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If you’ve ever wanted a stylish, compact, waterproof and just purely beautiful deck of playing cards, you’re just 10 Euros away from getting one.

Ursus Negenborn and Rune Kippervik are the minds behind the Air Deck project. On their trip to South East Asia, they came up with the idea of creating a deck of cards that would be suitable for worldwide travellers. That’s how Air Deck was born: a highly portable and beautiful set of playing cards, incredibly resistant to tearing and bending and, of course, water.

The deck features 52 beautiful playing cards with 2 extra Jokers. The cards are waterproof and they can easily be washed when needed. The high-quality print is covered in a protective matte varnish. The deck is made of extra durable premium .3mm thickness eco PVC. The size of a playing card is 3.43 x 1.26 inches (87 x 32 mm).

If you pledge 10 Euros or more, you can order your own Air Deck which is currently available in black, white or red finish, You will also receive a digital copy of “Card games around the world”, just to teach you more fun ways of using the Air Deck. One of the best perks is that you get international free shipping in every corner of the world and that’s one benefit you’re probably not going to get if you wait until the campaign is over.

If you’re ready to support this project, this is their Kickstarter page.

[Source: Mashable]

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