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Being used to the weddings in your own country, you may be surprised to discover how different nuptial traditions can be in another place. Even if the ceremony itself has its resemblances, there are some things about foreign wedding traditions that you will find absolutely weird.

Imagine having something disgusting thrown at you. Well, in Scotland, people throw all sorts of gooey things at the bride and then tie her to a tree. The purpose is to humiliate the bride to see if she is tough enough to deal even with the difficulties of a marriage.


Many times before the wedding, the bride can feel overwhelmed and start crying. Well, in China, this is regular tradition! One month before the wedding, the future bride has to cry every day for at least an hour. After 10 days, her mother would join and, after another 10 days, her grandmother as well.

The explanation? This whole crying ritual is an expression of joy, because women cry on different tones and the sounds they make resemble a song.

We don’t know who came up with the next tradition, but we’re happy for not living in Fiji. Not only does the groom have to ask the father of the bride for her hand in marriage, but he also has to bring him a whale tooth.

Swedish folks also have an uncommon wedding habit. Every time the groom or the bride has to get up and use the bathroom, the partner is kissed by some of the other guests.

When a French wedding is over, the guests used a toilet bowl to collect whatever was left on the tables and the bride and groom had to drink from it. In modern day French weddings, those remains are replaced with chocolate, but the toilet bowl is still used.

In Mongolia, they have a rather brutal custom. So, if you are disgusted by bloody habits, you should skip to the next paragraph. Before setting up a wedding date, the couple has to kill a baby chicken with a knife they both hold together. Then, after checking its liver and only if it looks good, are they allowed to set up a wedding date. If not, they need to sacrifice another baby chicken until they find a good looking liver.

In some parts of India, the groom has to take off his shoes before approaching the altar. After that, the bride’s relatives will try to steal the shoes, while the groom’s relatives have to protect them. If the bride’s relatives get their hands on the shoes, they can keep them and ask for a ransom later.

In some African villages, an older women has to spend the night in the couple’s tent to teach the bride all about the wedding night. Even if it’s sometimes a regular old lady, in other cases, it can even be the mother of the bride. Talk about unusual traditions.

In Bulgaria, the bride’s face is painted and she is spangled and has to bear flowers made out of paper.

Ribnovo Villagers Celebrate A Wedding


In Romania, when the groom comes to the bride’s house to pick her up and head for the church, the bridesmaids have to stand in front of her door and not let him in. What they actually do is negotiate the happiness of the bride and only after the groom pays them, is he allowed to go in and see hid bride.

Are there any unusual wedding traditions in your country?


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