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Who doesn’t want superpowers? Growing up, superheroes with fantastical superpowers filled our screens. These heroes flew high in the air, traveled back in time, and shot lasers from their eyes, and seeing these powers in action had most of us fantasizing about having superhuman qualities.

With characters like Superman and Aquaman saving the day time and again, our fascination with powers like super strength has grown over the years. But did you know that a whole host of unique superpowers exists in the anime world as well?

If you are passionate about interesting characters with superpowers, the hit manga One Piece and its anime adaptation can introduce you to some cool ones through its concept of the Devil Fruit!

Defining Devil Fruits

In the One Piece universe, the Devil Fruit is a mysterious edible fruit that can give the person who eats it amazing abilities.

As displayed in the show, the fruit is not fully understood, and much is left to be discovered about it. Distinguished by their signature swirls, Devil Fruits come in various shapes and sizes. Their taste seems to be unpleasant, as the show depicts characters recoiling after taking more than a few bites.

Given their magical qualities, Devil Fruits are costly, and not everyone can access them. Once you consume a Devil Fruit, you are gifted with powers. The person who eats the Devil Fruit retains the powers until they die. Upon death, the Devil Fruit regenerate into a different fruit!

According to Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, there is a Devil Fruit encyclopedia, which includes details about all the different types of Devil Fruits. However, since just a few of them come with illustrations and concrete facts, only three main types have surfaced in the series so far.

Types of Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are classified according to the abilities they grant the people who eat them. The three main types of Devil Fruits include:

  1. Paramecia Devil Fruit

This is the most widely used fruit in the show. Because it exists in abundance, more people can get their hands on it.

Paramecia fruits come with their own subcategory, which, when eaten, can create powers such as rendering the person who ate it capable of generating vibrations that knock their enemies over, securing locks on targets, and converting parts of their body into rubber or blade.

At times, Paramecia fruits can also allow users to move around objects and use materials like wax and poison to their advantage!

  1. ZoanDevil Fruit

Eating this type of Devil Fruit can help you transform into a different animal species. Interestingly, Zoan can also turn a person into part-human, part-animal hybrids.

Recently, it was revealed in the show that some Zoan users could bring objects to life and then take their form.

The subcategories of the Zoan fruit include:

  • The Ancient Zoan – for those who wish to transform into ancient or extinct species
  • The Mythical Zoan – for those who want to turn into magical creatures, such as dragons and phoenixes, and have their powers, e.g., the tears of a phoenix that can cure injuries.
  • The Artificial Zoan – for those who want to acquire everlasting animal characteristics. However, these fruits have to be used with caution. If your experiment goes wrong, you may end up losing your human abilities and still not secure the animal traits you are looking for.


  1. Logia Devil Fruit

This is the rarest type of Devil Fruit. Difficult to find and hard to resist, the Logia Devil Fruit is perhaps the most sought-after in the series. This is because it allows the person who consumes it to transform into an element of nature.

Examples of natural elements the Logia fruit can convert you into including air, fire, water, mud, and even darkness and light! Because these elements are not contained by physical boundaries, the user no longer needs to worry about being restricted to a space and is free to travel to any corner of the world.

Studying the magical abilities of the different types of Devil Fruits is fascinating. Surely, our world would be completely different if these edible delights were to manifest in reality! However, this cannot be the case, and we will just have to fantasize about acquiring superpowers by watching characters consume Devil Fruits in the episodes of One Piece.

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