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Are you ready for this? Nowadays, you do not wear just one wedding dress, but you wear two wedding dresses. If you saw two wedding dresses that you really liked, you can wear them both instead of being forced to choose just one out of them.

The two-wedding dress trend has really caught on among most brides. You will wear your first wedding dress when you say your vows and change into your second dress for the wedding reception. Those of you who are thinking of trying out this new trend, but might be a little hesitant to invest in two wedding dresses due to the cost involved have come to the right place for some clarity on thistwo wedding dress craze.

Two Wedding Dresses — History

You will be surprised to learn that the two wedding dresses trend is not at all new, but it has been around since the early 1930s. Back in the day, brides would change into another wedding dress to wear at the wedding reception.

The practice of changing into a second dress for the wedding reception came to be known as the “Going Away Dress.” At the end of the wedding reception, the bride and groom’s friends and family would say goodbye to the couple who would be leaving for their honeymoon.

The brides of that time wore a bridal-inspired skirt and jacket suit set, whereas now, they wear a cake cutting wedding dress.

What is a Cake Cutting Dress?

A cake cutting dress is a shorter frock that the bride changes into before she cuts the cake and hits the dance floor to dance with the groom. Here, the price comes in. Since price plays a factor in whether you should purchase a second wedding dress or not, you should know that a cake cutting dress is usually less expensive than a second wedding dress.

This means that you can wear your second wedding dress again. If you have the budget to buy a second wedding gown, you can buy it. Moreover, the names of the dresses also tell you when you should switch into your second dress.

You can ask the wedding designer about wearing a second wedding dress for your wedding reception. Your designer can show you some trending second wedding dress styles that most brides are wearing these days.

Are You Still Wondering Why You Should Select a Second Dress?

When you can settle for two looks, why should you settle for one? It is perfect for brides who want to change into something light and airy after saying their vows, so they can dance and mingle with their guests freely and more comfortably than their first wedding dress, which would have been more restrictive.

Do You Want Some Second Dress for Wedding Reception Ideas?

If you have decided that you want to make room in your budget to buy a second dress to wear at your wedding, here is a list of second wedding dress ideas that you can consider wearing at your wedding reception:

1. Go Bold. Go Short.

You can wear a minidress with a short helm and long sleeves, which are puffy from the top, but long and fitted from the elbow. You can pair them with white heels, loose and messy hair, and a long droopy necklace because of the dress’s deep V-neck.

2. Off-the-shoulder Dance Dress

An off-the-shoulder dance dress with feathers on the necklines. You do not have to wear a white dress, but it can be another color. You can pair the dress with hoop earrings but if you are wearing large hoop or even dangling earrings, do not wear a necklace with it.

You can wear beige heels with your dress if it is white or another shoe color that complements your feathered dress. If you love to dance and you will be spending most of your wedding reception, dancing to music on the dance floor, this type of second wedding dress is perfect for you. For this dress, wear your hair in a loose bun.

3. Sheer Dress

If you are a daring bride who likes to push the envelope and wants to stand apart from the rest of the brides who typically choose a safer second wedding dress, you and a sheer dress are a match made in heaven. Leave your hair open but sleeked back and wear long statement earrings.

4. Flirty Frock Dress

You can wear a flirty frock as your second wedding dress if you want to keep things simple. You do not have to wear a lavish second dress to look like a bride, especially if you are having your wedding reception on the beach. You can pair the frock dress with heels and a large bow on them. You should leave your hair open for this look.

Now that you have a few second wedding dress options to consider, your next worry will probably be your makeup.

Should You Change Your Makeup for Your Second Look of the Day?

No, do not go to all that trouble to change your makeup. Instead, you should get a makeup look that is neutral and will go with both looks of your big day. If you want, you can change your jewelry and shoes. If you had tied your hair up, you can let it down and vice versa, depending on the hairstyle you chose for your first wedding dress.

Moreover, you also do not need to wear a second dress for your wedding reception, but you can wear a jumpsuit, skirt, or pants with a suit. It is your big day, so it is up to you decide on the type of wedding dress for the reception you should wear. Happy hunting for not one, but two wedding dresses for your big day.  It will be lots of fun to show people your two new looks at your wedding.

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