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You might not enjoy doing laundry, but there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh linens. It upscales a monotonous job and leaves your clothes feeling and smelling soft after the laundry run.


However, this revolution can only be accomplished with the best smelling dryer sheets and only a smart pick will keep your laundry fresh. When it comes to finding the best dryer sheets, this can be extremely subjective because scent is a personal preference. However, reading public reviews and understanding what the majority has to say can give you a fair idea on the product. You can also study the ingredients, avoiding those dryer sheets that contain ethanol, chloroform and other toxins often added. Such ingredients are harmful and contain stronger, chemical-based smells as well.


From a long list of companies, product versions and public views to choose from, we’ve narrowed the list down to three of the best smelling dryer sheets. Each of these is chemically-free and has a great smell, leaving your laundry fresher than ever.


Read on to find some of the best smelling dryer sheets for your next laundry batch:


Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets (240 Count)

These dryer sheets are a fan favorite and extremely pocket friendly for your daily or weekly laundry. They get the job done without hurting your wallet and also accommodate a great smell.


The Downy April Fresh Dryer Sheets employ a three-in-one formula. They freshen, soften and battle static. Ultimately, they are long lasting but if you want your clothes to last even longer, we suggest pairing this up with their fabric liquid conditioner during the wash cycle for best results. Once washed, add the dryer sheet with your clothes into the dryer and watch the double-benefit that comes at the end.


The dryer sheets employ a sweet, floral smell that isn’t too overpowering on your nose. Some people love the smell so much that they use it as an air freshener in their cupboards or shoe cabinets to keep everything smelling fresh.

best smelling dryer sheets

Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Seventh Generation is a large business that has a monopoly in the dryer sheet business. These dryer sheets are made using a bio-based formula that is approved by the USDA and enjoyed by many consumers out there.


Their dryer sheets are a combination of Blue Eucalyptus and Lavender smell, creating the perfect aroma that is soothing and fresh at the same time. The smell is also gentle on the clothes, without leaving a smell that is overpowering or too strong to bear.


Seventh Generation Dryer Sheets’ chemical formula rids previous dryer sheets of any sort of artificial mixtures. They have an organic approach that does not cause skin irritation once fresh clothes come in contact with it. The dryer sheets are also compostable and don’t have to be discarded after use.


With its eco-friendly process and ingredients, along with their sensational smell, these dryer sheets are ideal for your daily-wear clothes.


Grab Green Stoneworks Dryer Sheets

Grab Green Stoneworks doesn’t come slow when it’s about marketing their scents. From a large variety to choose from, their eco-friendly dryer sheets provide scents of birch branch, oak tree, olive leaf, rain and rose petal. The formula softens your linen while dropping a subtle hint of their light smells during the process.


These dryer sheets are fully compostable and made of plant-fibers without harming any animals in the process either. Hence, they were an automatic yes from us because of their wide variety of scents, quality and eco-friendly procedures.


Imagine buying a box of the Grab Green Dryer Sheets and then having a choice of the scent you want to pick. If you want your clothes to feel fresh, their rain scent would be ideal. On the other hand, the rose-petal scent adds a floral aroma to your clothes that makes you feel like you’re in a bed of roses.


What’s Our Best Pick?


We listed down the top three best smelling dryer sheets that we felt contributed a variety of scents and were eco-friendly at the same time. These may not work for you if you’re looking for stronger or more overpowering smells, but they are bound to leave your clothes smelling fresh like never before. Grab yours now and prepare for your next laundry run!



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