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Toreto just launched a brand new waterproof bluetooth speaker, perfect for sunny days by the pool or beach. It’s combination of gray and light-blue really provides the feel of a waterproof gadget ideal as a swimming companion. Its sporty and somehow rugged look reminded us of portable consoles.

Featuring the internationally rated IPX 7 technology, this little gadget is not only waterproof, but also shock and dust resistant. It is covered in premium rubber to provide extra protection. It has been tested with water immersions as deep as 1 meter and results have shown that the speaker will still play at this depth.

The 6 Watt driver delivers high definition sound and its battery can provide you with 6 hours of playback time and it takes a full 4 hours to charge it. The built-in microphone will even allow you to take calls, making this waterproof speaker a convenient device to have around. You can also change the tunes and adjust the volume directly from the speaker, without having to touch your phone. That’s quite a convenient feature when you’re hands are wet.

The towering range is 10 meters, which mean you can keep your phone at a safe distance from the speaker. Toreto has optimised the Bluetooth capabilities of the Aqua and it consumes less energy.

Right now, the waterproof bluetooth speaker is available on Amazon India and is priced at almost Rs 3,000 (about $46). Link here.

[Source: The Asian Age]

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