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Optical illusions are all about tricking your brain. Once you understand how to use light and patterns and how the brain recognizes them, you can create really misleading images and videos.

These next illusions are not complicated to create, but they still manage to trick our brains. Check them out:

Which way is the ballerina spinning? Are you SURE?

The car is speeding! Will it hit the poles?

And it goes, and goes, and goes

These squares aren’t what you think

Is this mask inside out? Or outside in?

Don’t make the mistake of sitting in this chair

These tiles have the same color!!!

The grey rectangle is one SOLID color

This is trippy! Where is the ball moving?

These squares are moving with the same speed

Unbelievable, but these squares are moving at the same speed as well. Wait for the grey background

Round and round it goes

This T-Rex out of cardboard is ALWAYS watching you!

How is this putting itself back together?

The orange dot never changes size

If you concentrate for 10 seconds, you will see the train change direction

It’s just perspective

This is NOT moving at all

Yes, Kitty, we’re all you now! We understand how you feel!

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