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Taming the beast of heavy flow periods

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When that time of my month comes, it’s as if someone opened the red gates of heavy flow and pain.

At least I’m somewhat lucky in that my period only hangs around for 4-5 days at most. However, some of you girls probably get the whole package of discomfort…

Researchers say that on average, we part with 4 to 8 teaspoons of blood during a standard period. More unfortunate people like me and you? Make that 10+ teaspoons…

Over the years I’ve tested various supposedly best pads for heavy flow/period. In the end, it’s either Always Infinity or U by Kotex, really.

These have been what’s worked the best for me period after period. Without them I’d probably lie around spending my time like this:

Taming the beast of heavy flow periods

There’s two things that I particularly care about in pads:

First, no scent. I really dislike the perfumed type: the sweet fragrances are too much. Especially when they mix with period blood!

And anyways they tend to irritate my skin.

Second, proper thickness. I know a lot of brands love to tout their “so light and thin!” sanitary pads, but…Listen, there’s a waterfall down below! I need the thickness!

Infinity and U fit my preferences perfectly. Let’s take a look at them!

The 2 best pads that have saved me through heavy periods

1. Best overnight maxi pads for heavy flow:
U by Kotex

Kotex comes with the best pads for heavy flows without wings.

The best thing about these for me is the lack of wings. Sure, as a lot of other girls, I started with the winged pads in my younger years. At one point, though, I came to realize it can be freeing to cut them off.

Problem is, there’s not a lot of overnight pads for heavy flow without wings. Well, U by Kotex is the best option for these.

U combines very fluffy, soft feeling with outstanding absorbing capacity. And you bet that we need this when there are streams of blood fleeing from our lady parts. Kotex swear by their “Deep channels” technology for securing that absorption.

To some, this might be a gimmicky corporate mumbo-jumbo. To me, this is a reason why their product works.

Currently my pick for heavy period pads! I’m using a regular size (not the long one) of these, but you can always shop around if you need a larger size.

Best Always pads for heavy periods:
Always Infinity

Best pads for heavy periods (with wings)? Always Infinity, of course!

Always is a classic brand for us ladies…It’s been how many generations actually? To me, their Infinity sanitary pads are a huge step from previous products (and those worked well anyways!)

Two big differences here when you compare Infinity pads to U.

First, yes, these have wings. Second, the Infinity heavy flow pads are thinner than Kotex.

Don’t mistake them being thinner with unsatisfying results, however. Infinity pads come made from what Always call “FlexFoam.” Basically, that’s a very absorbent and lightweight material based on a liquid.

Paired with the microdots you’ll see on each of the sanitary pads you’ll receive, these should take care of even the heaviest of flows.

Keep in mind that in this case, I’m recommending you the daytime Infinity pads. I feel that Kotex wins the best overnight pads for heavy flow battle.

For daytime products, however, Always still holds the throne and Infinity is the best pad for heavy periods.

Or, you know, that could just be my personal preference.

Alternatives: best tampons for heavy flow

You might prefer a different approach to your painful, extra long and heavy flow period. I’m not the biggest fan of tampons, but some of my friends are.

And, let’s face it, if you have it especially pouring, you might end using both a period sanitary pad and a heavy period tampon at the same time.

Life’s not fair sometimes, isn’t it…

My friends vouch for Tampax’s heavy flow tampons after trying out various other products. Similar to more heavy-duty pads, you’ll still have to go through 2-3 of them during your day if you have an especially have flow.

However, their “LeakGuard” (stops leaks before they happen) and “Smooth CleanGrip” (easier insertion) seem to have won my friends’ hearts.

Again, to some people that might be the corporate speak with their fancy terms and whatnot. In my girls’ case, these just get the job done flawlessly.

Alternatives 2: getting a menstrual cup

I admit I’m not familiar with menstrual cups, like, at all. Pads work for me and I’m satisfied. There’s also somewhat of a stigma against menstrual cups, or maybe that’s just my observations?

Don’t know, but these are definitely a viable option. A good cup beats even the most absorbent sanitary pads for your period.

If you’re not familiar with them, the concept is simple. You just insert them like you’d do with a tampon, and they sit in your ladyparts, collecting your menstrual blood.

In case you’re not a fan of insertion (unlike the more relaxed period pads), you might want to skip on these. But, a well-made, soft enough (without being too soft) cup shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

My sister swears by the Lena menstrual cup set.

It includes one small and one large cup, the small being 25 ml, the larger – 30 ml. As I mentioned before, a heavy flow means you’re leaking somewhere around 60 ml per day or more.

It looks like this:

In other words, if you use the large one, you’ll still need to change it twice per day or so. It might be more convenient than changing 3-4 tampons or discarding pads.

Especially during the first days of your period when it’s a particularly heavy flow.

In conclusion

While some of us are unfortunate with the intensity of our periods, the good news is that we have quite the choice in how to tackle it.

Overnight or daytime menstrual pads, tampons, menstrual cups, Always or Kotex or whatever brand of pads for periods you’re a fan of…At least we have access to these.

In the end, it’s all about the method you find convenient and cozy enough. Hope I’ve helped you with that and remember: always stay strong, queens! This is nature’s way of telling us we’re badass!

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