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The Caribbean is a favorite honeymoon destination, however, the hurricanes specific to this area raise a lot of doubt amongst the newlyweds that would like to go here, but are afraid of being stuck inside their hotel during their entire vacation. Being safe from the hurricane belt, Curacao has become one of the leading destinations of the area because it provides a little something to do for every honeymooner: from exciting exotic restaurants to beautiful landscapes and a chance to soak in the sun.

How to get there

Those of you looking to travel to Curacao by plane, need to book a flight to the Curacao Airport: Hato International Airport (CUR). The airport is located on the northern side of the island, close the capital named Willemstad. You can also take a cruise ship to the island. Such ships arrive either at the Curacao Cruise Terminal or at Curacao Mega Pier. The latter is generally reserved for larger cruise ships.

Curacao - Willemstad

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Where to stay

There are plenty of hotels available for all honeymooners that plan on travelling to Curacao. For example, the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Curacao, provides everything from parking spaces to a gym. The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort is the perfect place for relaxation. You can book your spot in one of the suits with ocean view, to have a beautiful scenery straight from your hotel room.

Curacao - Playa Kenepa

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What to do

Water activities are probably the number one attraction for all those visiting Curacao. In fact, if you are not a fan of water, this may not be the right honeymoon destination for you. This place has no less than 38 beaches, each one more beautiful than the last. Cas Abou Beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit and you can get there by cab or by renting a car. Playa Jeremi is also a local attraction because of its natural beauty. You can enjoy a wonderful snorkeling experience from either beach or dive to see some of the underwater wonder that lie below the sea level. Klein Curacao should also be on your sightseeing list. It’s a volcanic rock islet, surrounded by beautiful white-sand beaches.

True nature lovers must visit the Christoffel National Park. This wildlife preserve stretches over 4.450 acres and is located at the west end of the island. For only $10 entrance fee, you get to admire desert and garden landscape and go on one of the various hiking trails. Mt. Christoffel is a 1.240-foot peak that you can also climb, the highest point on the island. Not a hiking fan? Enjoy a relaxing horse-back ride!


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