. The only reason you wouldn’t like it is if you’re not a fan of steel as a bread box material. Really.

4. Best rustic/farmhouse-feel bread container:
Creative Co-Op enameled metal box

For those who adore rustic bread boxes, this is the best pick for some old school fresh feeling.

This is a rather niche pick, but I know a few people who are crazy about the traditional farmhouse style. Creative Co-Op might be a total turnoff for some people, but for others it’ll be the best bread keeper they’ve dreamed of.

You can call it the “skyscraper of bread keepers” due to its 12″ height. Almost twice the height of our previous contenders, right? Be careful with the countertop you put it on! Otherwise, its other dimensions are quite compact – 13.5″ (length) and 8.5″.

Due to its high construction, you can fit two loaves of bread, but you can also stack little buns or bagels on top of one another. Just imagine your kids/guests opening a treasure trove full of home-baked, fresh bread. What a face they’d make!

As I mentioned, this rustic bread bin is shooting for the old-fashion, extremely simplistic looks. There are no fancy things here: just a box and its lid. Keep that in mind if you want something ultra modern and full of conveniences.

If you love slightly rugged, farmhouse designs, you’ll fall in love. Remember that this is enameled, so some imperfections might be present. This also calls for you taking proper care of it, so there’s no metal peeling of or dents appearing.

The biggest drawback is the lack of ultra secure air tightness here. With the other bread bins you’re getting quite secure sliding doors, some of them with additional closing mechanisms.

As this one only has a regular lid, it approaches air ventilation and protection from a more mundane perspective.

Why should I use a bread box?

One: to save space.

Two: to ensure your bread stays fresh for longer.

Sure, some people prefer to put bread in their fridge so they preserve its freshness/avoid it getting spoiled. But do you really like the soggy feeling of a refrigerated bread? Instead of eating this:

Why should I use a bread box?

It’s quite surprising how much clutter can be caused by just a loaf of bread and a few buns/bagels. In this sense, putting a bread container on your countertop actually saves you space, instead of taking it up.

Not to mention that well-designed bread keepers add an important touch to your kitchen’s overall mood/interior design. You can complement your furniture and ambience with a somewhat cheap and practical household item!

What’s the best way to store homemade bread?

Check the topic of this article and you’ve got your answer!

Just kidding. Bread boxes are only one way to preserve your homemade bread’s tastiness. You can also wrap your freshly baked buns/bagels/baguettes/whatever in plastic wraps or bags.

However, crusty breads will suffer from the moisture you’ll get within a plastic bag. After all, bread bins allow for better airflow/air circulation which works for all types of bread.

I’ve had people pondering on my love for bread containers. “But…does a bread box really keep bread fresh?” they’d ask.

It always felt good to see them a few months later and hear how they were reborn once they started preserving their bread properly. It really makes a difference.

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