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Apart from finding your wedding dress, you need to know when to order bridesmaid dresses. Ideally, you should start shopping for the bridesmaid dress 8 months before the wedding. The dresses will take time to deliver and then, your bridesmaids will need some time for alterations, if the measurements are off. All of this requires ample time before the wedding is to take place.

Wondering when to order bridesmaid dresses? The following timeline will help you stay on track:

8 Months before the Wedding Ceremony

Discuss Dresses with Bridesmaids

You need to sit down with your bridesmaids to tell them if you would be selecting their dresses or offer them some guideline on the color and style of dress they should look for when they go shopping. If you do not have any specific instructions for them and are not selecting their dresses, tell them that they can wear anything they want on your wedding. It is better to clear these things out before your bridesmaids start shopping for their dresses.

Shop for Bridesmaid Dresses

Before you can start to shop for bridesmaid dresses, you need to find your wedding dress first. Once you have found your wedding dress, you can take your bridesmaids along for dress shopping. You can ask your bridesmaids to try on different dresses to find out which one you like best.

Most importantly, you do not want to select a bridesmaid dress that is too similar to your wedding dress, but you want it to be different than yours but still in line with the theme of the wedding. When you are selecting the color for the bridesmaid dress, make sure the color you choose complements the color of the groomsmen clothes.

Otherwise the colors will clash. Call your bridesmaids to meet up with for dress shopping, if they all live close to you, at the eight-month mark. If some of your bridesmaids live in another city, state, or country, tell them in detail about the type of dress you want them to look for such as the neckline, color, style, length, and more. Ask them to send you pictures of the possible bridesmaid dresses they have selected, so you can approve them before they buy them.

Get Measurements

If you are going bridesmaid dress shopping with your bridesmaids, the specialty store you visit can take their accurate body measurements. If a bridesmaid lives elsewhere, ask them to give you their measurements if you are getting their dress made. They can visit any local seamstress to get their exact body measurements.

6 Months before the Wedding Ceremony

Ask Bridesmaids to Place Order for the Bridesmaid Dresses

Once you have selected the bridesmaid dress, you can ask your bridesmaids to place an order for them. A designer bridesmaid gown can take anywhere from two to three months to arrive. Therefore, you need to tell your bridesmaids not to order their dresses late, but as soon as you have selected the style, color, a designer, tell them to order immediately because you want everything to be perfect on your big day.

Ask Them Not to Forget the Shoes

Tell your bridesmaids to pick out their shoes as well. They can select the shoes based on the color and style of the bridesmaid dress. If you need to tell your bridesmaid something specific regarding the type of shoes they should look for before they go shopping, be sure to convey it to them.

3 Months before the Wedding Ceremony

Schedule Fittings

If you have not chosen bespoke dresses for your bridesmaids but asked them to get something in the style and color you specified, they most probably got from the store. You need to ask them to visit a seamstress to alter the length of the dress or take the dress at the waist or make any other necessary alterations to it.

1 to 2 Months before the Wedding Ceremony

Schedule the Final Fitting

It would be a good idea to send a message to all your bridesmaids to schedule their final dress fitting. This should be done at least three to five weeks before the wedding ceremony. If they find out they need to make any alterations to their dress, they will have time to do that.

Take the Dress Home

Once the final dress fitting is done, your bridesmaid will take their dresses home and wear it on the day of your wedding. Advise them to place their dresses in a safe and secure place in the house. Ask them to consider placing the dress in a breathable garment bag.

The Day before the Wedding Ceremony

Put the Final Touches on the Dress

You can give your bridesmaids a free hand on putting the final touches on their dress. You can ask them to choose their accessories to wear with it. You should also invest in a portable steamer for steaming their dresses. If one of them already has a steamer or you know someone who does because you do not want to buy it, request them to let you borrow it for your big day. All the dresses will be wrinkle-free.

The Day of the Wedding

You need to get dressed and steam your and the dresses of your bridesmaid one more time to ensure they look perfect. Your bridesmaids will add finishing touches to their dresses and help you get ready for your special day.

Follow the Timeline You Create to the Tee

If you want to ensure everything goes smoothly without delays that would cause you to panic, you need to follow the timeline you created. One setback can put you behind schedule. You want to stay ahead of schedule. You can do that by either creating your timeline or follow our timeline and make changes to it, if necessary.

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