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The opinions on the matter of taking kids to a wedding are extremely divided: some think they just fill the event with joy and laughter and make the whole thing a lot more fun, while others are annoyed of having to dodge children running all over the place and making a mess out of everything. In reality, kids will always do a little bit of both. You just have to love them with their little suits and pretty dresses and huge smiles, but their energy may leave other guests annoyed at time. However, leaving the kids at home while you are away the entire day may not be an option, so what do you do if you simply have to take the little ones with you as you attend a wedding?

1. Kids love to draw

If you bring along some colored pencils and tons of coloring books or blank sheets of paper (because you don’t want your kids to end up turning that white tablecloth into a rainbow-like one), you can keep the child busy for quite some time. Remember to give them some tasks along the way, ask to draw some specific things. This way, you are giving them assignments that keep their imagination busy, leaving less time for something else.

crayons and paper

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Pencils - kids table wedding

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2. Kids love to play

If you know that other children will also be attending the wedding, ask the married couple if you can bring along some toys so that the kids can play with in one of the venue’s corners. They will be busy socializing and showing the new toys to other children, so there are less chances of them making a mess during the wedding. Remember to establish some rules for the children: everyone gets to play with every toy, there will be no fighting and no one can leave the “special place” unless they head over to mommy and daddy’s table.

Kids playground at wedding

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3. Kids love scavenger hunts

Making a small list with things that they need to find around the venue is also a great way to keep them busy. You can even ask them to make things, like put together a plate with fruits where the pieces resemble a house or a butterfly. Just make sure that, in their quest to find the required items, they don’t bother the other guests.

I Spy - kids activity

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Kids only table

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4. Kids love to take photos

A disposable camera is not at all expensive and you can end up discovering that your child really has a keen eye for taking pictures. They will be prancing around the venue taking pictures of the bride and guests. If the wedding reception is held outdoors, it will give them even more potential shots.

Kids table I Spy

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What shall I photograph

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