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Everyone who is in need of a good waterproof camera and has $800 to spend should look no further. Garmin is on the verge of releasing its new VIRB 360, a device with 5.7K/30 fps resolution and 4K spherical stabilization.

Taking pride in being the first of its kind, the VIRB 360 offers a 360 video capturing of high-resolution footage and audio. It can also be used to take photos and, because of it’s 1 click video stabilization, it aims to reduce or eliminate editing times.

Video enthusiasts will be happy to know that there are different time recording modes. You can turn shaky videos into smooth ones with a single click. There are 3 modes of 4K spherical stabilization, which smoothen vibrations and movement. With lock mode, you can secure the camera’s orientation in the direction of your choice. The follow mode allows the camera to follow the GPS trajectory.

In addition, you also have multiple photo capturing modes, from panoramic 360 degree photos and up to time lapse 15 MP pictures. It has no less than 4 built-in microphones, to enhance the clarity of the sound.

With the VIRB mobile app and its desktop software, the camera makes it easy to edit, add data and even share the photos and videos of your choice. You can connect your NFC-enabled smartphone to the device and use the phone as a remote control. Sharing on social media is also a few taps away.

Another cool feature of the new VIRB is that you can control it just by using your voice. For example, “Garmin, start recording” is all it take for the device to start doing its job. You can also turn it off with a voice command, but also make it memorize specific moments of your trip.

The VIRB 360 is a waterproof camera, tested at depths of 10 meters. The glass lenses are easily replaces without the need for any tools. If you want to order your own VIRB, you can find it here.

[Source: The Verge]

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