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In our endeavors to find awesome waterproof things, we came across Apricoat. I’d give you a short definition, but you wouldn’t be impressed if I just wrote a couple of words about it. Let’s just say it’s a waterproof outdoors jacket. But no, I’m not happy with this explanation. Apricoat is a whole lot more than that. It is the most complete and complex adventure jacket that you can buy at a very affordable price.

The Apricoat was created after a lot of research and development, made by people who tested all sorts of outdoor scenarios to figure out just what an adventurer needs for a jacket. It was built from the ground up, to cover the basic and extreme needs of people who just can’t get enough of nature.

No matter how you turn this jacket around, you will find a bunch of features and functions, some of which are intuitive and some which you never thought you’d see on a jacket.

The front side has a whole lot of pockets, 7 to be exact. There is a key and medicine pocket, an outer pocket, a solar battery pocket, a Velcro organizer/tablet pocket, a sunglasses pocket, a pen pocket and, our favorite: a hidden pocket. Just as the names suggest, each pocket was conceived for some pretty specific uses. It’s amazing to see that someone actually thought about the importance of carrying medicine around with you while you’re hiking. The front of the Apricoat is also host to a SafeAnchor Emergency harness and an earbuds output.

Apricot Jacket Features

Turn the jacket right and you will spot the fastening cords, the GPS locator, the smartphone pocket, the flashlight pocket, the passport slot, the ID tag, the fastening chords and the built-in sleeve gloves. The back of the jacket has a special place for storing a hydration pack. It also has a first aid pocket, a detachable and inflatable hood and a blindfold.

The slots and pockets available on the Apricoat are really something else. First of all, they are a clue that indicates how the designers have thought about all sorts of situations and scenarios where you might need medicine or your ID card. But the features that make Apricoat great aren’t just about pockets and storage space.

More features:

Differential Weight Distribution – The frame of this jacket was designed in such as a way as to even out the weight so that you won’t get any back pain, even if your pockets are full.

ClimatSheel Insulation – The breathable material combines waterproof elements and is very resistant and trustworthy when it comes to keeping your body warm even in low temperatures.

Hydraback – Another patented invention, which acts as a special compartment for storing a hydration pack.

SafeAnchor Life Saver – An emergency clip so powerful, it can hold/carry up to 400 lbs.

Built-in Sleeve Gloves – An elastic material stretches out of your sleeves and goes over your thumb, to keep your palms warm and protected.

Aside from all that, you get a bunch of goodies which are actually kind of essential if you plan on hiking and trekking and walking in the woods. The Apricoat will also give you: a whistle, a thermal blanket, a fire stone and emergency bandage.

Before wrapping things up, I have to tell you about the GPS locator. Apricoat has partnered up with Spot to give you an offer for a GPS tracker. Makes sense, considering that you have a designated pocket where you can hold your GPS.

The Apricoat’s Kickstarter campaign successfully ended, so make sure you check out their website to see when you can order your very own jacket. The jacket will be available in 5 different colors: light gray, dark gray, blue mélange, pink mélange and black.

Photo credits and source: Apricoat

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