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Independent modern brides who are living a more active type of life might be interested in seeing these gorgeous wedding bands posted below in the photos. We are happy to provide every type of bride with different types of ring and band pictures that can be more or less helpful for helping them make the best decision in the end. Is there a difference or a significant difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band? Well, sure it is, and this is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article.

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Compared to the glamorous, classy and refined rings, the bands are a bit more practical, casual and unsophisticated. Nevertheless, we must not generalize and say that all wedding bands are plain, simple and unattractive. There are plenty modern and antique bands beautified with all kinds of patterns, intricate textures and adorned with diamonds or semi-precious colored gemstones. In the images below you can admire a few of our favorite types of elevated, refined and more intricate types of wedding bands for brides.

We know how pretentious and picky women can be when it comes to jewelries. We can only imagine how stressed and exigent they get when it comes to choosing or purchasing the wedding ring or band! Well, this is exactly why we though to show you here a few samples of wedding bands that look just as beautiful, elegant and remarkable as any other solitaire diamond wedding rings. Our main purpose is to offer those brides who are living a more complex and solicitant type of lifestyle a few examples of wedding rings that can be both attractive and practical. The majority of the brides and grooms today are involved in all kinds of stressful and dangerous professions or daily activities which can sometimes harm directly or not the integrity of a bigger stone or of the ring’s design. In comparison with a ring, the band is far much safe and easy to wear.

Due to the wide band, these designs are pretty suitable for brides who must deal daily with rough situations and compromising circumstances that might affect the ring’s appearance. No one wants to bruise, scratch or damage the wedding ring after a few days of wearing it at work! And we are convinced that not many brides are willing to take the ring off their finger while they are working so they will protect it. There is no point in purchasing a very expensive, elaborated and extravagant wedding ring set with a big stone if your job doesn’t allow you to wear one. This is exactly why these gorgeous wedding bands for brides were actually invented!

Even these bands can be beautified with diamonds or with gemstones, depending on the bride’s preferences. The stones can be incorporated in a flush or a scatter set. Wide band with intricate scrollwork patterns and filigree design wedding bands are among the most popular and beautiful types of bands available for modern active brides who want to something more practical.


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