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A wedding birdcage veil is a combination of sophistication, class, and edginess. More and more brides are choosing a birdcage veil over traditional options — a cathedral, chapel, and shoulder-length wedding veil. How do wedding birdcage veils of today look like?

A wedding birdcage veil features netting attached to intricate flower and feather fascinators and combs or sparkly hair clips and brooches. There are several different styles of birdcage veils available.

5 Wedding Birdcage Veils Styles to Consider for Your Big Day

You can choose from the following 5 birdcage veils:

1. Birdcage Wedding Veil

A birdcage wedding veil is a full veil. There are two ways you can wear this veil. You can wear it at an angle towards one side or further back towards your head’s crown. In comparison to other types of wedding veils on this list, this one offers extra coverage. It will frame your cheekbones and eyes. If you choose to position the veil at your crown, it will reach the tip of your cheekbones or your nose.

2. Blusher Wedding Veil

Blusher wedding veils, angle veils or wedge veils are shorter and smaller in size. They are about 9 inches from the veil’s comb to the edge. If you go with this wedding veil style, wear it at an angle near your temple to give you a little wedge over one of your eyes.

3. Bandeau Wedding Veil

A bandeau wedding veil or venetian wedding veil has a band of netting that you need to pin behind each of your ears. Known for its versatility, you can position the veil to cover just your forehead, any hair or your face. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from 4 inches to 9 inches.

4. Teardrop Wedding Veil

A teardrop wedding veil is small and sits asymmetrically. Since it is a tricky veil to wear, choose a fascinator with a headband. Use bobby pins to position the fascinator. The fascinator needs to float on top of the wedding veil, so go for a large one.

5. Merry Widow Wedding Veil

This type of wedding veil is fashionable and dramatic, featuring large diamonds, a stiffer feel, and more shape. Although it is made using a 12-inch English veiling, it does not stray away too much from the standard design of a traditional birdcage wedding veil pattern.

But how do you choose to pair a wedding veil with your dress?

How to Choose a Wedding Veil

The type of birdcage veil you decide to wear on your wedding depends on several factors. The wedding veil you choose depends on the type of wedding dress you are wearing, the shape of your face, how you are going to style your hair, and the venue you are tying the knot in. Here is how to decide on the type of wedding veil you should wear at your wedding:

1. Traditional Wedding Ceremony

If you are having a traditional wedding ceremony, wear a 144-inch long cathedral style wedding veil in a large venue. You can also wear a 126-inch chapel length wedding veil that will glide behind you as you make your way up the aisle to your groom.

If the back of your wedding dress has a train and several embellishments, do not wear a cathedral length wedding veil because it will conceal it. However, you can wear the sheer kind. Moreover, you will not be wearing this type of veil on the beach or registrar office.

2. Detailed Wedding Dress

If you are wearing a detailed wedding dress, adorned with beading and embellishments, wear a less formal veil. You can choose between a 72-inch finger-tip veil or 108-inch floor length veil. These type of wedding veils will be perfect for brides having a barn-themed wedding ceremony or getting married.

3. Neckline Matters

Did you select your wedding dress because you liked the pattern on its bodice? Perhaps, you selected it because you want to show it off. If so, go for a waist-length or shoulder-length wedding veil that will not take the attention away from the neckline.

4. Retro Wedding Dress

If you have bought a knee-length frock or ballerina-length dress, go with a birdcage wedding veil or shoulder-length veil. These types of veils work well with brides opting for a non-traditional wedding dress.

If you want to wear a wedding birdcage veil on your big day, here are some tips you need to follow.

How to Pull Off a Wedding Birdcage Veil in Style

You can attach a comb to the wedding birdcage veil if you are putting your hair up. Use bobby pins to style the wedding veil, positioning and securing it on your head. Brides wearing their hair down or wearing a fascinator with an attached comb need to order a birdcage veil without an attached comb and use bobby pins to position and secure it.

Another tip for brides not wearing an updo is to make a pin curl to secure the comb. Create a pin curl by taking a lock of hair and curling it up to a circle. Next, pin your hair to your head using bobby pins to create an “X.” Slide the comb in, going against your scalp behind the “X” you just created. This will secure your comb to your head even more.

When you are looking for a wedding veil to wear on your wedding, you will find several different styles, each with their own unique edging and patterns. You will find wedding veils with diamante details, sequins, embroidery, and more.

If you are still unsure about the type of wedding birdcage veil you should wear with your wedding dress, you can ask the designer or specialty store to suggest a few veils that will pair well with your dress. You can try different wedding dresses with different wedding birdcage veils to see the complete look and then decide to give your wedding ensemble the green light.

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