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The ideal bridal make-up is one which is resistant and is capable of providing your skin with a clean and beautiful aspect all day long. A beautiful bride is one that shines, one which can adopt a natural make-up that will put her beautiful traits into a positive light. We’re here to provide with some tips on how to have the best bridal make-up ever!

  • First of all, you really need to cut down on that artificial tanning idea. Whether you go to a tanning salon or apply lots of self-tanning lotions, it’s always tricky to get a beautiful and uniform tan. Often times, this could result in staining your wedding dress, especially around the armpits. Also, if your skin is too tanned, that might not make a beautiful contrast with the white of your wedding dress. So a natural look is going to be in your favor.
  • By now you’ve already hear the saying “beauty comes from the inside”. Well, that’s not entirely false. You need to keep a healthy inside if you want to look good on the outside. This means that you need to prepare yourself with a proper food diet if you want to have beautiful and healthy skin on your wedding day. Make sure you kill carbs and fats. Make an appointment for a cosmetic treatment in order to give your skin some natural glow.
  • Another important thing is to use products that have SPFs (Sun Protection Factor). While you need to have make-up foundations with SPF during the summer, they might not be the best idea on your wedding day. Such products contain titanium dioxide which reacts to the camera’s flash and the result will be visible in wedding pictures: your face will be very pale and the colors will be dimmed. Avoid products with SPFs over 15.
  • Used concealer tones that are appropriate for the problem you wish to solve. For pimples, use a green concealer and for dark circles under the eyes, use a yellow one. The rules are pretty simple: green wipes out red and purple neutralizes yellow.
  • If you want your foundation to last longer, use a special make-up sponge or brush when applying it. These products will make sure the foundation is fixed inside your pores, giving you an impeccable result.
  • Some daring and talented brides want to do their own wedding make-up. If you are one of them, know that make-up artists advise us to apply a primer first and then move on the eyes. This cosmetic product is very important in bridal make-up.
  • You may be tempted to apply a lot of powder to finish your make-up, but this gives your skin a sticky look. Use only translucent powder that you must apply with a large brush.
  • For a more natural look, replace your powder blush with a creamy one. This formula will hydrate and color your skin at the same time.
  • If your face is sweaty during the wedding, make sure you use special make-up tissues that can eliminate excessive sweat without wiping out your foundation.
  • For brides with oily skin, we recommend special lotions that can control excessive sweating.
  • After having applied make-up, make sure you use a finishing spray. This will ensure your make-up is more resistant. This spray cools off your make-up to a temperature of 20 degrees and it prevents colors from fading away.
  • Feel free to test several make-up options even by using special computer programs that can provide an accurate image of how you would look like with several make-up styles.
  • Avoid heavy eye make-up. Every make-up school teaches artists that a great bridal make-up is composed of shades of pink, pearl grey and neutral orange. Smokey make-ups are a mistake. Not only does it create a very heavy contrast with the white on your wedding dress, but it can result in a rather trivial make-up, unsuitable for a bride.
  • Another thing that you have to remember is that weather influences your skin. If you’re having a winter wedding, you may have to face a dry complexion. Make sure you choose your make-up products depending on the status of your skin in each season.


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