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Are you looking for a dry-seal bag, but are not sure what size will be fitting for your needs? If you have fairly large equipment that you need to bring outdoors, or if you are just packing for a quick hike, the SealLine Boundary Pack has it all for you.


  • Dry-seal close
  • Made of durable materials
  • Improved suspension system
  • Available in three sizes


The SealLine Boundary Pack boasts of a dry-seal closure that securely fastens your things inside to keep them protected from water.

This feature is perfect for those looking for a pack to store their electronics and other valuables that they would like to keep dry during outdoor activities such as camping, boating, hiking, or biking. Since the weather and circumstances may be quite unpredictable, it is better to be safe when it comes to keeping your gadgets and other goods safe and dry.

You never know when the weather is going to take a bad turn, or when that wave or splash will suddenly hit you; it is definitely better to come prepared for whatever adversity that may come your way while you are outdoors.

The closure on the SealLine Boundary Pack is the roll-top type where you roll the topmost part of the bag and clip it to lock. This mechanism allows the bag to completely seal its interior and keep it protected from water such as during rain or during water-related activities that may result in splashes that may enter an ordinary bag and damage the goods inside.

And to match its watertight sealing ability, that is able to protect your belongings from wetness, the SealLine Boundary Pack is made with only the best and most durable materials.

The PVC-free polyurethane-coated polyester and scrim-reinforced urethane will ensure you that no matter where you are, and no matter what activity you are into, the SealLine Boundary Pack will stay safe and free of scratches and tears, no matter how many times you use it.

Feel confident and free of worries whenever you put the SealLine Boundary Pack down on the ground, on a rock, or on any rough surfaces that would normally scratch an ordinary backpack.

One other thing that the SealLine Boundary Pack can boast of is its improved suspension system comprising breathable and waterproof shoulder straps and a waist belt that can be adjusted to just about any size.

This ensures you that no matter what your size, and whatever you may be wearing for a specific activity, the SealLine Boundary Pack will be able to fit you perfectly every time and cling to your body in all the right places.

To ensure maximum comfort and minimum soreness after a long day’s adventure, this bag makes sure that you go out and enjoy your day without having to worry about sore muscles because of a poor fitting backpack. For your convenience and for your preference, the SealLine Boundary Pack comes in three different sizes.

The backpack type is 35-liter capacity and has a top buckle closure, while the larger 115 and 70-liter capacity bags, which are ideal for longer travel or for larger equipment such as cameras, telescopes, lenses, and other non-waterproof gear, are made to close with side-cinch buckles.

Both mechanisms are built to ensure a watertight seal that is able to effectively keep water, dust, and dirt at bay, and keep your valuables and goods protected from the elements.

If you are looking for a brand of bag that has the ability to protect your belongings while allowing you to make the most out of your outdoor activities, the SealLine Boundary Pack is definitely the right bag for you. Look no further and enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family, especially if you have the SealLine Boundary Pack with you.


According to a few users, the SealLine Boundary Pack was not very comfortable to be used for long periods, such as if you are out all day to hike.

Also, some questioned the reliability of the sealing system since the roll top seemed a bit too short for their liking. This user noted that 3 folds may not be enough to completely waterproof your things inside, as opposed to a 5-roll fold that some other brands have.


The improved suspension system on this dry bag makes sure that it fits you perfectly every time. And the fact that it comes in three different sizes, makes it a big plus among outdoor adventurers who have varying needs when it comes to handling and storing their cargo. Feel confident with the SealLine Boundary Pack.

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