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Nothing speaks “love” better than the sunny beaches of Greece, their delicious food and the scenery which is absolutely to die for. Did I mention that Greek men are absolutely handsome? Well, guess that doesn’t matter much since you’ve tied the knot with your loved one.

But the island of Santorini should definitely be amongst your top 5 choices for a honeymoon destination. It provides the perfect balance between sunny beaches, welcoming people and a little bit of ancient Greek history.

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What to do

First of all, Greeks are amongst the most hospitable people in Europe. You will notice tavern owners sitting on the streets and inviting you to taste their delicious food, while smiling and compliment you all the way.

Then, no visit to Santorini could ever be complete without a visit to the Kamari beach. Located 4 miles southeast of Fira, this is the biggest and most beautiful beach on the island. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can rent some sporting equipment and go water skiing.

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If the beautiful white building with blue roofs don’t convince you of Santorini’s beauty, a visit at Ancient Thira surely will. It’s a just a glimpse at the fascinating Greek history. It’s an archaeological site that dates back to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras. You will be able to see what Roman baths look like, as well as an old Greek marketing place, formerly known as an “agora”. Ancient Thira is open to visits Tuesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admissions are priced at €4.

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When to visit

While some may argue with me on this one, summer is not the ideal season to visit Greece, as the temperatures are sometimes overwhelming. Santorini is just as beautiful in the fall, when temperatures are moderate and tourists are not bulging all over the place. If you do want to go there in the summer, make sure you book your tickets and your lodging about 3 months in advance because the place is filled with tourists.


How to get there

The first step would be to book a flight to the Athens airport, but Santorini also has it’s airport, located at a 3 km distance of Fira. People who truly love to travel can also reach the island by ferryboat. In order to do that, you would have to go to the ports of Piraeus or Rafina. Once you’ve reached one of these ports, you can easily find travel agencies that can take care of your ferryboat ride. Normal ferries are the slowest, but also the cheapest option. It will take about 10 hours to get to Santorini.

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Your second option is taking a Blue-Star ferry. They are faster compared to normal ferries, but instead of 24, you will pay 28. If you have 40 to spare, you can always take the High-Speed ferry, which will get you to Santorini in about 5 hours.


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