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Even when trying to organize a modern wedding, tradition is something that brides have to take into consideration. While some brides are more non-conventional, some still like to have several aspects of their wedding done the old and traditional way. Aside from having to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, probably the most common wedding tradition requires that the groom does not see the bride right before the wedding, in her wedding dress.

Back in the days when marriages were arranged, tradition didn’t allow for the bride and groom to meet at all before the wedding. Yes, you could call it a blind wedding. The newlywed couple was more like a sign of agreement between 2 families carrying their own best interest at heart. The bride and groom were not allowed to meet because fathers of the brides were worried that if the grooms did not find their daughters attractive, that could make them call off the wedding. In fact, it is believed that the veil was used for the very same purpose: to hide the face of the bride for as long as possible.

Tracking tradition - Not Seeing Each Other Pre-Ceremony
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Today, the brides that refuse to see their groom on the day of the wedding, until they meet at the altar, is not a habit carried out for the same reason as they did back in the old day. Brides believe that this makes the encounter more exciting and the wedding day becomes truly memorable.

Truth be told, not every religion carries out this habit. Christian-orthodoxies have a different way of doing thing. Right before heading to the church for the ceremony, the groom has to first stop by at the godparents’ house and pick them up and then they all go over to the bride’s house and that’s the first moment of the day when the two shall meet. Some couples can’t avoid seeing each other before the wedding because they live together and neither of them wants to book a room at a hotel on the night before the wedding.

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