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Waterproof backpacks, although more versatile with its uses when compared to other types of bags, also have different types available on the market. These choices mostly revolve around their uses, their water-resistant capability, and a few other factors that make one brand and model stand out from the other.

With this in mind, it’s easy to be confused and just pick the first backpack you get your hands on. This would not be advisable seeing as the backpack you randomly choose might not fit with the lifestyle you lead. This makes a waterproof backpack comparison a necessary step to undertake before purchase.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing a waterproof backpack, continue reading this article and you might just find what you’re looking for. Here are some things worth comparing before making a final decision.

Different purposes of a waterproof backpack

Although it might seem obvious that a backpack is used to carry your things from one place to another with ease, there are actually different designs available on the market that cater to different lifestyles. This is why some waterproof backpacks are further classified into different categories. Two of the most common categories are waterproof travel backpacks and waterproof daypacks.

Waterproof travel backpacks, as the name suggests, are backpacks specifically designed to use for traveling.

Normally travel backpacks are larger than daypacks and have a considerable tolerance for moisture. This is because waterproof travel backpacks are more susceptible to wear and tear and should be able to survive the harsh conditions of different climates.

To give you some ideas on what waterproof and water-resistant travel backpacks offer, check out this great product:

The Mengar 35L Foldable Water Resistant Packable Backpack gives you the unique opportunity to easily store this backpack when you’ve returned home. Another thing to note about this water-resistant travel backpack is its 35L capacity, a great advantage when you’re planning to pack as much as possible into one backpack.

Waterproof or water resistant daypacks, on the other hand, have different uses. There has been a recent surge in popularity when it comes to daypacks for everyday use. Water-resistant daypacks are smaller, and are usually less water-resistant than travel backpacks.

Their main uses would be for school or for the office because backpacks make commutes easier, and these daypacks are very handy. Daypacks have a more specific use compared to travel daypacks.

Some like the Outjoy Shockproof Water Resistant Backpack for Laptops Under 17 Inches even has a special pocket specifically for a laptop, not something you would normally find in a travel backpack.

The downside to most water-resistant daypacks though is that they are not as versatile as the travel backpack, and they are usually heavier compared to the backpacks designed for traveling.

Waterproof backpacks vs. water-resistant backpacks

Don’t fall for the common misconception that waterproof and water resistant are the same thing because they are not. If you fall for this misconception you might just regret buying a backpack thinking its water resistance is enough to keep your things safe and dry, even during a very strong downpour.

Here are a few key points to remember that will help you understand the difference between these two labels.

Water resistant is not synonymous with waterproof

Waterproof means the material is impervious to water, while water resistant has some degree of tolerance to moisture.

Water resistant backpacks are more breathable than waterproof backpacks

Investing in a rain cover is a good idea for both a waterproof and a water-resistant backpack. Not all water-resistant backpacks have the same degree of tolerance; tolerance to moisture will depend on the material used.

Due to these misconceptions, a waterproof backpack comparison is a must. Check the category in which the backpack you’re about to buy belongs to. This will help you set your expectations right and also make sure your belongings are taken care of.


If you’re the outdoorsy type, you will find more uses for a waterproof or water-resistant travel backpack because you can use them for both traveling and everyday activities. Although they might be on the bigger side, travel backpacks can still be used like a daypack.

If you’re more of the city boy or girl, a water-resistant daypack is your go-to backpack. Not only will it protect your valuables, but it’ll also make your daily commute a little easier.

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