Ever since it was first discovered, fire was an element crucial to the survival of mankind. And never has there been a threat more unpredictable to man than…nature itself. So it’s safe to say then when you’re out facing the great outdoors, you need to be prepared for every situation. Waterproof matches are not just for people who go camping and spend their free days around their base camp. Even when you wander off biking in the mountains, hiking or trekking, waterproof matches should find their place into your pocket. Since a box of matches doesn’t occupy that much space, you should make a habit of always having it with you. Like every ninja who is prepared for the most outrageous situations, having waterproof matches with you is just part of the job.

But what exactly is a waterproof match? A waterproof match is made just like a regular match, except that their heads are usually wax-coated. Compared to regular matches, which are generally made of paper or wood, waterproof matches are always made of wooden sticks. If you’re not sure how to choose the optimal matches for your outdoor needs, rely on this wordsmith ninja for help.

UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case

The UCO stormproof and waterproof matches are the most popular choice of their category on Amazon. With a total weight of 48 grams, these matches are ideal for absolutely any kind of camping trip. In other words, no rain or snow or wind or storm will stop you from lighting a fire! An odd thing we picked up is that these matches actually come with color options for the case. I assume that if you have a green backpack, you’ll want to match it with the dark green case. Not that you’ll get bonus points for color matching, but I suppose the ladies will take pleasure in having options to choose from.

The case includes 25 matches which are more than waterproof: they are also storm resistant. The case, however, has a higher capacity, being able to hold up to 40 matches at any given time. Every match will burn for about 15 seconds on average. Even after making contact with water, the matches will still relight. The benefits of owning the case that this particular manufacturer provides is that content will remain dry even when the case is exposed to water. The case is made of durable ABS plastics and is able to stay afloat when dropped in water. What makes this case waterproof is the O-ring, capable of blocking moisture.

It comes with an external striker which is replaceable when it had been worn out. When the matches come in contact with water, you can simply wipe them dry and use them.

However, the UCO waterproof matches do come with a couple of disadvantages. First of all, they eliminate quite an unpleasant odor. For this reason only, it is advised not to light them indoors. Take note that the smell still lingers for a bit after you put out the match. Lighting them outdoors shouldn’t cause any discomfort. Second, some tests have shown that the case can leak water if the temperature of the latter is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A possible explanation would be that the O-ring contracts when in contact with very cold water.

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UCO Stormproof Matches

If your previously reviewed UCO Waterproof case is empty, you can refill it by buying these waterproof matches. Even more, their stormproof capabilities will allow you to use them in harsh humid conditions, such as rain or wind.

The length of the match is 3 inches, the combustible part is 2.5 inches. It takes 11 seconds for the match to burn, unless you’re lighting it in heavy wind conditions. Tests have shown that the matches will light even if they’ve stayed underwater for 5 minutes. Since they are similar to the ones mentioned above, it is advisable not to light them inside the house, because they will leave behind a very powerful smell. The UCO waterproof matches come in a 2 pack container and each package of 25 has a separate plastic wrapped package of extra strikers included.

The striker places on the outside of the box is not very durable, so you may want to keep that in mind as you’re packing for your trip. The UCO waterproof matches do reignite if dipped in water while they are burning and the same goes if you blow it out. As long as the match coating has not been consumed, they will reignite and burn.

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UCO Titan Stormproof Matches

With 4.125 inches in length, these matches are slightly longer then the ones above and almost double the length of a regular match. While other waterproof matches will burn for an average of 13 to 15 seconds, the UCO Titan matches will burn up to 25 seconds, which is the longest amount of time you’ll get from such a product.

The package includes 25 stormproof matches, ideal for everyone who wants to light a fire in rain or wind. Please take note that because of their length, these matches can only be stored in a special UCO case and won’t fit into cases made by other manufacturers. Since these waterproof matches are made from thicker wood, you can simply replace whatever matches you used before with fewer UCO matches. Consider that a regular UCO match can compensate for 6 or 7 regular matches. And it’s waterproof.

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There’s a good reason why this ninja has chosen only UCO waterproof matches for this review. Upon closer inspection, UCO products are the best of their kind. In fact, it’s a bit safe to say they don’t even have solid competition. They are capable of re-ignition even after they’ve been soaked in water, which makes them the ideal camping trip companion every time you want to enjoy a hot meal.

BONUS: In case you want to see these things in action, here’s a video of a crazy Russian guy testing them out. Waterproof matches. Pretty awesome. Work well. I love it!

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