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Mothers, especially new moms, have one question on their mind, “How many crib sheets do I need?” Newborns tend to sleep a lot. Regardless of whether your little angel sleeps on time or not, you will need the answer to that question.

As a parent, you need to make sure that your child is sleeping in a hygienic and clean environment. Today, we will tell you about setting up your baby’s crib, changing crib sheets, taking care of a sick baby, and the number of crib sheets you need, starting with this one first.

How Many Crib Sheets Do You Need?

Do you change your baby’s crib sheets each day? If you said yes, you would need at least four crib sheets. If you change their sheets once each week, two may work. The number of times you change your baby’s crib sheets also depends on the amount of mess your little one makes.

You will also be changing your baby’s crib sheets more regularly if they get sick. In the event of them making a large mess or falling sick, you will need to have seven crib sheets on you. Usually, you do not need more than four to five crib sheets.

However, buying extra crib sheets goes a long way, especially in cases of emergencies. Regardless of the number of crib sheets you use, get in the habit of washing and cleaning them daily. Now that you have the answer to your question, let us discuss other things related to your baby’s crib.

How to Set Up Your Baby’s Crib?

Once you have assembled your baby’s crib, check its weight capacity. You should know the amount of weight your new crib can hold. This will give you a good idea of how strong and durable it is. Once you know that, focus on the mattress you will place in their crib.

The mattress you put in their crib needs to be free from toppers, foam, and other types of products that tend to restrict circulation. Maintaining the safety of your baby’s crib should be your main focus. Thus, it is not a good idea to add extra toppers or foam to its mattress.

How Often Should You Change the Crib Sheets?

We advise you to change your baby’s crib sheets at least once every week. Sometimes, you will find yourself doing it more than once each week. The reason why you may have to change their crib sheets several times in one week is that babies tend to drool, throw up, sweat, and use their crib as their bathroom.

For this reason, check on the crib sheet each day to ensure that it is clean. A wet and dirty sheet will make your baby feel comfortable, not to mention how unhygienic it is, because they are backside will be pressed against it.

If your child continues to move around, they will get covered in unsanitary elements. Make sure to check on the status of the crib sheet at random hours of the day to ensure it is clean and if it is not, replace it with a new one immediately.

Moreover, you will be changing their crib sheets more regularly if they fall sick. If your baby becomes sick, change their crib sheet each day and more than one time as well. If someone in your house is sick, you can figure out the number of times you will be changing their crib sheet by checking how contagious they are. If you want, you can also use a disinfectant spray to clean and eliminate the germs in your baby’s room.

Is There a Way to Ensure Your Crib Sheets Remain Cleaner for Longer?

You can make sure your baby’s crib sheets stay cleaner for a longer duration by wrapping or swaddling your child in it. By wrapping your child in a crib sheet, you will only need to change it once each day. You can change them one time in three to four days.

We recommend laying out fresh and clean crib sheets once each week. When you swaddle your baby, it means that they will remain in one position. Swaddling also makes sure the wetness from the diaper and drool does not enter through the extra layer and makes the crib sheet dirty.

You will need to change the crib sheets several times if your baby sleeps uncovered. Dirty diapers and unclean crib sheets can increase the risk of your baby becoming sick. Whether you choose to swaddle your baby or not, keep this in mind.

For those who do not know how to swaddle their baby, here is a step-by-step guide to swaddling your little angel:

  • Step #1:  Fold the crib sheet into a diamond shape and put your baby on their back in the middle with their shoulders under the fold.
  • Step #2:  Put your baby’s right arm along their body, but slightly bent. Pull the same side of the crib sheet across your baby’s arm and chest followed by tucking the crib sheet under your baby and leave their left arm free.
  • Step #3:  Fold the bottom of the crib sheet over your child’s feet and tick the corner of the crib sheet into the top of the swaddle.
  • Step #4: Put your baby’s left arm along their body, but slightly bent. Take the rest of the crib sheet and wrap it over your baby’s arm and chest followed by tucking the crib sheet under your baby to secure the swaddle.


You need to make sure you change your baby’s crib sheet each day and often, if they fall sick or they make a mess. Never delay changing their crib sheet because a dirty crib sheet can make them sick. Always have at least five fresh crib sheets with you.


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