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When you spend hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone, you pretty much want to make sure you don’t damage it in the nearby future. If you have a reputation of being clumsy with your gadgets and especially if you are an outdoor person, finding the best iPhone 6s waterproof case is not an option: it’s a must.

iPhone 6s cases come in all shapes and sizes and come with patterns and models as well. They satisfy everyone from minion lovers to London enthusiasts. However, not all iPhone 6s cases are waterproof. There is a common belief that waterproof phone cases are dedicated to outdoors people. While it’s true that someone who runs or hikes has more chances to drop their phone in the water, you can also spill water on your phone and drop it in the bathtub at home as well.

In conclusion, everyone who owns an iPhone 6s should also own a waterproof case for iPhone 6s. We have done our share of research, so here is a list helpful enough to guide you in finding the best iPhone 6s waterproof case:

The Easylife Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone 6s/6

Suitable for both the iPhone 6 and the 6s, the Easylife case has one of the slimmest designs you’ll ever see in terms of waterproof cases. The cutouts are ideal for a 4.7 inch iPhone, allowing the used to have full access to the side keys and buttons of the phone. Aside from making your iPhone waterproof, it also protects it from other damaging elements, such as scratches, dust, dirt and even shock. While it’s not advisable to constantly drop your phone on the ground, the Easylife Waterproof case will make sure it stays protected.

The Easylife waterproof case promises a great mixture of quality and durability. The case was designed in such a way as not to interfere to much with the general experience that the iPhone provides. After all, considering the rather spicy price of Apple gadgets, one should be able to take advantage of them as much as possible. This particular case is built with a flat screen, as to make sure you have to full touchscreen experience at hand even when using the case. The sound enhancement system will prevent voices from sounding muffled. You can also enjoy the experience of watching videos or movies on your phone, thanks to the quality materials used to build this case. That’s because the Easylife case comes with waterproof microphone and speakers.

While the manufacturer promises to deliver iPhone protection, you are still advised to perform a simple waterproof test. The general customer reviews are positive. However, some users have had a negative experience with this case. Some of them broke, while others have complained of the voice sounding muffled through their phones after having attached the case.

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ImpactStrong iPhone 6 Waterproof Case

The ImpactStrong case is also a good choice if you’re looking for an iPhone 6s waterproof case. It is also suitable for the iPhone 6 as well. The case is customized to be compatible with the Apple Touch ID biometric scanner. Thanks to the design of the case, you will have full access to all the ports and buttons, without having to remove the case. The ImpactStrong iPhone 6 Waterproof Case comes along with a hand strap, a user guide, a headphones adapter and a cleaning cloth. You will also benefit from a 1-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. This case can withstand shocks when being dropped from up to 6 feet. It also provides protection when immersed in water for 1 hour or less. Even more, this case will allow you to use your phone to take pictures underwater, because it’s equipped with an anti-reflective and crystal clear lens.

Thanks to its design, ImpactStrong provides a 360 degrees protection. It is so solidly sealed that no dust particles should penetrate the case. A potential downside could be it’s weight and dimensions. With 4 ounces of weight and 7.4 x 4.2 x 0.8 inches in dimensions, it’s not the slimmest or the lightest iPhone case out there. For those of you not fans of black or white, the case is also available in pink, red and ocean blue.

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JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch

The JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch is a bit different than your average waterproof case for iPhone 6s. According to Amazon reviews, it is the best iPhone 6s waterproof case that money can buy. While it’s not especially designed for iPhone users, it can hold any smartphone with a display of 5.7”. That also includes the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Other supported smartphone models are: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3, Note 4 / 3 / 2 / 1, HTC One M9, M8, M7, BlackBerry, Motorola MOTO G and more.

With a simple snap and lock access, installing and removing this case is a no-brainer. The manufacturer has included a neck-strap, which makes it convenient for you to carry your phone even when you’re biking or swimming. Color and design enthusiasts, rest assured! You have 8 different case models to choose from: black, blue, camo, green, magenta, white, camo blue and camo grey.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you’re going to love this practical waterproof case even more. Not only does it protect your phone, but you can also use it to store your MP3 player, your money, credit cards, IDs and even keys. The swivel lock keeps your items secure from dust, dirt, rain, snow, etc. With over 18,000 reviews, the JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch is the best selling waterproof case on Amazon. Customers have written reviews accompanied by photos and videos to prove the effectiveness of the product, making it what’s probably the best iPhone 6s case on the market.

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Optrix by Body Glove Kit for iPhone 6/6s

If you’re into scuba diving, the Optrix by Body Glove Kit is probably the best iPhone 6s waterproof case for you. Whether you’re playing water volleyball with your friends or you’re snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, this case allows you to protect your phone while taking some pretty amazing shots. Even more, the Optrix by Body Glove Kit provides access to interchangeable lenses.

First, you have the normal 0 degrees lens, which doesn’t alter the field of view for the iPhone. This lens is great for general outdoor and underwater use. You can always switch this lens for the wide-angle 165 degrees one. The latter allows you to capture colorful images as if you were using a regular digital camera. This lens expands the iPhone’s field of view by 35%, capturing more in the frame. Landscape photography with your phone has never been easier. But this underwater photo feature was not created at the expense of durability. The case has also been shock tested through drops as high as 6 meters. Compared to other waterproof cases which are generally recommended for submerges of 2 meters maximum, this particular case has been tested at 10 meters in water depth.

Customers are particularly satisfied with the wide-angle lens provided. Snorkeling fans seem to be the most popular users of the Optrix by Body Glove, as their reviews come with pictures and videos of their experiences.

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Lifeproof 77-52568 FRE Waterproof Case for iPhone 6/6s

Available in combinations of black, white, blue, purple, lime, pink and more, the Lifeproof 77-52568 FRE Waterproof Case for iPhone 6/6s is ready to be tested. Advertised at the number 1 waterproof iPhone case in the USA, the Lifeproof 77-52568 FRE Waterproof Case is able to protect your phone for 1 hour, even when submerged into 2 meters of snow and water.

However, in order to benefit from the full protection that this case has to offer, it is important to make sure it was properly installed. The manufacturer recommends viewing the installation video, as well as checking the user manual that comes with the case. The instruction video can be found on the product’s Amazon page.

The Amazon seller page has short presentation videos for every element that the Lifeproof case blocks from damaging your phone. Opinions amongst customers are divided. While the overall experience is positive, some users have complained with their cases breaking too fast (with an average lifespan of 6 months). Others have stated that the voice sounds muffled when the case is one. Please take no that this product is not compatible with iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus.

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ALOFOX Clear Shockproof iPhone 6s Case

The ALOFOX Clear is probably not the best iPhone 6s waterproof case on the market, but its competitive price and good specs make it a worthy purchase. It will protect your iPhone from snow and water damage, even when submerged for 1 hour. It is also shock resistant and it has been tested with 6 feet drops. It’s also a worthy purchase for those who still want to show off the beauty of their iPhone. The clear back allows you to do just that, thanks to the transparent design of the case.

The case was built to be compatible with the functions of the iPhone and the iPhone 6s, including the camera, the speaker, the buttons and the sensors. The ALOFOX case also comes with a 1 year warranty, which means that you can exchange it in case it breaks or shows any faults that may cause harm to your phone. When you order the ALOFOX Clear Shockproof iPhone 6s Case, you will receive: 1 Waterproof Case For iPhone 6/6s, 1 User Guide, 1 Hand strap and 1 Headphone Adapter.

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