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You have been invited you to the wedding rehearsal dinner of a close friend. You are looking inside your closet, wondering what to wear to the wedding rehearsal dinner. You can get a hint by looking at the following three factors:

  • The location of the dinner
  • The formality of the wedding invitation
  • The time of the wedding rehearsal dinner

The bride and groom must have only invited selected family and friends to the wedding rehearsal dinner. Sometimes, a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation has a dress code mentioned on it. The couple can select either a formal or casual dress code.

In the event there is no dress code on the wedding rehearsal dinner invitation, refer to the location of the rehearsal dinner. If the couple has invited you for dinner at a high-end restaurant, opt for formal attire, such as an elegant dress with heels. If the couple is hosting dinner at someone’s house, going casual is the way to go.

Flowing maxis, flowy, cotton dresses, and jeans and shirts are just some of the casual looks you can consider selecting from. Another thing to consider is the time you have to arrive at the wedding rehearsal dinner.

If the couple is hosting the dinner in the evening, choose a dressier look. If the dinner is scheduled for the afternoon, choose casual clothes. You can easily decide what to wear by looking at the location of the dinner and venue and the time it will be held. We can still give you a few outfit ideas.

Choosing the Perfect Outfit for the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

You can select from a short to long dress for the wedding rehearsal dinner. You will find several incredible dresses at malls and online stores. You need to hit the stores to find the perfect and appropriate dress that matches the dress code, if specified, and the venue.

As for color, that is up to you. There is no restriction when it comes to selecting a color. You can choose your favorite except white out of respect for the bride. If you want, you can wear a black ensemble that is black from head to toe.

In the end, the color you select depends solely on you, but if the couple has asked specified guests to wear specific colors, select from those. Apart from not wearing a white dress, there are no set of rules indicating what you should wear and not wear at the wedding rehearsal dinner.

What If You Do Not Know Any Details?

The last thing you want to do is to go to a wedding rehearsal dinner being completely oblivious of what you should be wearing. You can save yourself the embarrassment by wearing something totally different from other guests.  Reach out to the family and friends of the bride and groom for this.

If you do not know anyone from the wedding party, you can ask any guest that is coming to the event. Other ways to find out the dress code for the wedding rehearsal dinner is to contact the venue or email the maid of honor or anyone who sent you the invitation for it. Do not sit back and try to figure out the dress code on your own but call to be sure, so you can dress appropriately for the big occasion.

How Formal is too Formal?

The rule of thumb is to wear clothes that are less formal than the actual dress that you will be wearing at the wedding. If the dress code is casual, you do not have to concern yourself about wearing clothes at the wedding rehearsal dinner that will outshine what you will be wearing at the wedding. For instance, on the wedding rehearsal dinner invitation, it was indicated that you need to wear cocktail attire. You should wear a dress or black pants.

What Accessories Should You Wear with Your Outfit?

You do not want to wear a lot of accessories, as that will take away from the look. You need to wear one piece of jewelry, such as a chunky necklace or statement earrings and make them the focal point of your outfit. You can also wear a choker with a chain necklace or stacked bracelets.

What If You Still Cannot Figure Out What to Wear?

If, by some chance, you are still unable to figure out what you should wear at the wedding rehearsal dinner, do not worry. You can choose a casual business look. It will be neither too formal nor too casual, hence making it the perfect look to pull off at a formal or an informal-themed wedding rehearsal dinner.

Any Dress Suggestions?

You can wear a velvet and lace black mini dress with white polka dots. Wear a pair of black heels and statement earrings to complete the look. You can wear a reddish-orange silk midi dress for a classic and simple look. You can wear whatever color you like best.

If the dress code for the wedding rehearsal dinner is formal, you can wear a yellow, lace dress with a high slit from the front with white strappy sandals and dangling earrings. You can also consider wearing a slip and off-the-shoulder dress.

When it comes to color, you can go with any color as long as it is not white. You can go with a bright color, such as red or a lovely shade of green. Unless the dress code is formal, do not wear heels, but flats or even boots.

If you have been invited to a wedding rehearsal dinner, follow these tips to determine the type of clothes you should look for when you go shopping.

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