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Our experience with Jarrow Formulas [Review]

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Jarrow Formulas is one of those health brands. The ones that actually want to contribute to your well-being. At least that’s what me and Kate have experienced with their products so far.

It’s no secret: finding products that properly resonate with your organism isn’t easy at all. For example, I have an atrocious stomach due to the dreaded IBS.

I’ve gone through dozens of probiotics to see what might work for me, and a lot of products just didn’t cut it. Jarrow’s Dophilus EPS is what proved to be quite effective, tied with California Gold’s probiotics.

But we’re keen on a few other Jarrow products too. Their Methyl B-12 supplement and pomegranate juice concentrate (yum!) are a part of our routine too:

Jarrow Formulas products review: A look into their probiotics (Dophilus) and Methyl B-12 supplement. Two products that have helped me tremendously.

But is Jarrow Formulas a good brand? And why exactly are their products great – at least from our perspective as consumers?

I’ll review Jarrow’s Dophilus and their Methyl B12 supplement and give you my thoughts on the brand’s quality as a whole.

Note: This is my own opinion as a single customer, not as a medical specialist. Always consult with your healthcare professional when it comes to health matters!

Oh, probiotics. As fickle of a choice as our stomach issues’ delicate state. I think I’ve tried more than 7 different products before I could find out what fits my organism.

As I mentioned, Jarrow’s Dophilus is one of the solutions that simply do it for me.

In probiotics, usually there are several things you should know about:

  • What’s the cell count?

  • How many probiotic strains does the product have?

  • Should the product stay refrigerated?

  • Are there any allergy concerns?

Here’s what we learn from the supplement facts on the back of the Dophilus EPS:

Jarrow Dophilus review: It has helped me control my IBS-related troubles and I'm definitely thankful for that!


Now, 5 billion cells might be a bit weak for some of you looking for a stronger probiotic. For me and my daily needs, though, this has been just the right cell count.

Suggested dosage is 1 capsule up to 4 times per day. Of course, this also correlates with your specific needs. In my case, I take 2 per day and my stomach feels great on this dosage.

If you’re seeking more intensive treatment, 4 capsules or a bigger cell count (10mln+) product might be more helpful. Again, consult with your medical specialist.

It’s not obligatory to keep these refrigerated, but I recommend it anyways. Most premium quality probiotics are flexible when it comes to storing them, but…I prefer to play it safer and keep them in a cooler environment anyways.

The strains

The mix of 8 strains is quite good. I’d like to point out three of them – namely Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum and Bifidobacterium longum.

These 3 have had a tremendous effect on calming down my IBS. This is why I seemed to enjoy California Gold’s LactoBif too, as its core contains the same trio of strains.

California Gold probiotics are definitely another important supplement I'm taking.

The Lactobacillus rhamnosus is thought to be effective with inflammation, viral infections and harmful bacteria in your intestines. I picked up some probiotics without it before and it seems that at least in my case, this one is a must have.

Jarro-Dophilus doesn’t have Bifidobacterium lactis – another quite helpful strain, but it has Lactococcus lactis instead.

Allergy concerns

As the ingredients list notes, there are trace amounts of soy, and Dophilus EPS does contain milk.

People who have lactose intolerance or are allergic to soy products should think whether a dairy-free/soy-free probiotic won’t make more sense. The California Gold I’ve also taken is both dairy and free of soy traces as per their package.

Dophilus has no problems with other allergens – there’s no wheat, gluten, eggs or fish/shellfish, as well as nuts involved in its production.

Keep in mind that it’s not safe for children. The product specifically mentions keeping it out of their reach.

As for side effects, I haven’t had any. I’ve heard of people experiencing some stomach discomfort when “settling in” with their probiotics. Luckily for me, I skipped over this phase!

This guy right here! What a life-saver!

Proper sleep has never been my forte and I found out that while melatonin helped sometimes, its effectiveness was situational. Methylcobalamin a.k.a. Methyl B-12 is primarily used to protect nerve tissues and brain cells, but it’s also believed to help out with sleep:

For older people, Methyl B-12 is even more important. At least that’s what my doctor told me – that as we age, we tend to malabsorb B-12 from our daily diets.

Jarrow’s Methyl B-12 comes in several flavors and micrograms:

  • 500mcg / Cherry flavor

  • 1000mcg / Lemon flavor

  • 2500mcg / Tropical flavor

  • 5000mcg / Cherry flavor

As you saw from the photo, I take the 5000mcg lozenges.

Important note: As this is the strongest dosage, I do not recommend you to take it every day. In fact, this could be detrimental to your health!

As Jarrow themselves recommend, chew 1 lozenge every 3 or 4 days, preferably with a meal. You’ll probably want to consult a medical specialist if you have a specific condition.

Personally, I’m taking one every 3 days and it works like a charm. It dissolves in my mouth effortlessly and the cherry flavor is not too sweet. Very enjoyable overall, but don’t expect it to taste like a candy.

On side effects…I had intense headaches in the beginning. However, that wasn’t the product’s fault.

Instead, I didn’t read the dosage recommendations and was popping a lozenge every single day for more than a week. No wonder my organism reacted, that’s a lot of B-12!

Probably this varies from case to case, but since I adjusted the intake, everything has been smooth sailing ahead. Kate also takes Jarrow’s B-12 and doesn’t have any issues.

Bonus points for pairing it with Jarrow’s tasty pomegranate juice concentrate. Not too sweet, just the right amount of healthy polyphenol:

Jarrow's pomegranate juice concentrate is tasty, healthy, not too sweet, and a great source of polyphenol.

Is Jarrow Formulas really a good brand?

In our experience, definitely. The products are well-manufactured and focus on enhancing your health (or solving health issues), instead of draining your finances through flashy advertising and hollow promises.

We’re a bit picky when it comes to supplements and similar products, so we did extensive research on the brand itself too. Things like testing, sourcing, manufacturing, company values and ethics, pieces of the puzzle that really matter.

What specifically resonated with me was the personal story of Jarrow Rogovin, the company founder. Jarrow Formulas was founded a few decades ago, in 1977.

As you can guess, Rogovin was a complete one man show in the brand’s early years. So he would literally deliver any orders of his product door to door on his own!

People started to recognize the quality of his supplements and he opened up his own store, expanded the product line, saw more and more satisfied customers…

I found it touching that a one man operation has grown so much without this affecting the personal touch and quality of manufacture. As you might probably know, all Jarrow products are produced in a Current Good Manufacturing Practice. This means they fully adhere to strict regulations on all phases of the manufacturing process.

As I noted: always make sure to consult with your healthcare professional before taking any supplements. But in my and Kate’s case, Jarrow Formulas has been an important part of our everyday life with great results!

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