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If you want to keep your bbq companion in good condition, waterproof grill covers are the way to go. Sure, you can choose a grill cover that doesn’t keep your grill safe from wind, dust, snow or water, but why would you? Even if you live in a dry area (such as Arizona), there are elements that can damage your grill in time, such as dust or debris brought by heavy winds. Inexpensive and made out of good materials, a decent waterproof grill cover can make sure your grill is safe even when you’re not using it. You can buy a really great waterproof grill cover for less than $50.

But first, let’s determine how you too can choose the best grill cover for you grill.

What to look for

Straps are really important and should be present on your next grill cover. Straps are what allow you to safely secure the cover on your grill, making sure that nothing actually touches the machine itself. Even more, good straps which have been properly secured, will make sure that wind doesn’t blow the cover away. If you have pets that like playing in the yard, a properly secured grill cover won’t allow them to get underneath and get the grill all dirty. Elastic straps are a really great choice, because they are super-flexible.

Moist is something that can lead to corrosion and damage your grill which, I’m sure, wasn’t cheap at all. A good waterproof grill cover should either be made of breathable fabric or come with integrated air vents. What these air vents do is they allow air to circulate underneath the cover and prevent any possible condensation. This is a sure way to prevent rust. An ideal grill cover comes with 2 to 4 air vents.

Fabric is the most important factor that sets apart one grill cover from another. The best materials are vinyl and polyester. Even if you’re looking through some other options, please remember that these 2 are the best choices. A good vinyl cover will protect your grill against snow and water, but it does have higher chances of getting damaged over time. In other words, you’ll find yourself buying a new grill cover periodically. On the other hand, a polyester cover is more flexible and more durable. It has a higher lever of water repellent and it also dries faster. Probably the most expensive grill covers are made out of canvas. Canvas provides really good protection for your grill, but it does require a higher investment and spending too much money on a grill cover is not really necessary.

The inside lining of a barbecue cover is an important feature, as it helps the cover last longer by resisting tears, fading and exposure. The best lining options are the ones that are not prone to mould and mildew. For example, covers with fleece linings are more likely to foster mould than simpler, more practical materials that clean and dry easily. Not to mention, woolly linings make good habitats for insects and other bugs. An exemplary lining example would be PVC, as it is waterproof. Polyester and nylon are also excellent lining choices.

In addition, some people prefer grill covers that come with pocket for storing useful things: such as garbage bags or grill utensils. While this is a helpful feature, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker, as pockets are not what makes a waterproof grill cover the best option on the market.

Measuring your grill

A crucial step that you must follow before actually looking for a waterproof grill cover is measuring the size of your grill. Manufacturers that sell grill covers will always provide the dimensions of their products, so it’s important to know the size of your grill before ordering a cover for it.

Before you start measuring, make sure the grill is closed. First, place the end of the measuring tape at the highest point (on top of the grill) and extend it down to the ground. Make sure the tape is vertical (forms a 90 degree angle and is perpendicular on the ground). Write down this measurement, for this is the height of your grill. The second step requires that you hold the end of the measuring tape at the furthest left point and extend the tape to the farthest right point. Write down this measurement. In order to determine the depth of your grill, place the end of the measuring tape at the furthest back point of the grill and extend the tape all the way to the front. You now have 3 numbers that are the dimensions of your grill.

VicTsing Medium 58-Inch BBQ Waterproof Grill Cover

As one of the top waterproof grill cover manufacturers, VicTsing brings a best selling item for less than $20. This gas grill cover fits most brand like Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil, so you don’t really have to worry about compatibility. This protective grill cover measures 58 x 24 x 48 inches. It’s made of 600D polyester fabric, which is where its waterproof capabilities come from. Even more, this grill cover is also suitable for sun protection (special thanks to the UV Protective Standard: ASTM D6603 – Tested by SGS), but will also keep your grill safe from dust or powerful wind erosion.

Thanks to its bound edges, your grill your stay new for a longer period of time, since the cover prevents it from cracking. This waterproof grill cover comes with Velcro straps and padded handles. These help you easily secure the cover to the grill, to make sure it stays in a fixed position, even under powerful wind (you can use the Velcro straps on the side and secure them at the bottom). You don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance either. With a simple garden hose, you can wash away all dirt from the cover and just leave it in the sun to dry. If needed, you can also use a soft brush to clean it.

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Homitt Gas Waterproof Grill Cover, 58-inches

Fitting most grill models, such as Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil, this waterproof grill cover made by Homitt is an Amazon customer favorite. It is suitable for protecting your gas grill against most dangerous elements, such as dust, rain or even debris brought by powerful wind. The model offers pretty much everything that the VicTsing cover offers as well.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you will receive your Homitt waterproof grill cover quickly. It also comes with a hefty storage bag which you’ll probably never use because there really is no need to store the cover any place else except on the grill itself. Even if you have hail in the area where you live, this cover does its job to protect your grill in such harsh weather conditions. It’s also suitable for snow protection. Thanks to its Velcro straps, you can easily secure the grill on all sides and make sure all form of humidity stay away. Even if it’s a 58 inch grill cover, customers have happily reported that it suits even 62 inch gas grills.

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Weber BBQ Waterproof Grill Cover 7107

The Weber grill cover is a best-seller on Amazon. Priced at $30, it provides a perfect equilibrium between price and performance. It is a must-have for every barbecue enthusiast that owns a gas grill and wants to make sure it stays in pristine condition even when not used. Made out of 600D polyester fabric, not only is this cover waterproof, but it is also rip-resistant. This means that tearing this cover apart is going to require some serious pulling. Otherwise, it’s guaranteed to stay in shape even after long periods of usage.

Just like the models we presented above, the Weber also comes with Velcro straps which are easy to maneuver even by a single person. This particular waterproof grill cover is compatible with the Weber Genesis I & II 200 Series, Weber Genesis I & II 300 Series, Spirit E-210, S-210, E-310, E330 (with side mounted control panels) and Silver C models. Even if it provides protection against weather elements, this grill cover comes with a highly breathable fabric, which means no humidity will be stored underneath. Another advantage provided by this breathable fabric is the fact that it can easily be installed and removed, because it’s highly maneuverable.

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Since the waterproof grill covers we presented are pretty similar, you can choose either of the 3 and you won’t fail. Even if these are the top selling items on Amazon, it’s very important to choose a grill cover that fits your grill. Such as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you should measure your grill first, in order to determine the size of the grill cover you need.

After that, you can look for grill covers that are within the dimensions of your interest. Make sure that the grill cover you choose is made out of polyester or vinyl, as these are the best covers used in the production of such an item.

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