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If you’re passionate about card games and board games, I don’t really need to explain why you should own a pair of waterproof playing cards. You don’t even need to be passionate about the great outdoors to buy such a thing. They’re ideal for the beach, pool party or every kind of party where chances are someone might spill their drink on your cards, in the heat of the moment (especially if you get a royal flush). Long story short, every passionate card gamer should own a pair of waterproof playing cards.

But what if I told you that there are even some specific party games that come in waterproof versions? I won’t spoil the surprise but you will read about them later on in this article.

Swimline Waterproof Playing Cards

First off, let me show you a waterproof pair of regular cards, for poker or gin or whatever other regular card games you like to play. With 2.2 x 3.4 x 0.1 inches in dimensions and 5.6 ounces in weight, they have the usual measurements, making them lightweight and easy to carry around. Card enthusiasts will be happy to know that you can easily bend them for shuffling, without damaging them on the long run.

Even if they look amazing, customers were somehow discontent with the actual appearance of the product they received. Colors were different than the ones showed in the pictures. On a positive notes, customers have also reported that they were satisfied with the waterproof feature of the cards. Even after having spilled beer or heavy alcohol, the cards were not damaged in any way. With a simple wash and dry, they were ready to be used again.

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Loaded Kings – The Drinking Card Game (Waterproof Playing Cards)

Before reading any further, I must warn you: this game will make you drink… a lot! There is no win or lose, because everyone will be pretty much wasted by the end of the game. Let me briefly go through the rules.

The game begins by spreading all cards face-down in the middle of a table. Then, choose a person to go first and continue turning over cards in a clockwise rotation, following the directions on each card. Everyone will have a glass of alcohol in front of them, but there will also be an empty cup in the middle of the table (you’ll understand why later). Why is the game called “Loaded Kings”? Because the King is the most important card in the game. Every time someone draws a king from the pile, they must pour a bit of their drink into the empty cup in the middle. When the last king is pulled from the deck, whoever pulls it must drink the contents of the cup.

What the other cards do:

2 − Two for you: Two drinks to the person of your choice.
3 − Three for me: Take three drinks.
4 − Four’s for ******: All ladies take a drink.
5 − Slap: Upon seeing the five card pulled, all players must hit the table with their hand. The last person to do this drinks.
6 − Six is for ****: All the guys take a drink.
7− Thumbmaster: Whoever pulls a 7 becomes the new Thumbmaster. He or she can sneakily put their thumb on the table whenever they like. All the other players must put theirs on the table, too. The last to do it must drink.
8 − I Never: Say a statement about something you’ve never done. All those who have done it must drink.
9 – Rhyme: Say a short sentence. The next player has to say one that rhymes. It goes around the table til the last person can’t think of a rhyme. He or she drinks. (Words can only be used once)
10 − Category: Choose a category. Each player must choose something within that category. If you can’t think of anything, you drink. (Example: make-up items: mascara, concealer, lipstick, eye-shadow, etc.)
Jack − Rule: When you pull a rule card, you get to make up a rule for the game. Every time the rule is broken, that person must drink. Rule example: If someone burps before the game is over, they must drink.
Queen − Question Master: The person who pulls the Q is Question Master until the next Q is pulled. He or she can ask a question of another player at any time. If that player answers the question, he or she must drink.
King − King’s Cup: The first three to pull a King must pour some of their drink into the cup at the middle of the table. The last person to choose it must drink it. The game ends when the last King is pulled.
Ace − Waterfall: Everybody drinks. The player who picked the Ace starts the waterfall. No player can stop drinking until the player before him stops.

With 4.8 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches in dimensions and 4.8 ounces in weights, you may want to carry this in your bag your pocket each time you’re headed for a party. And the best part is, if someone spills their glass on the cards (and, judging by the rules of the game, they most likely will), they’ll still remain in one piece.

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UNO H2O Waterproof Clear Playing Card Game

UNO is, by far, one of the most popular card games in the world. Now, you can own the waterproof version of this decks, which means that if you’ve ever wanted to play this game by the pool without worrying about your deck’s safety, now is the time to do it.

Compared to Loaded Kings, UNO cards don’t have rules written on them, so you’ll pretty much have to learn the basics before you start playing the game. The main objective is to be the first person to score 500 points. You will receive points if you are the first to finish the cards in your hand within a round and all the other players are left holding cards. Basically, you receive points for cards left in your opponent’s hands. You can find the official UNO rules detailed here: http://www.wonkavator.com/uno/unorules.html

No worries, the UNO H2O deck come with the full set of instructions, so you will always have the at hand when playing, until you learn them by heart. Just like the regular UNO deck, this one is also easy to shuffle, but also stiff enough, which means that it will take a very long time to damage the cards from usage. At first, you will notice the cards are a little slippery, but when you use them a while, they will be super-comfortable to hold. These waterproof playing cards are ideal for every UNO lover out there.

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