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While many consider the suit and the tux very similar in looks and in style, they present a couple of differences that might be helpful for one when deciding what to wear on a night out, on a special occasion (such as your wedding day) or just in general. They have both been seen as representatives of the male wardrobe, a must-have for every man that nurtures and values his dressing code, even if one of them might show a much more important advantage. While considering both of them, it is important to notice not only that there are differences between the materials of the clothes but also in the feeling, general sensation and appearance, for others, which are created and metamorphosed differently and are both sending different messages used in conjuncture with different situations. Let’s get into further detail and discuss them both, the tuxedo and the suit, and find out which are the differences that make them stand apart.

First of all, the main difference between the two of them consists in the satin: while it is seen in both a tuxedo and a suit (in exceptional situations), it is a general rule that the tuxedo’s elements, like pockets, lapels and pocket trims, are primarily made out of the shiny, classy material. When comparing the two of them, one will notice that the suit has all these elements made out of plastic or original fabric (the one that the rest of the suit is made of). This creates a different feeling when wearing the outfits, both for the man who wears it, as well as for the person who is seeing it be worn.


This brings us to the second point: the two of them suit different occasions and send out different messages. While a suit is good for both professional and much more important events (like a meeting with the boss, a presentation, an interview), and also for general situations (wearing a suit on a walk is an acceptable social condition), the tuxedo is mostly used for really special occasions. It is the outfit that strikes out the most and differentiates the one that wears it from the others. The glow and the feeling that it brings to the person that is wearing it is incredible, as it says that it is truly an important event or day that he is attending, that it is a time that he wants to remember.

As far as accessorizing the outfits is concerned, there are also vastly different acceptable norms that have to be respected, so that the looks offer a very authentic view. When talking about the tuxedo, generally speaking, a bow tie and a vest is needed, while a suit is accompanied often times by a long tie. The vest is optional here, but it is sometimes well-received and it is matching the color and the material of the tie. These are the rules of thumb, as one is often allowed to accessorize their outfits however they want. Often times, now, they are both been customized with original cuff-links, pocket squares and others of this kind.

Therefore, while some might prefer wearing  suit no matter the occasion, whether it is at a party or at work, others might want to stand apart and make themselves noticed in the important semi-formal events of their lives, wearing a tuxedo. It is only their choice and preferences that count.

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