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Different Types of Hairlines

There is no definite beauty standard in this world. However, artists have always tried to find the perfect proportions of a human face. One of the most visually significant facial features is also the least talked about feature of them all: The Hairline. It is the edge of a person’s forehead where the hair growth begins. It is also a feature that makes humans different from other primates.

Every day we come across people with different sized foreheads owing to their unique hairlines. Do we pay attention to that? Not really. The same attitude is carried on when it comes to our foreheads. We are indifferent to our hairline, only to pay attention when it starts receding. We often value things after we have lost them. No wonder people are interested in their hairline only when it starts to recede and that’s when it becomes the most worrisome and prominent part of their faces.

As a rule of thumb, the size of the forehead or the height of the hairline is often judged by comparing it with the length of the nose. There are three types of hairlines: low, medium, and high. If the width of the forehead is equal to the length of the nose, it’s called a medium hairline. If the width of the forehead exceeds the length of the nose, it’s considered a high hairline. People with low hairlines have smaller foreheads in comparison to their nose length.

Following are some common types of hairlines. Let’s see which one you’ve got!

High Hairline

Angelina Jolie’s High Hairline

People with a high hairline are also called fiveheads. When the size of the forehead is big enough to accommodate 5 fingers, it’s called a fivehead. This is the most easily recognizable among all types of hairlines. Usually, individuals with this hairline have bigger foreheads as it begins from the upper side of the head. Hairstyles like bangs or fringes are suggested to people who want to mix in their higher hairline. Some celebrities with high hairlines include Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ryan Reynolds. According to popular belief, people with high hairline are clever, brilliant, and easy-going. They have a higher level of intelligence and are usually more successful. However, there’s no scientific basis for this belief.

Medium Hairline

Brad Pitt’s Medium Hairline

Medium hairline is the most common type of hairline. If the size of your forehead is equal to the length of your nose, you have a medium hairline. This is often considered the perfect hairline. As per popular belief, if you can fit 4 fingers between your forehead and your hairline, you have a medium hairline and can keep any hairstyle that you like. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, James Franco, and Miley Cyrus have medium hairlines.

Low Hairline

Audrey Tautou’s Low Hairline

People with a low hairline have their eyebrows closer to their hair. As every individual has different features, there is no way to determine how low the hairline is but if it starts from a few inches of the top of your eyebrows or your forehead is three-finger-wide then it is viewed as low. If you are not fine with your hairline, then you can request your stylist to trim your hairline to your likings with the help of hair edger or can use wax. Remember to maintain it, as your hair will grow back to its natural manner.

Widow’s Peak

Chris Hemsworth’s Widow’s Peak Hairline

The hairline with a pointy peak facing downward in the middle of the forehead is known as a Widow’s Peak. It’s a V-shaped patch of hair in the middle of the forehead. Marilyn Monroe, the famous beauty icon, owned a very prominent widow’s peak. It is not considered that bad but if you want to conceal your widow’s peak, you can trim it the way you want. Some celebrities with widow’s peak are Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Josh Duhamel.

M-Shaped Hairline

The hairline that concaves inside from both sides to form the English alphabet “M” is called an M-shaped hairline. The pointed end in the middle of the forehead isn’t as prominent, as it is in the Widow’s Peak and not as inconspicuous as it is in a rounded or straight hairline. This hairline is not that common and usually peculiar to men.


Anne Hathaway’s Cowlick

The most difficult type of hairline is cowlicks. It is created when the hair is twisted in all the directions forming a spiral shape. You can’t experiment more freely with cowlicks as they usually end up becoming more complicated. Individuals with shorter hair can just cut their cowlicks really short and people with long hair can go with the side-swept bangs that can cover the cowlick on either side.

Receding Hairline

Matthew McConaughey’s Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is the tell-tale sign of hair loss or aging. Commonly found in males, the receding hairline refers to the shifting of hairline towards the back of the head due to thinning or loss of hair. People usually opt for hair transplants and cosmetic treatments to fix their receding hairlines. Days of Our Lives actor Matthew Ashford once accepted that “Actors worry about bad breath, weight, receding hairlines and why their leading lady looks like their daughter.” Considering the number of people who get cosmetic treatments for their hairline issues, it seems that this attitude is held by people other than actors as well.

Knowing about different types of hairlines can be interesting, but a hairline certainly doesn’t define who you are. Each of them is beautiful in their way. If you aren’t particularly happy with your hairline, you can always camouflage it with a chic haircut or hairstyle!


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