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Your mother has seen you grow up for a boy to a man. Even though you are man getting married, to her, you are still her little boy. All her life she has put you first and it is your turn to do that. You can with your bride-to-be buy her thoughtful and heartwarming mother of groom gifts. If you are unsure on what you should get her, here are a few ideas on the type of gift you can look for her:

1. Woven Tote Bag

If you are having a beach wedding, you can give your mother a woven tote bag. She can use it to carry a book, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and anything else she needs for the beach. When you search for a woven tote bag for her, look for a vendor that offers you a range of colors you can choose from to paint it.

2. Gift Box

Search for a gift box that you can personalize with a sweet and touching message for her. Fill the gift box with her favorite things. You can even buy her a piece of jewelry to keep in the gift box.

3. Glass Magnets

You can give the mother of the groom a few glass magnets featuring pictures of her son and both of you. Regardless of the number of pictures she has of her son, it will never be enough. You can do no wrong by giving her glass magnets with pictures of her son. She can place them on the fridge or even take them to work.

4. Scarf

If you live in a cold part of the country, you can give her a scarf to wear in the winter. You can choose her favorite color to wear. If your soon-to-be-bride knows how to knit, she can knit it and both of you can give it to her together.

A scarf knit by your fiancé will have more meaning than a scarf bought from a store. If you do not know how to knit, you can buy a handmade scarf for her. Finding a handmade scarf in stores is a little difficult, but you can easily find a lot online.

5. Homemade Cookie Mug Lids with a Mug

When we say cookie mug lids, we mean you putting your baking skills to the test and baking a cookie mug lid to place on the mug you buy for her. First, buy a mug with a cute saying on it. You will need to measure the mug and select a slightly bigger cookie cutter than it.

You can make a shortbread, chocolate, or hazelnut cookie mug lid for her. The steam from the tea or coffee will warm the cookie to the perfect temperature. You can find the recipe on how to create a homemade cookie mug lid here.

6. Hand-painted Marbled Serving Set

You can gift your mom a hand-painted marbled serving set consisting of mugs, plates, and bowls. A swirl customized marble pattern on the white serving set will make it your mom’s favorite serving set to use when guests are over.

It is so beautiful that she might not even want to use it but display it in a glass cabinet for all to admire and when someone admired the hand-painted serving set, she will proudly say that it was a gift from her son and daughter-in-law. Since you can choose the colors you want the vendor you are buying from to paint on the serving set, you can choose your wedding colors, just to add a personal touch to it.

7. Personalized Woven Blanket

You can get your mother a personalized woven blanket with her initial on it. You can find several beautiful woven blankets featuring a wide variety of patterns. You can choose from several colors as well. Whenever she uses the blanket, you will come to her mind. She can use the blanket to refresh her décor, using it as a wall tapestry or bed threw. If your mom loves to go to picnic, she can pack the blanket to be used there.

8. Serving Tray

After you are married, you can give your mother a serving tray with a wedding picture on it. There are several services around that take pictures and place it on several trays. She will love to use the serving tray when her guests are over to serve snacks. You do not have to put a picture of yourself and your wife on it from the wedding, but you can put a picture of both of you with her at your wedding. Whenever she looks at the serving tray, she will be reminded on what a joyous day it was for not just her, but also for her son.

9. Musical Jewelry Box

If you are giving your mother a simple necklace, you can place it in a musical jewelry box. When she opens the jewelry box, it will play music. All musical jewelry boxes play a different song.  Find a vendor that can add the song you have in mind to the jewelry box.  

If you are buying one from online, you can Google the song to hear it. If you are buying it from a store, you can hear the song before you buy it. If you are picky about the song because it needs to be perfect, you will need to look up several vendors selling this item.

However, you should not choose a jewelry based on just the song, but also on its design. You can even find some that you can personalize with your sayings and words.

Did any of the mother of groom gifts on this list helped you decide on the gift you should buy for your mother? If it did, you can start looking for something similar mentioned on this list. In the end, no matter what gift you give to her, it would still mean the world to her because it came from you.

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