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Whenever you plan your wedding ceremony, you have to think that is has also an end, yes it will eventually come to an end, and you’ll be left with the wish that you would have wanted to last just a little bit more to enjoy its celebration at its max. But no matter how long it could last, you want to keep a part from it to remind you of it in the years to come. And you can not think of another way to have this loving memory than the possibility that taking photos offers to you. So you start thinking what is the best solution available that offers you the lasting memory of the biggest event of your life.

There are plenty of photographers ready to deliver their services in a genuine professional way, and you can be more than sure to have the job well performed, but if the budget of your wedding doesn’t allow you to hire one, than you should take into account the alternative of finding someone from your family or close friends that is willing to do this job for you; one that has the camera, of course, and not only THE camera but also knows something about the art of photo shooting, that something which helps him focusing on the key moments of your event, in this way allowing him to capture the essence contained in the displaying of the wedding.

wedding-flowers-picturesAs in any other job, photography comprises features that strictly belong to the its field, features that not everybody who owns a camera is aware of. As it had happened on one occasion when I attended a wedding of a friend of mine. It was the intimate kind of wedding since my friend and her hubby were a little short with the money at that time, and besides they are not the type of persons that like huge spectacular elements to define the events that take place in their lives. So they decided to stick to their taste and did in the end a pretty nice and warm party for their wedding, and I confess that I still have beautiful memories related to that event. Not to mention the photos that I have received from my friend that were indeed very artistically taken, which was quite stunning to me.

The wedding reception took place in a small intimate restaurant that could host no more than 50 persons. Right from the beginning I was stunned by the way they chose to use the flowers and do the decorations; it resembled a show dedicated to the beauty of flowers, to their delicacy and everything they symbolized. Even the place itself was filled with the perfume of the flowers; one had the nice feeling of being all the time in the middle of a garden. Starting with the bridal bouquet to the table centerpieces and corner decoration everything breathed flowers and I remember that I thought back then to have a picture of all that floral show to remind me later about the feeling I got all the time I spent at the wedding.

And my wish was listened to as later, after a week has passed from the wedding event I got some wedding flowers pictures from my friend and the images were so artistically realized that they looked even better than in the reality of that event.11

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