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Vice Golf is a well-known brand, selling golf balls under a premium and unique packaging. They’ve become quite popular because of their pricing strategy, which allows for substantial discounts from a price which is already under the industry average.

Now, the company has a new product for its consumers: the Vice Golf Force, a waterproof golf bag. Created after 1 year of intense planning, design and testing, this new product is a delight in terms of quality and looks.

The Vice Golf Force comes with a carbon-filter frame and it’s made out of a water-resistant nylon. It also uses YKK Aquaseal zippers on its 5 pockets. As advertised, the bag is 100% waterproof, which is a delight considering that golf accessories aren’t cheap at all, meaning a longer life span is a real bargain to the average player.

The hook-and-eye patches located on the ball pocket can easily allow customers to customise the bag with their own club or team logo. The carrying handle is ergonomic, which is translated into easier transportation. The soft padded cushion makes it easy to transport the bag without having the weight causing any back pain. Another nice feature is the recovery side pocket, which makes it easy to find all the smaller items that may have dropped to the bottom of the bag.

The Vice Golf Force is available only at vicegolf.com for $250, not including shipping. It comes in two colors: Gray/Neon and Black. For an additional $59, you can get a similar backpack.

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