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We’re all used to having cupcakes, fruits and steak at a wedding, but how would we react if we came across a menu rather unusual? Brides have shown plenty of imagination, from shark meat to hot goulash, but we want to give you some other unique wedding food ideas, very simple to make. Who knows, you may really get inspired for your big day.

1. Sushi – while this is not a very common type of food that you normally find on the wedding table, sushi has many fans all over the world. So why not include some sushi rolls on your wedding menu?


2. Skewers – they aren’t a bad idea either. You can serve pretty much anything on a skewer – from combinations of fruits or vegetables, different types of grilled meats and even meatballs. Losing the fork is quite unexpected at a wedding, so how different do you want your wedding to be?

Veggie Skewers
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3. Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers – these are definitely something you would not expect to see at a wedding. Eating hamburgers is quite a mess when you have to use your hands and you are wearing a fancy dress or suit. However, everybody loves hamburgers. Vegeterian burgers are also delicious, so also try to have these options for those who aren’t eating meat.

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4. Hot dogs – and fast foods in general are something very appealing to the public. Whether they admit it or not, each one of your guests sometimes gives in to the sin of eating something high in calories. Hot dogs are delicious, easy to make and easy to be consumed.

Hot Dog
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5. Grilled Sandwiches – they are far from being associated with something you expect to eat at a wedding, but when you have this combination of melted mozzarella, with delicious salami and a round slice of tomato, all inside two slices of bread which are hot and moist on the inside and scrumptious on the outside, who could resist? Don’t forget to have an option for vegeterians, only with grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese sandwich
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6. Pizza – because… well, why not?

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Unexpected desserts:

7. Doughnuts – people love doughnuts, yet they are not a traditional wedding treat. Here is an idea: what if you had a bar with traditional doughnuts and several recipients with frostings? This way, guests could actually create their own doughnut dessert.

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8. Ice Cream Sandwiches – delicious ice cream, carefully placed between 2 biscuits, who can resist that?

Ice cream sandwiches
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9. Caramel Apples – we guarantee that with this wedding treat, many of your guests will have childhood reminiscence.

Caramel Apples
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