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summer sandals

Sit back, relax, it’s time to unwind. It’s summertime!!

With the misty scent of freshly mown grass and the welcome salty ocean air, we know its summertime! There’s no better season to pamper, feast, and follow the fashion trends. Since you’ve started rummaging through your sundresses, bikinis, tank tops, and spaghetti strap tops probably, this is a good time to learn about the sassiest summer sandals for this year!

While you experiment with your clothing, why should your footwear be boring? The perfect pair of sandals can make the walk down the beach even more soothing and the dance at the cocktail party even more enjoyable. So, among all the different types of sandals, which one should you choose? This quick sandal guide is here to help you. We have prepared a list of 7 types of sandals that you must own this summer.

C’mon girl! Rush to the salon to get a pedicure and paint your toenails in bright summery colors to prepare yourself for what we have in store for you. We bring to you 7 of the most stunning types of sandals that would perfectly match the bright, sunny day and the quirky, stylish you!

7 Stunning Types of Sandals

Flip Flops

flip flops

These had to top the list. After all, summer is incomplete without a picnic on the beach and flip-flops are meant to be worn at beaches. Flip-flops are the comfiest and cute option from all the types of sandals. Bright neon colors and lovely floral prints can give you major summer feels. Flip-flops are ideal when you are traveling for a holiday. An affordable pair of flip-flops can be an ideal daytime footwear option. Pair your sandals with a swimsuit, a pair of sunglasses, and a straw hat and you are good to go!

Strappy Flats with Buckles

Strappy Flats with Buckles

Strappy, flat heels, and buckles – you know it’s going to be super trendy when you hear all three words in the same style. Saying good-bye to the warm sweater and leather jackets necessitate some skin exposure. This style is perfect to soak up some vitamin D. The straps make your feet appear slender and elegant, while the flat-heels are ideal for daily use. The hotness level goes up with the buckles of different shapes and sizes. These sandals can be found in a variety of patterns and textures.


Gladiator Sandals

Inspired by the footwear of the brave warriors, Gladiators are long sandals with strips that criss-cross along your feet, ankle, and sometimes calves. These sandals can ideally be worn with short summer dresses to flaunt those long, sexy legs. You can buy them in different colors but the most common colors are blacks, browns, nudes, and whites. Although these are one of the low-heel types of sandals, you can get them in high heels too if you are feeling a bit reckless.

Open-Toed Embroidered Sandals

Open-Toed Embroidered Sandals

You deserve an ethnic piece of footwear to try this summer. Embroidered sandals are the newest trend in 2019. These open-toes, T-stray flat sandals are summer goals! These are made up of traditionally hand-crafted leather which is embroidered in colorful patterns or tanned using vegetable dyes to give major Indian cultural vibes. They are also known as the Kohlapuris, named after its district of origin, Kohlapur. Slide on a pair of open-toed embroidered leather sandals with a long, floral dress with a nice flare and enjoy the outpour of compliments.


Wedges Sandals

Wedges or lifties are high-heeled sandals with a wedge-like heel. High heels can instantly make your legs appear sexier. The best part is that the wedge-like heel is more stable than sandals with pointy heels. This means you can comfortably walk in them. A bright-colored pair of wedges would look absolutely amazing with any casual outfit. These can also be found in elegant colors and designs. To complete your summer look, we would recommend wearing wedges with a maxi dress, a summer dress, or a mini skirt. You can rock them with an A-line skirt, shorts, or wide flared pants – Oh la la!

Sling-Back Sandals

Sling-Back Sandals

Sling-back sandals are usually the go-to sandals for parties and occasions. The diverse designs, color, patterns, and heel options can drive you crazy. Slingbacks usually have rounded or pointed open-toe look and the foot is secured with a buckled up strap (hence, the name). The back of your heel will be exposed. These are similar to traditional pumps, but not as high. This summer you can try getting slingbacks in animal prints. The leopard prints are very much in fashion this year so don’t forget to try it!



There’s no list of footwear without these classy, sassy, and absolutely sensual types of sandals – The Stilettos. A girl got to know her heels well and stilettos are one of the most popular high-heeled sandals. You just feel like a diva when you wear them. You can pair up your strappy cocktail dress with a classy pair of stilettos are give major runway vibes! Buy these sandals in solid colors, preferably red or black, and they’ll keep you covered for cocktail parties, romantic date nights, or a girls-day-out!

Must-Know Summer Footwear Trends for This Year

Now that we have walked you through the types of sandals you should invest in, it would be better to keep you updated with some must-know summer footwear trends for this year. Here’s a list of what’s trending and what you should be following!

  • Show off your big-toes as big-toe sandals are the talk of the town.
  • Animal print is your thing! Invest in a nice pair of sandals or boots with leopard or croc prints.
  • Floral prints are also taking over the footwear trends this summer.
  • Feathers! Yes, you heard it right. Feathered heels and flats are in the spotlight.
  • Chunky glittery sneakers and sandals with buckles are gaining popularity this summer.
  • Rope sandals are also back in fashion.

Have fun shopping for the perfect sandals and good luck with your summer fashion goals!

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