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We all know that white is the color of purity, so that’s why white wedding gowns make the most sense. But why would you choose purple as your secondary dress color?

Purple is all about mystery and it is one of the rarest colors found in surrounding nature. It’s also referred to as “the color of power”, being often wore by kings. Most painters and musicians found their inspiration while being surrounded by a violet light.

Here are some other things you may not have know about purple:

  • It represents the most intense electrochemical power and it stimulates the nervous system.
  • It feeds and energizes the human brain.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci said that our meditation capacity is increased if we sit in a room with purple windows when the sun is at its afternoon glow.
  • It suggests luxury, wealth and sophistication.

If you’re on the market looking for a white and purple wedding dress, here are some suggestions. You can find the source for each model under the picture.



White And Purple Wedding Gowns Are Glamorous



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