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Are you on the market looking for a waterproof mechanical keyboard? You know, contrary to what some people think, choosing a waterproof keyboard doesn’t necessarily mean you’re giving up some great gaming or multimedia features. While it’s true that some of the best peripheral manufacturers (like Razer or Steelseries) have yet to come up with waterproof apparel, you can find a good waterproof mechanical keyboard even if you’re a gamer.

We’ve reviewed some of the best waterproof mechanical keyboards that money can buy, without you having to spend a fortune on it. Here’s what we’ve come across.

OJA Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard For Gamers

The OJA waterproof mechanical keyboard has all the features to become your next gaming keyboard. Made of metal aluminum alloy, the OJA is not only good-looking, but also has the specs to withstand whatever your gaming potential has to offer. Such like any mechanical keyboard, the OJA provides great response as you type, while giving you a pleasant tactile feel. The keys are anti-ghosting, which provides an extra benefit for gamers. Ghosting is when a user presses multiple keys simultaneously and the keyboard doesn’t recognize all the commands. Since there are no conflicts, the OJA will immediately recognize multiple commands.

The dual-color injection keycap will prevent the color from fading, making sure you have a handsome keyboard for years to come. The LED feature is way better than you could imagine. It rhythmically changes to match the background music, making it visually appealing to the user. There are no less than 7 different LED colors, which means you can easily change the colors to match those of your mouse (for instance, I use a SteelSeries Apex keyboard with blue LED lighting, so when I bought a SteelSeries gaming mouse, I set its lighting to blue as well, so that the 2 would match each other). The LED keys are well lit, ranging from a solid color to a rainbow effect with options to change how fast the rolling strobe effect is. You can choose to turn off the LEDs when needed.

By pressing FN + F1 to F12, you have access to a wide array of multimedia features, which are convenient for video and audio playback. The OJA keyboard comes with specific instructions so you can easily install and learn how to use the device.

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E-Element Z-88 RGB LED Backlit Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard

As most mechanical keyboards, this one is also dedicated to passionate gamers. The first thing you’ll notice about the Z-88 is its compact size. Since it lacks the NUM keys, it’s smaller than your average computer keyboard.

The fact that the keyboard was conceived as to create such a great gaming ambiance and is really focused on the user experience, makes it one of the best waterproof mechanical keyboards under . Please take note, if you are used to high end gaming devices, such as Razer keyboard, the LED brightness will be disappointing.

A very important thing to highlight is the keycap puller, which makes it super easy to clean the keyboard. It’s also easy to install, as there is no driver needed. You can just plug and play. Every key is controlled by an independent switch, which means that your typing experience is guaranteed to be one of the best. If you’re a ninja wordsmith, such as myself, or an avid gamer, also – such as myself – this keyboard is a wonderful choice.

In case you’re particularly interested in the lighting mods of this keyboard, they are, as follows:

  • Singular color across the whole keyboard;
  • Breathing;
  • Gaming mode (only lights up WASD, the arrow keys and the ESC key);
  • Color Spectrum (the LEDs gradually change through the color spectrum);
  • Single key lighting (the key that you strike momentarily lights up);
  • Wave (the brightness across the keyboard alternates, creating a wave effect);
  • “Snake” mode (the LEDs start at ESC and, one by one, light up across the keyboard and then cycle back);
  • Ripple effect (comes in motion after striking a key);
  • Surround. (the keys immediately surrounding the key struck will briefly light up);
  • Off.

It’s important to mention that this waterproof mechanical keyboard is sturdy, with very little flex. This is due to the metal back-plate, located under the keycaps. The bottom of the keyboard has 4 rubber pads and the end of the feet also have rubber pads (to reduce movement on the keyboard). E-Element has included cable routing channels on the underside of the keyboard, so the cable may exit on either side or out of the middle, at the back of the keyboard. The keycaps are double-shot injected molds.

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1STPLAYER Firerose Ergonomic Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re into white gadgets, you’re gonna love the STPLAYER Firerose Ergonomic waterproof mechanical keyboard. Personally, I wouldn’t choose it because my hands are greasy and I’d have to wash the Q,W,E,R,A,S,D keys all the time (yeah, I play MOBAs). But I have to admit, it’s a beauty. And even more, it has some really awesome features (aside from being waterproof, of course) that I’m going to tell you about.

First and foremost, this is a keyboard to make all your friends jealous, even at first sight. Even if there is no monochrome option, the rainbow effect goes beautifully with the overall white of the keyboard. The tactile response is amazing as well. Each key has a lot of bounce and you will find typing really smooth. This is great for both gamers and people who type a lot, such as writers.

The mechanical switch is a high quality one, meaning that performance was not compromise just for the built-in specs. The double-colored injection molded keycaps are durable and are 100% anti-ghosting. The keyboard has 104 keys and the manufacturer guarantees a lifetime of 50 million clicks per key. The cable measures 1.6 meters and features a gold plated USB interface, for precise data transmission. Not only is the keyboard waterproof, it is also dustproof and features floating keys and a waterproof design.

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TOMOKO Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard

Although there is a cheaper, 87 key version of this keyboard, we do recommend the 104 key model and decided to review this one, for some pretty obvious reasons. The NUM pad is a great feature to have on a keyboard, especially if you’re a writer/programmer/have any job where you work with numbers.

You will receive a keycap remover, which is a great tool to have, especially when you’re looking to clean your keyboard. Just as any good waterproof mechanical keyboard, this model also has anti-ghosting keys. As we previously explained, anti-ghosting is what makes your keyboard recognize multiple simultaneous commands without any conflict, which is a must-have feature, especially for gamers. If you remove any of they keys, you will notice that it comes with blue switches. These are meant to improve the response/tactile feedback and the overall typing experience of the user.

The FN shortcuts are ideal for multimedia playback and, if you’re an avid movie/video watcher, you will really appreciate the multimedia controls. With them, you can play, pause and even move on to the next track in your playlist. You can also open your email or web browser thanks to these shortcuts, making it super-easy to access the computer’s most used feature at any given point. The ABS and metal base used in the manufacturing process have a matte finish and you will notice the keyboard’s durability from the first moment you start using it. The keys are laser engraved. This technology is generally used to prevent the keys from fading away (my dad’s old keyboard literally has a piece of paper with an “M” written on it taped on the faded key).

The keyboard comes with drain holes, which make it easy for you to drain any possible liquid you may have spilled on it. I can’t tell you how many times, in the heat of the moment, I managed to knock over my can of soda and got my keyboard all sticky and practically unusable. If this ever happened to you too, you will appreciate this feature even more. And yes, this waterproof mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows 10 as well.

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On a personal level, I like the OJA waterproof mechanical keyboard best. Its design is very similar to the high end mechanical keyboard produced by big names in the gaming industry. However, the E-Element has some very interesting LED effects, so if you want to visually enhance your gaming experience, this is the one to choose. As far as waterproof features are concerned, the TOMOKO model is a true winner, because the drain holes should be an absolute must on every keyboard that advertises itself as being waterproof.

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