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If you are a professional wood carver or you have taken up wood carving as a hobby, you may have come across two tools from two different brands — Fortiflex and Foredom.

Even though both are excellent wood carving tools, you need to buy one, but which one? That is the confusion not only you, but several wood carvers in need of a good tool encounter. Getting rid of the confusion can help you choose the best wood carving tool for your specific needs.

We can help you decide by telling you more about each one and then asking you a few questions that will further help you in deciding which tool is the “one” for you.

Foredom K.5240 Woodcarving Kit


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The Foredom K.5240 Woodcarving Kit features the SE motor Foredom’s 1/6 hp, hang up style motor, generating speeds up to 18,000 rpm, and ball bearing. You also receive a no. 44Y handpiece, No.53 accessory kit, FCT control, and grease.

As a bonus, you get a 3-disc DVD set, titled “Fur, Feathers, and Fins” by professional carver Russel Russell. This tool offers more power than any of the company’s other motors, offering 66% more than the Series CC and 33% more than the Series S and old SR motors.

The motor also works in both forward and reverse rotation, thus making it more versatile. The tool’s FCT control, a foot-operated speed control, is made from premium quality material and comes covered in a heavy duty and durable plastic with additional wide design.

The tool also comes with the ever popular 1/32”, 1/8” and 1/4” collet-designed handpiece for larger accessories. To make wood carving an enjoyable and safe experience, the company has given it a tampered design. The tool measures 19” x 12” x 4.5” and weighs 11 pounds, thus allowing you to operate it with ease.

Dremel 9100-21 Forti-Flex


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The Dremel 9100-21 Forti-Flex features a powerful 2.5 AMP or 1.5 HP motor that produces high torque at low speeds. Its handpiece allows wood carvers to carve with more control and precision. Its ergonomically-designed handpiece also provides increased comfort. You can work for hours without your hand getting tired. Its durable flexible shaft has a patented bearing system for added durability and cooling down the tool.

Wood carvers can easily match the speed with the application using the hands-free variable speed foot pedal. It also includes the three-jaw chuck to enhance versatility by working with accessories from 0” to 5/32”.

In the toolkit, you will receive the Dremel Fortiflex motor unit, 21 Dremel accessories, variable speed foot pedal, durable flex shaft, handpiece with three jaw chuck, and wall hook. The tool measures 14” x 12” x 4” and weighs 4.41 pounds, making it easier for you to operate and move it around. Other things you will get with the tool include:

Carving and Engraving

  • 117 High-speed cutter
  • 7103 Diamond wheel point
  • 9910 Tungsten carbide cutter

Grinding and Sharpening

  • 953 Aluminum oxide grinding stone
  • 84922 3/16″ Silicon carbide grinding stone

Cleaning and Polishing

  • 403 Brush Wheel


  • 407 1/2” Sanding mandrel
  • 408 1/2″ 60 Grit sanding band
  • 430 1/4” Sanding mandrel
  • 431 1/4″ 60 Grit sanding band
  • 432 1/2” 120 Grit Sanding (2)
  • 438 1/4” 120 Grit Sanding (2)

Other Items

  • 628 Drill bit set
  • Chuck wrench

Now that you know more about each of the tool, you can make an informed buying decision by answering a few questions.

You Might Choose the Foredom If:

  • You want the tool’s motor speed to be up to 18,000 RMP
  • You want to buy a large variety of kits for different projects, such as wood carvings, general applications, and jewelry
  • You want several premium quality accessories in the kit
  • You want a more affordable option
  • You require forward and reverse speeds in your flex shaft tool
  • You want a better designed and constructed tool

You Might Choose Dremel Fortiflex If:

  • You desire a tool that can work with all Dremel accessories
  • You want a tool that can go up to speeds of 23,000 RMP

Time to Decide

Your decision will depend on your personal preference, project requirements, and budget restrictions. If you have been loyal to one of these companies from the start, there is no question that you might be keen on going with the same company again.

However, there is no harm in buying from a company you have never bought a tool from because most of them offer a return policy and warranty on them. If you do not like the tool you bought, you can return the product.

Once you have decided, you can either place an order for a tool through the company’s official website or through a third-party website, such as Amazon. If you are buying a tool from an online source, you can read the reviews before you do. You can also ask others around you who have used both tools to advise you on the tool you should buy.


Both companies — Dremel and Foredom — have maintained a good reputation among wood carvers over the years. Regardless of the company you decide to go with, chances of you being disappointed with the construction and operation of the tool are less.

Once you get the product, use it to see if this is the tool you had been looking for your whole life. You never know, you might become a fan of it. We hope this review of both products can help you decide which company you should go with, so you can start working on your next wood carving project.

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